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Title: Larus & Brother Co.

Larus & Brother Co.
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Larus & Brother Co.
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DoctorRecommends This Tobacco to Pipe-Smoking Patients There seems to be an unwritten law among pipe-smokers. When one man discovers a way to get more enjoyment out of his pipe, he feels obligated to tell the “pipe-smoking fraternity” about it. So it is not surprising that when Doctor Gardiner of Florida found a tobacco that really enabled him to enjoy a pipe for the first time, he made a point of recommending it to all his pipe-smoking patients. You'll find his letter interesting. Larus & Bro. Co., Richmond, Va. Dear Sirs: No harm done, I hope, if I feel like I ■want to say a word of praise for Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed. I have tried many kinds of tobacco in a pipe, but until I got to smoking Edgeworth I never really enjoyed a pipe. Frequently I say to patients who must Bmoke: “If you’re going to smoke your pipe, use Edgeworth.” I like it and recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone who enjoys smoking. Yours truly, W. D. Gardiner, D.O.

Let us send you free samples of Edgeworth so that you may put it to the pipe test. If you like the samples, you’ll like Edgeworth wherever and whenever you buy it, for it never changes in quality. Write your name and address to Larus & Brother Co., 10M S. 21 St., Richmond, Va.

We’ll be grateful for the name and address of your tobacco dealer, too, if you care to add them. Edgeworth is sold in various sizes to suit the needs and means of all purchasers. Both Edgeworth Plug Slice and Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed are packed in small, pocketsize packages, in handsome humidors holding a pound, and also in several handy inbetween sizes. To Retail Tobacco Merchants: If your jobber cannot supply you with Edgeworth, Larus & Brother Company will gladly send you prepaid by parcel post a oneor twodozen carton of any size of Edgeworth' Plug Slice or Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed for the same price you would pay the jobber. -I On your radio—tune in on JVRV A, Richmond, Va. TL —the Edgeworth Station. JVave length 256 meters. Jf