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Burn Out Tu bes DischanieBatteries Incur Fire Hazards i p-' Use a Be Cdc n Fused Radio Batterij Cord JfTAKE a neat job of wiring iTx the batteries to your set by using this handy battery cord, and get the tremendous advantage of fuse protection for your batteries and tubes. Crossed wires can start no fires or ruin batteries if you use a Belden Fused Radio Battery Cord. Every set needs this ■' protection—don’t run the risk. It is cheap insurance. Fuses are enclosed in a neat bakelite two-piece cover. Ask your nearest radio dealer to show you a Belden Fused Radio Battery Cord. Get one, today! Belden Manufacturing Co. 2304A S. Western Ave.,Chicago,111. «s»

WARRANTED FIXED RESISTORS THE vital importance of a silent, accurate resistor cannot be overestimated. Comprising a concentrated metallized deposit one-thousandth of an inch thick, upon a glass core and sealed forever within the tube, each Lynch Resistor is warranted absolutely noiseless» permanently accurate, dependable! Guaranteed accuracy—10%; in production they average 5%. .25; .5; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10 Meg., 50c. .025; .09; .1 Meg., 75c. Single mounting 35c; Double, 50c. If your dealer cannot supply you, send stamps, check or money order. We ship postpaid same day order is received. Dealers—Qet on our mailing list; we keep you posted on new developments. "Write us today! ARTHUR^ FUXj^2So4’65?,hS,. LYNCH. INC. New York, N. Y. ".V.V. ■ ■ ■> cBiad^-Amplifierí *■ Resistance-Coupled "■ "¡PERFECT AUDIO AMPLIFIER-: k Provides audio amplification with minimum distortion. Bradleyunit molded resistors used In the Bradley-Ampliner do not vary with agre and are not affected by atmospheric , conditions. Can be used to replace transformer amplifiers in standard radio sets with decided increase in tone quality. Aÿen-BmefleyCa O ■B Electric Controlling Apparatus ¡i 293 Greenfield Avenue Milwaukee, Wis. ,!v.v.v.,.mv.v.,.v.v,v,v. "Build your own with "RASCO" Parts" Radio Specialty Co., 96-P Park Place, New York, N.Y. Free Trial ON ALL MAKES ains, easy payments -----------Jnderwoods, Royals, L.C. Smiths.Reminartons.etc.—perfect machines expertly remanufactured by the* 'Young Proces guaranteed like new for five years.Shipped direct from our factory to you at big saving. Our big illustrated catalog sent free and without obligation to buy. Write for yours today. Young Typewriter Co. St., Chicago, (If, A 2c Stamp —will start you on the road to success. See Money Making Opportunities on pages 114 to 142.