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ilÜflRï'l I A Gift HE® i Will Always I Remember SHOP for HIS Christmas 1 gift at your Hardware % Store! ^ You’ll find, in attractive % holiday boxes, an ATKINS I No. 400 Hand Saw of £ “Silver Steel,” known as “the finest saw ever made,” $ ready for a lifetime of sav|| ing work and money—the J best gift for the real man, ¿ E.C. ATKINS & CO. Established 1857 Leading Manufacturers of Highest Grade Saws for Every Use; Saw (V Tools, Saw Specialties, Plastering Trowels, and Machine Knives. 428 So. Illinois St* 2 INDIANAPOLIS, U. S. A.

It’s a Wonder! Works So Easy Press-to-Feed Electric Soldering Iron A great invention. Indispensable for all kinds of soldering work. Convenient, simple, economical. One hand does the work of two. Made with removable tip —Vs" and round, making it adjustable for light or heavy work. Trigger Press-to-Feed attachment takes all sizes of solder wire. Operates on either D. C. or A. C. 110 to 115 volts, 50 watts. Attachments are made to fit all leading makes of electric soldering irons. Price complete with Press-to-Feed attachment $3.50 Attachment only....................... 1.50 Radio Work requires this iron. Gets Into tight places with ease. Speeds up radio set building. Agents Make Money Press-to-Feed is a necessity for industrial and domestic uses. Big profits selling this wonderful iron to factories, homes, Press-to-Feed is indispensable der auto a mechanics, sample. Quantity etc. radio assemblers discounts on request. Write to ILLINOIS STAMPING & MFG. CO. 220 N. Jefferson St., Dept. 22, CHICAGO _■ ■ ■ ■ ■ arara ■ ■•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■_ fiiadjeyometer THE PERFECT POTENTIOMETER ¡s Uses graphite disc resistors which are noiseless and not ¡■affected by atmos■¡ pheric conditions. ■« Metal parts are nickel ¡■plated. One hole ■¡ mounting. Finish Ba and knob match Bradleystat. Made in ^200 and 400 ohm ■a ratings. :■ Electric Controlling Apparatus •m 293 Greenfield Avenue Milwaukee, WIs. w. .■■■■■■■-■■■-■ fl-WV Deafness Perfect hearing is now being restored in all cases of deafness caused by Catarrhal troubles, Relaxed or Sunken Drums, Thickened Drums, Roaring or Hissing Sounds, Perforated, Wholly or Partially Destroyed Drums, Discharge from the Ears, etc. Wilson Common-Sense Ear Drums require no medicine but effectively replace what is lacking or defective in the natural ear drums. They are simple devices, which the wearer easily fits into the ears where they are invisible. Soft, safe and comfortable. Write today for 168 page book Free Book on deafness giving full particulars and many testimonials. on Deafness The hearing of thousands of grateful users has been restored by these "little wireless phones for the ears," WILSON EAR DRUM CO., Incorporated 250 Todd Building LOUISVILLE. KY. Dealers, Agents, Set Builders —get eur big 1927 Catalog —225 nationally advertised lines. Lowest prices in America! Largest, most complete stock. Radio’s latest developments. It’s FREE—send for your copy now. AMERICAN AUTO & RADIO MFC. CO., Ino. 1404 McGee Street, Kanaaa City, Mo.