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Title: Rochester Optical Department: PREMO No. 12

Rochester Optical Department: PREMO No. 12
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Rochester Optical Department
PREMO No. 12

Really two cameras in one

PREMO No. 12

And it is such a small, such a thoroughly capable one, too. It is at once a plate or a daylight loading film camera. One method may be employed as easily as the other. It’s just as the user chooses. Focusing and composing may be done by use of finder and focusing scale, or at any time, for absolute accuracy the ground glass screen is easily used with either film or plates. The camera makes 21^. x 31^. pictures, it measures 1% x 3]/^ x 4% inches, it weighs but 24 ounces, but it is so cleverly constructed that it will accommodate a three-hundredth of a second shutter, and the best and speediest of anastigmat lenses, including the Kodak Anastigmat ƒ6.3, and the B. & L. Ic Tessar ƒ4.5. With such equipments

and its careful, accurate mechanical construction, the Premo No. 12 offers the very limit of photographic efficiency—it will make good pictures wherever amateur pictures can possibly be made. The negatives, while of good size for contact prints, are of such quality that enlargements may be made from them to any reasonable size. For those who do not care for the high speed lenses, the same camera is supplied fitted with Kodak Ball Bearing shutter and either Rapid Rectilinear or Kodak Anastigmat lens, ƒ 7.7. Thin, smooth, richly finished, this will make a faithful, unobtrusive biographer of your personal experiences. Price, $15.00 to $56.00.

Premo catalogue free at your dealer’s, or mailed by us on request.

Rochester Optical Department,

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