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tered penmanship by y// the Tamblyn System. 7// Your name will be elegantly written on a card if you enclose stamp to pay postage. F. W. Tamblyn, 437 Meyer Bldg., Kansas City. U. S. A. INDIANA, Terre Haute. Rose Polytechnic Institute A College of Engineering. Courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical and Architectural Engineering. Extensive shops, well-equipped laboratories in all departments, expenses low, 34th year. For catalog containing full information and professional register of alumni, address G. L. MEES, President. _ Become a MOTION PICTU PF Photographer Salaries $40 to $150 Weekly. Easy, fascinating. Travel everywhere. War has doubled demand for trained men. Learn in few weeks, day or evening classes. Actual practice in up-to-date studio. Call or write for booklet—free. Easy terms. Special Offer N*w. N.Y.Institute of Photography, 3107,141 W.SRth Street,New York City ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL One Year Practical Courses. Day and Evening classes. Splendid equipment and instruction. Low tuition. For particulars address DETROIT TECHNICAL, INSTITUTE Box 306, Y. M. C. A. Building, DETROIT, MICH.

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