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Build and Fly Model War Aeroplanes that are perfect copies of real, war-famous airships; that rise from the ground by their own power and fly 50 to 100 feet in the air. It’s easy! With “IDEAL” Accurate Scale Drawings and Building and Flying Instructions any bright boy can construct a 3-foot Model Aeroplane that will fly. Send today for Drawings and Instructions for the one you want to build—

Curtiss Military Tractor 25c Wright Biplane Blériot Monoplane Curtiss Hydroplane Nieuport Monoplane Curtiss Flying Boat Taube Monoplane (8 EACH for $1.75) Cecil Peoli Racer "IDEAL” Aeroplane Construction Outfits, containing all parts and materinis needed to build these Aeroplanes, are sold by leading Toy, Sporting Goods and Department Stores. Ask •your dealer for "IDEAL" Aeroplane Construction Outfits.

Send 5c For This Aeroplane Catalogue Tells about Model Aeroplanes and how they are built. About Racing Aeroplanes and Flying Toys. Lists all kinds oí parts and supplies to build them with. 48 pages for five cents. Send for it today! IDEAL AEROPLANE & SUPPLY CO. 80-86 West Broadway : : : New York Getthis¿5? En|ineBook —it gives valuable information about motor boat engines. It describes the full line of L-A inboard and outboard motors and tells of the 30 days’ free trial plan. Write foryour copy today. LOCKWOOD-ASH MOTOR CO. 1451 Horton Ave., Jackson, Mich. (25) Has The Motor Boat Bu&GoVYou? H? Health and happiness are assured with one i of the new popular priced Gray motors in ■v your boat. Select your boat from our 1917 ' Boat Builders Catalog showing products ol 200 leading boat builders. Select your en* » gine from our new complete Engine Cata* a log. Both books FREE. Send today.. GRAY MOTOR COMPANY 748 Oakland In. Detroit, Hich. Order Your “Old Town” Now and Enjoy the Hot Days Quick, prompt delivery êldc/cwn Ccuum will carry you swiftly and safely everywhere. Note the superb construction. Built to last, light, swift, beautiful and safe. No . trouble, easy to paddle and \>\ manage. Order now from An unusual \ dealer or factory. $34 up. photograph of Catalog on request. an “Old Town ____-WX \ Old Town Canoe Co. Canoe ' ’ hull be\ . t\V ,\ V . \ 1697 Old Main Town, St. fore canvas is put on, showing long lv.\\ -• •• >\ Maine, length planks. U.S.A.

Boat in Comfort Jümp into your rowboat, start your Caille 5-speed rowboat motor, and you can go anyplace without the slightest effort. Skip over to the farthest fishing grounds or skim around the lake and breathe in the vigorous fresh air. You’ll find this motor always dependable, runs 7 to 10 miles an hour and 4 hours on x gallon of gasoline. TROlt Ilas Five Speeds Fast speed, trolling speed, neutral, slow and fast speed reverse accomplished without altering speed of motor. When set in neutral, the boat stands still while motor remains running. Trappers find this motor a great time and labor saver. Train Your Boy Teach him how to handle small boats—develop his self-reliance. This is the ideal motor for him and perfectly safe. Splendid for yacht tenders, too. Dealers Wanted We also build the famous Caille Perfection inboard motors up to 30 H.P., 2 and 4 cycle, 1 to 4 cylinders. When writing be sure to give dimensions, style and purpose of boat to be powered. Caille Perfection Motor Co. 1514 Caille St., Detroit, Mich.