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Are You Seeing the Signs? By around age 40, your vision is on a downhill slide. Regain your focus without lenses or surgery!

Your eyes soak up everything from UV light and glare to smog, smoke, even radiation from computers and TVs. Free radicals are everywhere, which is why we're born with certain protective pigments and carotenoids that minimize their damage for lasting vision. But these nutrients don't last forever. Worsening night vision. Eye fatigue. Squinting to read. Difficulty adapting to changing light. They're all signs that nutrient depletion has already begun. Return to clearer vision by putting some of them back! Shift your vision into high gear with AcuVision™— • See more clearly - near and far, day and night ¡^JoCt ¿ffícadous • Refocus faster between changing distances wfriwts per serm) - Re-stockyour macula with Lutein and Zeaxanthin - VWMJ thcw .&; lea&iM(j i.A* K brcundr. L^..AJ! --Ji • Strengthen tiny blood vessels with Benfotiamine • Features Astaxanthin and 6 other potent antioxidants It’s Nature. Engineered. At Amrion, ingredients must be safe, effective, and backed by reputable human studies to make it onto the label. We don't skimp on dosages, either. Our formulators include at least as much as has been shown to work in clinical trials. Here is one study supporting the nutrients in this turbo-charged formula. Want to see more? Just ask! Effect of Black Currant on Dark Adaptation, Visual Fatigue... "The effects of om I intake of a black currant anthocyanosides (BCA) concentrate on dark adaptation, video display terminal (VDT) work-induced transient refractive alteration, and subjective [visual fatigue] were examined in a double-blind, placebocontrolled, crossover study with healthy human subjects. In a dark adaptation study, intake of [black currant extract]... appeared to bring about dose-dependent lowering of the dark adaptation threshold... Significant improvement was recognized on the basis of the statements regarding the eye and lower back after BCA intake."1

Join our other customers who are seeing more clearly! "Less than a week after starting AcuVision, I was in the grocery store and noticed something unusual. Everything looked sharper and tremendously colorful. I thought maybe they had changed their lighting, but I was just seeing much better!" Scott Jackson, age 53 Colorado Springs, CO AcuVision is NOT available in stores! Call 1-800-443-9086 to order or visit We're so sure AcuVision will change your view of the world that we'll refund your purchase price if you're not happy. And that guarantee isforan ENTIRE YEAR. Offer good only while supplies last - Call 1-800-443-9086 today! 1 Time Only, Special Introductory Offer 50% off a 1 month supply Of AcuVision. (120 capsules) Regularly $34T99 - now only $17.50 plus $5.99 shipping. Call 1-800-443-9086 or visit to order and for additional savings! Mention Savings Code: PS2 1 (Nakaishi, H. et al. Effects of black current anthocyanoside intake on dark adaptation and VDT work-induced transient refractive alteration in healthy humans. Altern Med Rev. 2000 Dec;5(6):553-62)