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“ There She Goes!" Why Didn’t I Use NEVERLEAK TIRE FLUID Boys ! why take chances ? Why waste time fixing punctures ? Why pump, pump, pump, trying to keep up a porous tire. Get all the fun out of your bicycle, and save money on your tires. A 25c Tube of Neverleak Tire Fluid ■—heals punctures instantly—keeps porous tires up to pressure—increases the mileage of your tires— doubles the life of new tires. Your bicycle dealer knows the value of Neverleak. For25 years it has been the “Old Reliable” with tire manufacturers, repairmen, and hundreds and thousands of riders. Get a tube or two today from your nearest bicycle store, and find out what it means to get rid of all tire troubles. BUFFALO SPECIALTY COMPANY BUFFALO, N. Y. ft fog a week tn JL pays for the Black Beauty-Bicycle TUST THINK OF IT—here’s the J classiest bicycle ever built — and yours at the unusual terms of $1 a week. What’s more, we ship freight prepaid. DIRECT FROM FACTORY—ON APPROVAL You take no risk, for if you don’t like the Black Beauty, send it back at our expense—you’re not out a penny. 5-Year Guarantee All sizes, all styles, and a tool kit free. Get color catalog now. WRITE US TODAY. HAVERFORD CYCLE CO., Est, 1896. Dept. G Phila., Pa,

at a small cost, by using our attachable outfit. Fits any Bicycle. Easily attached. No special tools required. "Used His FourYears’r harry A. Hyatt, of Boreas River, New York, writes: “ About four y< ars ago ƒ received my motor attachment, and wish to say that I am satisfied with it in every way, for it has certainly given me good service. Anyone wanting a motorcycle or attachment, I would recommend them to the Shaw Manufacturing Co." CDCC Dflnif Write today for bargain list and * li—C DUUIV free booklet, fully describing the SHAWBicycle Motor Attachment. Motorcycles all makes, new and second-hand, $35.00 up. SHAW MANUFACTURING CO. Deptlf>9 GALESBURG, KANSAS BUILD THIS CAR SSÆFYEK Lowest Priced Car in the World Very fast. Economical. Seats two full grown persons. Not a toy. Complete Detailed Drawings, 35c. Catalog 10c. Also CYCLECAR PARTS at very low prices. Discount to Agents. TRIBUNE ENGINEERING CO., Dept. M. Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y.

CONVERT YOUR BICYCLE INTO A MOTOR-CYCLE Motor fits any wheel. BEST, MOST RELIABLE. Best hill climber. More STEFFEYS in use than all others. Stamp for circulars. Steffey Mfg. Co., Dept S., 5025 Brown Street, Phila., Pa. See That Groove? Oil makes a perfect seal, nothing else will. That’s why more power, no carbon, no gasoline or coal oil, in the oil pit injuring lubrication. Ask your dealer or write for booklet S. Ford size or under 50 cents. Discount to the trade. AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES CO., Baltimore, Md. Motorcycle Bargains ^ Single and Twms. Hendersons, Harready to ride. ¿35 to SlOO.^Motorcycle tires S3. Lamps $5. Automobile tires S3. Bicycles S5. Tandems S20. Bicycle tires SI. Bicycles and motorcycles at Factory Prices. Old motorcycles taken in trade. Highest prices allowed for them. Swap in yours. Send for Catalog, Free. DEN INGER, The Price Cutter, 334 North St., Rochester, N. Y. —GRIND YOUR OWN TOOLS —SHARPEN YOUR OWN CUTLERY —POLISH YOUR OWN SILVER and save money with a Universal Motor It Pays for Itself p? Attached to any socket will run electric fan, sewing machine and perform many other household or shop duties. Complete with emery, wheel, buffer, cord and plug for $6.00. This offer may never be repeated—write today. RACINE UNIVERSAL MOTOR CO. 609 Monadnock Blk., Chicago Makers of Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Appliances of All Kinds mention Popular Science Monthly