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Machine Shop Practice Complete


These Nine Volumes Shipped to You Without Deposit Small Monthly Payments If You Are Satisfied The Machine Shop Library is now accepted as the standard set of books on shop practice in America. Nine Vols.—6x9 inches—3000 illustrations. Handsomely and strongly bound in moroccograined cloth; titles in gold.

3000 pages of experience

The Machine Shop Library affords you one of the surest means of entering the machine shop field fully prepared for a better position. It teaches you as in practice—saving long months of apprenticeship at low wages. Nine authorities tell you in 3000 pages that which took them years to learn in the leading shops of the United States and England.

Prepare now for promotion Machine shop workers now make higher wages than ever before. Begin now and prepare yourself for a well-paid machine shop position. An hour or less of your time each day with the Machine Shop Library is all that is necessary to place yourself in direct line for promotion. We will send the books to your home address on receipt of ’the coupon below, for a 10-day free examination. We will also pay the return charges if you decide not to keep them for any reason. Now is the very best time to begin where these machine shop specialists left off. In order to find the value of the Machine Shop Library, merely fill out the coupon and return to us at once.


McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 239 W. 39th St., New York Gentlemen:—I am interested in your Machine Shop Library You may send me the nine volumes, charges paid, for my inspection. If satisfactory I will send $2 in ten days and $2 per month until I have paid the price of the books, $16. If the books are not what I want, I will write you for shipping instructions SIGNATURE ......... RESIDENCE ADDRESS CITY AND STATE..... ............ I NAME OF EMPLOYER I REFERENCE......... ............ ............ I ADDRESS............ P. S. July. ’17 T_____I