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Title: Delta T Corporation dba the Big Ass Fan Company

Delta T Corporation dba the Big Ass Fan Company
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Delta T Corporation dba the Big Ass Fan Company
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You obsessed over every bit of furniture, floor option and window treatment. But when it came to the ceiling fan, you just went with .. .“whatever.” Haiku® takes “whatever” out of the equation, exceeding expectations you didn’t know you had. In a class of its own Haiku looks different because it is different, with revolutionary technology hiding inside the seamless flt and finish at its center. The sleek look conceals Sensorless Drive Technology™ that delivers an 8o% improvement in efficiency over conventional ceiling fan motors. Confirmed by ENERGY STAR® as the world’s most efficient ceiling fan, Haiku also won the prestigious international red dot award, a prominent seal indicating quality design. Don’t call them blades Haiku’s patent-pending Thin Sheet™ airfoils span 60 inches and feature an aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth, silent airflow (in fact, it’s also the quietest fan in the world—at all speeds). Haiku airfoils are made of Moso bamboo, a sustainable resource with the tensile strength of steel that renews itself every five years. After multiple quality inspections and a seven-pass, solvent-free finish to

bonded in a hot forming press, then cut and sanded by hand to create airfoils that meet the strictest quality standards. (Actually, there are only two companies in the world that could create our unique bamboo airfoils—one in Germany, the other in Michigan. We chose the U.S.) Each airfoil is then individually fitted as technicians confirm the perfect balance of every fan. Stealth operation Haiku’s sophisticated control features include Sleep, Timer, Reverse, and variable speed settings, including the exclusive Whoosh™ mode to simulate natural airflow. This is the one fan you’ll dare turn all the way to high—its unique core and 13-step hand-balancing process mean it will never rattle or wobble. Ever. Quirky name. Serious fans. We don’t make ceiling fans. We make precision machines. After a decade of engineering high-performance industrial air movement products, we heard your request: to make a home fan worthy of being called a Big Ass Fan? Here it is. And it’s the most efficient. The quietest. The most sustainable. If you love your fan, move along. If you don’t love your fan, leave it for us. Call 888-958-0205 to start your affair today.


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