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UNCLE SAM” WANTS HELP A 'ÍS ¿o$1800ÍS«tYear * Many of the U. S. Government departments A are now Overloaded With War Work. iff Hundreds of clerks; stenographers: bookkeepers; etc, Must Be Appointed at once to help on this work. You can now easily get a big paid Perma, * nent position, and at the same time Help + Your Country in This Time of Need. # Common sense education sufficient. . + SEND Men-women, 18 or over, eligible. . .* COUPON Rapid increase in pay. -Apl BELOW Pull unnecessary. ijPV FRANKLIN Fill out and mail ¿O'* INSTITUTE n C0Urp°Z' SNI lí öept. D-110, ROCHESTER, N.Y. Do it Now. 0^ This coupon, filled out as directed ,» L entitles the sender to (1) free sample ✓ I examination questions; (2) a free copy . • of our book, “Government Positions and • How to Get Tbem;’’ (3) free list of positions + m no^ ea®1?y obtainable; and (4) to consideration for free Coaching for the examination here checked. ' -C O U P O N.. Railway Mail Clerk $900 to $18001 ..CustomsPositions [$800 to $15001 .. Postoffice Clerk $800 to $1200] ..Internal Revenue [$700 to $18001 .. Postoffice Carrier $800 to $1200] ..Stenographer [$900 to $15001 .. Rural Mail Carrier $500 to $12001 • Clerk in the Departments .. Bookkeeper $900 to $1800] at Washington [$800 to $1500] Name................................................. Address.........................................D 110 USE THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE IT

Easiest instrument to play. Most demanded instrument today. Earn $15.00 or $20.00 weekly as a side line nights, or double that much as an occupation. Demand far exceeds the supply. We can place dozens of pupils in fine positions. Motion picture theatres, vaudeville, musical comedy, bands, dance orchestras, cabarets, summer and winter resorts must have drummers, and L\ great pay fine growth salary. of The motion picture theatres makes an enormous demand for drummers everywhere. Oppo rtunity knocks but once. Listen! Now is your chance. Write today. No Instruments to Buy You don’t have to invest any money in instruments until_ you have learned to play. We teach you by mail in a few lessons at surprising low terms. Double your income, on the most popular instrument known. Send for our free booklet. Write Now — Today. MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF DRUMMING LANSING, MICHIGAN

LEARN MUSIC AT HOME! SPECIAL OFFER—EASY LESSONS FREE —Piano, Organ, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Cornet, Harp, Cello, Clarinet, Piccolo, Trombone, Flute, or to sing. You pay only for music and postage—which is small. No extras. You learn by note. Beginners or advanced pupils. Plain, simple, systematic. 16 years’ success. Start at once. Send your name and get free booklet by return mail. Address U. S. School of Music, Box 194-G. 225 5th Ave., N.Y. City. TWENTY-FOUR PRACTICAL ART LESSONS together with interesting stories of the struggles and achievements of leading Illustrators and Cartoonists. Every modern method in the lucrative field of cartooning, designing, newspaper, magazine and commercial illustrating fully explained in the STUDENT ILLUSTRATOR. Amateur’s work published and criticised. $1.50 per year, four months $0.50. , Dept. 27-1012 H. Street N. W. Washington, D. C. 1 GOV’T POSITIONS^ | BOOK FREE! Earn $75 to $150 monthly at once. Rapfd promotion. Easy work. _ Short hours. 15 and 30 day vacations, loll pay. Lifetime positions. No strikes, no “layoff 8,” no “straw bosses,“ no pull needed. Ordinary education sufficient. _ American citizens 18 or over uno nAnir rnrr eligible no matter where you live. NEW BOOK FREE Telia about Railway Mail, Post ■■ Office, Panama CanaL Custom • House and many other Gov't positions. Tells how to prepare for Examinations under supervision, of former U. S. Civil Service Sec’y-Examiner. Write todav— postal will do. Address PATTERSON CIVIL SERVICE SCHOOL, 167 News Bldg., Rochester, N. Y.

START GROWING MUSHROOMS Learn the latest authoritative way to make still bigger profits than you ever thought possible or ever made growing mushrooms. Add $10 to $75 a week to your income. Anyone, men, women and children can do it in spare time in city or country. Grow in basements, cellars, sheds, boxes, etc. Start now. Demand bigger than supply. Send for big free book of expert authority, “The Truth About Mushrooms.’’ Write to Bureau Industry, Dept. 394, 1342 N. Clark St., Chicago New Book Free Write today for the book that tells about the opportunities in the profession of Signal Engineering. Men are needed. Learn, too.howyoucan get the training that you need to fill the big job. $125 to $300 a Month The free book will give you just the information yon want. Write for it now — immediately. Here is • golden opportunity. .aMli» .ar-i»*. w. u.5e».u.s RaveaswoodSta.. ■ DENTAL SCHOOL LEARN MECHANICAL DENTISTRY—DEMAND UNLIMITED Earn $1200 to $4000 yearly in mechanical dentistry. A big and growing demand everywhere for mechanical dentists—like a gold mine unexplored. Attend this school any time of the day or evening; be taught individually and learn by actual practice, without book study. Our System, the most complete in the world, is used exclusively in this school. We are constantly called upon to fill high^ salaried positions. Why not qualify for one? Be fair to yourself; find out moró about exceptional opportunity we offer. Visit the school or write for booklet A,

If You Want an Electrical Book and don’t knot* where to get it, write Book Department, Popular Scienc« Monthly, 239 Fourth Avenue, New York City. EARN TELEGRAPH .Morse and Wireless—R. R. Accounting (Station Agency) taught. Splendid opportunities. Positions secured. Marconi Co. contracts to employ graduates. We own and exclusively occupy two large modem buildings equipped with R.R. and Western Union wires and complete2 K. W. Marconi Wireless Station. Largest school—established 42 years. Investment $25.000. Endorsed by Railroad. Marconi and Western Union Officials. Expert practical teachers. Ix>w living expenses: easily earned if desired. Tuition low.Easy payments, Correspondence courses also. Cataloga Free. I Dodge’s Telegraph,Ry.S Wireless Institute 21st Street. Valparaiso, Ind,