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This book tells you in a new, simple, direct way how to build this new radio set. 25c at Daven dealers, or 30c by mail. We GUARANTEE Your Success NO MATTER if you’re totally inexperienced in radio—you can build a successful 1928 model Daven Bass Note Set—we guarantee it! A set whose beauty and clearness of reception will be the envy of your friends. A set with a new purity and fullness of Tone. A set that brings in all the deep notes in music, notes that are usually muffled or lost. Daven Engineers Will Help You If, after reading “How to Make a Daven Bass Note Circuit,” you have the slightest difficulty, write us your problem, and our engineers—the men who perfected this circuit and designed the Daven parts which go into it—will give you personal advice and instruction. Ever hear before of a radio parts manufacturer giving such a guarantee? Get This Book Today Shows how to assemble a Daven set that is economical of space; has simple two-dial control; equipped with new Daven Balancer and Compensator for sharp easy tuning. Charts of a new kind show every part lifesize, with exact measurements for wiring, etc. With its help you can build a $150 radio set and save more than half of that. If your dealer hasn’t this book send us 30c for a copy. Bass Note Circuit for Complete Radio Reception Factory Built Daven Bass Note Sets IF YOU are not interested in set building, but want the new completeness of reception, the easy 2-dial tuning, the sharp selectiveness that the Bass Note Circuit brings, you will be interested to know that we have bought a controlling interest in the Port Manufacturing Company of Newark. Write for Free Folder showing and describing complete Daven Bass Note Sets. Address: Port Manufacturing Co. Radio Set Division of Daven Radio Corp., 191 Summit St., Newark, N. J. New 8th Edition. Daven Manual This valuable book, newly revised, explains Daven Amplification in full detail. and shows how to apply Daven Amplification to any set. Get the Manual at your dealers’, 25c—30c by mail. Çy/iv Sine o/]A(eri/ TRADEMARK ' ffiesfs/or Jpecia/ts/s" REGISTERED 191 SUMMIT ST., NEWARK, N. J. Complete Catalog of Daven Parts Free

This Is the FOKKER NorthPole MONOPLAXE! Build and Fly Models of Famous Aeroplanes There’s no fun like building your own model Aeroplane. It’s the most interesting job you ever tackled. Shows you how big machines are built. You can fly it too, right from the ground under its own power. Any bright boy can do it; Ideal Scale Drawings and Building-Flying Instructions show you how, and Ideal Model Aeroplane Construction Outfits contain everything needed. For 25 cents we will send you the complete plans for any one of Every Boy’s the following famous Aeroplanes: Airplane Fokker North Pole Monoplane; The finest ideas in ModCurtiss J N 4 D-2 Training Plane: el Airplanes. Looks DeHavilland “Round the World like a real one; clips Curtiss Flyer“; Military N C-4 Naval’ Tractor; Seaplane; Blériot, together easily and quickly, ready to fly in or Nieuport Cecil Peoli or Taube Racer. Monoplane^ Send 25 2 hours. cents now and get plans tor the Prira H»/N one you want to build. [All 8 Only for $1.50.] Catalog ,1 f odel A Flying Togs, and Supplies, Be postpaid. Ideal Aeroplane & Supply Co. 163-165 Spring Si., New York y.v.v.v.vv.v.v.v/.v.v.v.v. I Bradtepleak Î 5 THE PERFECT GRID LEAK J Provides a noiseless range of grid leak resistance from 14 to 10 megohms. Assures % most effective grid leak resistance aa value for all tubes. "■ Small grid conden■" ser(0.00025)isseparate. Metal parts % nickel plated. One ¡¡¡J hole mounting. V f Electric Controlling Apparatu« 293 Greenfield Avenue Milwaukee. Wís. .'AWAWAV.V.V.V.VW WADE BENCH LATHI For Repair Shops, Amateur Mechanics, Model Makers, Inventors who want areal, accurate machine tool at a price within easy .reach. A complete \shop in itself. Carpacity 4 in. diameter x 12 in. length. Handles metal, wood and other materials. Turning, facing boring, drilling, winding, thread cutting. The “Wade is a bargain at several times the price. Guaranteed a high deçrree of accuracy, quality of materials, workmanship and The sliderest has travel entire length of bed. Leadscrew inside bed. Hollow spindle. No. 1 Lathe, plain headstock - - $28.00 No. 2 Lathe, back-geared - - - 58.00 Either lathe with 18 in. length between centers, $7.00 extra. Complete line of accessories. By all means write for this free book. THE GEROLD COMPANY Dept. PS-17, 120 Liberty St., New Y°rk^^|j\ Now, ONLY tjk 40Ç ot; I ■ DOWN E85 Por This MARVELOUS NEW ENGINE with Easy Starting Device To Work For Vou. Increase Your Profits $1000.00 Get my new FREE Book and ridiculously low prices —any size, 1% H-P. up—Stationary, Saw Rig. Guaranteed to satisfy or your money returned. Built to stand hardest use. 30 days FREE trial. Send postcard for my new Free Book be. fore you choose any engine. Write today.Harry Overman.Pres. nTTAlA/A ÜPß pn l95iEKingSt. Ottawa, Kansas. Ul lAWA MlDiUUiOesk 195 IE Magee Bldg.Pittsburgh,Pa. A 2c Stamp —will start you on the road to success. See Money Making Opportunities on pages 114 to 142.