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Title: The Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc.

The Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc.
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The Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc.
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Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting

Makes steel barrels stronger, neater— at lower cost

THE steel barrel is just one of the thousands of manufactured metal products which are made stronger, MMSB* neater, better and at less cost by using ■ oxy-acetylene welding in place of rivim. ets, bolts and threaded joints. In thousands of American factories— in the manufacture of automobiles, farm implements, engines, metal furniture, delicate tools and instruments—this process is used in routine production. To secure its economies and advantages many manufacAbove illustration shows part of large department turers have even made sweeping changes in devoted to welding seams of steel barrels by the the design of their products. Prest-O-Lite Process. If you use bolts, rivets or threaded joints in the construction of any product, let us show you what welding can accomplish. This process is saving millions of dollars for railroads, factories, foundries, machine shops, garages, in quick repairs to broken machinery parts, tools, and defective castings.

Employs both gases (acetylene and oxygen) in portaole cylinders. Prest-O-Lite Dissolved Acetylene (ready-made carbide gas) is backed by Prest-O-Lite Service, which insures prompt exchange of full cylinders for empty ones. Provides dry, purified gas, insuring better welds, quicker work, and lower cost, and also avoids the large initial outlay and heavy depreciation incurred in making crude acetylene in a carbide generator.

Necessary equipment is not expensive. We furnish high-grade welding apparatus for $75 (Canada $100); acetylene service at additional cost. Adaptable for oxy-acetylene cutting by the addition of special cutting blow-pipe. Thorough instructions are furnished free to every user of Prest-O-Lite Dissolved Acetylene—any average workman who understands metals can learn the process quickly and easily.

Send today for illustrated literature and data, shcnving specific instances of savings made by welding—savings that may be made for your shop or factory. Extra profits for repair shops and garages Repair shops and service garages everywhere are finding oxy-acetylene welding a ready money-maker. Broken or worn parts are made good as new—easily, quickly and at small cost. This kind of service and the savings made on repairs attract many new customers. At moderate charges your profits are too large to overlook. Necessary equipment is not expensive. Write us today for full details.

The Prest-O-Lite Co., Inc.

.Mfcrld’s Largest Makers of Dissolved Acetylene