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“ The Nation needs each man in the endeavor that will best serve the common good. The Nation is being served only when the sharp shooter marches, and the machinist remains at his levers” said President Wilson in his proclamation of May 17th. Men with electrical training are needed now more than ever before, both at home and at the front. But America needs experts in electricity—not dabblers. You can’t learn electricity out of a book.

The Only AV ay to Learn Electricity

The only way you can become an expert is by doing the very work, under competent instructors, which you will be called upon to do later on. in other words, learn bp doing. That is the method oí the New York Electrical school.

Our concentrated work with actual apparatus under actual conditions will put you abreast of men with from 5 to 10 years’ experience in the electrical field. 4,500 of our students have gone forth into electrical success. Learn by doing. This method makes you an expert, able to command a high salary. All instruction is individual. You go ahead as fast as you can learn. Good students complete the course iu seven months. Send today for free 64 page book. Tear out this advertisement and mail it with your name and address, New York Electrical School 40 West 17th St.. New York, N. Y.

What D’ye

Today it’s a battle of wits—and brains win. Muscle and brawn don’t count so much as they used to. The great question now is “ What do you Know ? ” It draws the line between failure and success. What do you know? Have you special ability? Could you “make good” in a bis job right now? For. 25 years the International Correspondence Schools have been training men for better work and bigger salaries. They can train YOU, no matter where you live, what hours you work, or how little your education. Mark and mail the coupon and find out—it won’t obligate you in the least. '

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