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Title: American School of Aviation

American School of Aviation
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American School of Aviation
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T_T ERE is the one inexhaustibie gold mine of opportunity and here is the man who will lead you to it. It is the most extraordinary condition ever presented, owing to the sudden worldwide demand for aeroplanes. High class positions by the thousand calling for trained men—fame and fortune actually thrust at them. Salaries of from $50 to $500 a week are awaiting men who can fill these positions. And now, for the first time in history, a practical, home-study course in practical aeronautics is open to every man at a trifling expense. No matter what your occupation, you can prepare for a better position with big pay. Now is your opportunity. Enter a practically untrodden field —a new profession. Sieze the opportunity that has burst upon the country with tremendous force. Hustle ahead with the rapid development of the aeroplane industry which is outrivaling that of automobile and motion picture, as the quick and sure road to financial independence.

Conducted by Famous road Aviators and Aeroplane Builders

The Course has been prepared by men of international reputation. Mr.Bud Morriss,the well-known aviator. Is Chief Instructorand personally guides the progress of each student. He is assisted by a distinguished staff of Aviators, Aeroplane manufacturers and Aeronautical Engineers. Every Lesson, Lecture, Blue Print and Bulletin is self-explanatory, in plain terms for quick understanding. The Course is absolutely up-to-theminute with every known fact concerning Aeronautics. You get practical, working knowledge of the very highest merit. Now is the time and this is your opportunity to step right into fame and fortune. You are needed. Where there’s a will here’s the way.

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American School of Aviation

431 So. Dearborn Street, Dept. 2757, CHICAGO, ILL.