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Model 90
Model 02

Remember what a Winchester meant to you as a boy—

What would you give to live over again just one of those carefree days you spent with a Winchester and your boyhood chums? How much fun you got out of your gun in those days! Now it’s the boy’s turn. Will you deny him one of the greatest joys and benefits you had at his age? A boy’s natural interest is going to make him get his hands on a gun sooner or later, so the sooner he learns how to use a gun safely the better. Your boy will want a Winchester Medal Our plan of awarding silver and gold medals to boys for skill with a rifle will make your boy form the habit of getting to the top of the heap in anything he does. Girls are also eligible for this contest. Model06. Take-down repeating .22 rifle. Shoots 3 sizes of ammunition. 20" round barrel.

There is a place near you, either in the open or at a club, where you can shoot. If you do not know where to shoot, write to us and we will tell you where and how you can, or we will help you organize a club. Your chance to make a pal of your son The next time he pleads with you for a Winchester, say “Yes.” It will make you feel pretty good to see the way his face will brighten up and to hear the whoop of joy. Winchester rifles have been the standard for over 50 years. More Winchesters are used by experts than all other guns put together. You will be surprised what a good gun you can get for a low price. Your dealer will be glad to show you his stock of Winchesters, or send to us for our catalog. Winchester Repeating Arms Co., Dept. 24, New Haven, Conn.

BOYS AND GIRLS Winchester Medals for Skill with the Rifle The Gold "Sharpshooter” Medal goes to the boy or girl under 16 who makes the first grade score with a Winchester. The Silver “Marksman” Medal goes to the boy or girl who makes the second grade score. Go to your dealer today: he will give you a sample target and booklet explaining the full conditions of the contest. This booklet also tells you how to get the best results from your Winchester. The dealer will also supply you with plenty of targets. If your dealer cannot supply you, write to the Winchester Repeating Arms Co., Dept. 24, New Haven, Conn.

Model 90. Take-down repeating .22 rifle. 24" octagon barrel. The standard gallery target rifle for 25 years.

Model 02. Hammerless, take-down, single shot .22 rifle. 18" round barrel.


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