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Popular Science

HAMMARLUND Condensers and Coils Specified in Many of the Season s Featured Circuits TYESIGNERS of new circuits and L/ construction kits know the danger to both their personal prestige and the success of their product by including any materials of other than the highest standing. Among the new circuits of the season for which Hammarlund Product?; are specified are:—Popular Science Monthly “Powerful,” Cockaday “LC27,” Sargent “Infradyne,” St. James Super, Browning-Drake, the new Harkness, Henry-Lyford, Victoreen Super., Loftin & White, Morrison “Varion,” Carborundum, Lacault “LR4,” Pacent “Ultimax” and Hammarlund-Roberts “Hi-Q”. Write for illustrated folders describing Hammarlund Precision Products for all the popular circuits. HAMMARLUND MFG. CO. 424-438 W. 23rd Street, New York City » ammarlund Gkyx. Heitcx. 'Radio' Ffl£C/S/OA/ PRODUCTS ÏJUUUUUL1LPrint Y our Own Cards, stationery, labels, paper, circulars, tags, menus, book etc. ¡Save money and time, cut cost in half. Sold direct from factory. Pays for itself in a short time. Complete Outfits, $8.85 up. Job Press, CXI, $29; Rotary $149. Print for Others, Big Profits. All easy, rules sent. Write for catalog of presses, type, paper, cards, envelopes, paper cutters. The Kelsey Co., P-33, Meriden, Conn. DEAFNESS IS MISERY GOOD HEARING A JOY Millions of people know that, but Multitudes of persons with defective hearing and Head Noises are again enjoying conversation, go to Theatre and Church because they use léonard Invisible Antiseptic Ear Drums, which are Tiny Megaphones fittinginthe Ear entirely out ofsight. No batteries, no head piece. They are Unseen Comforts and inexpensive. Write for booklet and sworn statement of the inventor who was himself deaf. A. O. LEONARD, Inc., Suite 144 70 5th Ave., New York

CARTER “Midget” Rheostat with Filament Switch First and ONLY battery switch and rheostat in cue. As soon as Knob is turned from “off”—the filament 1 Circuit is closed. Eliminates one Knob from panel, simplifying operation and conserving space. Specified in the really popular circuits. A big advance in radio construction. Made in all resist(Half ances including all Size) lt.M.A. Standards. Any dealer can supply In Canada: Carter Radio Co., Limited, Toronto GROW TALLER Science has found the way to add inches to your height. No need to envy and look up to the big lows. No need to have the disadvantages of the little man. This course makes it possible for you to be on a level with your fellow men. Course is easy, inexpensive and results sure. Mail coupon for free information today! ■ L. GLOVER ; Room 71, 70 Bulkley Ave. : Sausalito, Calif. ■ Without any obligation to me, send Z me lull information on how ; grow taller. ■ • Name......................... • Street ............. ....... : City.......................... SQUAB BOOK FREE Send now for this interesting and profitable book telling how a beginner started small in backyard when at school with no money, now has H $30,000 plant, shins to New York 150 barrels squabs yearly, paid $75 to $100 a barrel. You can do the same. Price of book is 50c but we will mail it to you for names and addresses of four of your friends and your own. Ask for Book No. Three. PLYMOUTH ROCK SQUAB CO., 616 H St.f Melrose Highlands. Massachusetts. Established 26 years. Pult Ihe OTTAWA Working For Tou LOG SAW Offer —I ever made. One man saws 15 cords a day—easy. Falla trees, saws limbs. Make big money. Use 4 H-P. Engine for other work. Saws faster than 10 men. Shipped from Factory or nearest of 10 Branch Houses. Cash—Easy Terms. Write for 30-Day Trial Offarand big FREE book. OTTAWA MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1801-W Wood Street, Ottawa, Kan. —Jtoom 1801-W Magee Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 21 Jewel Burlington Nothing less than 21 Ruby and Sapphire jewels is good enough for the Burlington. Quality and Style Adjusted to the second—temperature— isochronism—positions. 25 yr.Gold Strata Case, in 100 designs. $1 down. Balance in small monthly payments Get free book. BURLINGTON WATCH CO., Dept 13-61 19th St. and Marshall Blvd.v Chicago WE’LL SWAP YOU your name and address for our catalogue on the greatest real home MOVIE-MA— CHINES in the world, with __ __ ^ dazzling models as low as $3.75 postpaid. And say, folks! We’ve also got the slickest films at ridiculously low prices—and what’s more—we now have a film exchange plan that’s the best ever. Of course we don’t have to tell you that our films are the best. Let’s not miss this opportunity—Write to-day—NOW! Paramount Mfg. Co., Box 1371 Dept. PS