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Our Country neods compotonttrainod Mochanics in tho i Quartermas tor's I 11 Dopt.^Signal //Cs of

I 11 Dopt.^Signal //Cs The United States Needs thousands of truck, transport, aeroplane and motorcycle drivers. Trained competent men are needed, men who can take care of the machines, men who know how to keep them in service. Any piece of motor driven machinery the government owns or will own must be in service. Preference will be given to trained men. No matter what service the Army is doing it must be fed. If it is on the firing line it will need thousands of rounds of ammunition. The importance of trained men is very evident. Food and ammunition must be delivered regularly. Then too the army must often be transported.

Quartermaster Department and Signal Corps Needs Trained Men The Michigan State Auto School trains men thoroughly. This is the kind of men Our GovernEvery student learns pleasure cars, trucks, motorcycles and ment wants and is daily, enlisting. Trained gasoline motors of every kind from A to Z. Graduates of the men who will be efficient themselves and Michigan State Auto School are in big demand by the leading keep every bit of motor driven equipment in the Automobile plants in Detroit. These factories know from most serviceable condition. actual experience that our men are thoroughly, completely and practically trained. No matter what happens to a truck or This branch of the Army Service pays good salaries. pleasure car, a Michigan State Auto School graduate is compeThere are wonderful opportunities for clean, clear headed, tent to repair it. Cars in the care of a graduate give highest trained men to advance in the service and certainly new is efficiency. the time to train.

Aerial View of Motor Truck Group at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas (Major F. H. Pope Cavalry Commanding) This view gives an idea of the large number of transport men will be given preference and men who graduate from the trucks that will be used in our Army. Thousands of trained Michigan State Auto School are now and have been holding men are needed and will be needed to care for these machines big, responsible Jobs in Detroit and over the country and will be and keep them operating up to their highest efficiency. Trained able to serve their country in the most efficient way.

You Can Serve Your Country Best as a Trained Man

TRAINED Auto and Motor Mechanics are always in big demand. Men who have learned motor mechanics from beginning to end at the Michigan State Auto School can take care of every type of motor, motorcycle, automobile, truck, motor boat, aeroplane and stationary engines and are capable of filling any of the positions in the Army where competent men are needed. You can serve your country better as a trained man and draw more money. You can complete your course in from 10 to 12 weeks and there will be a place waiting for you. Trained men are needed most and will be paid highest salary. You can serve both your country and yourself best and certainly in these times of preparation, you should do your part.

Men who can drive and keep up motor transport trucks are needed by the Quartermaster Department. Motorcycle and Auto Mechanics and drivers will be needed by the Signal Corps and in every branch of the service a3 Chauffeurs for officers’ cars and as messengers. Motor Mechanics will be needed for Aeroplane work—this branch of the service is very important. Motor Mechanics will be needed on the "Mosquito Fleet” of "U-boat chasers.” ’’Tanks,” tractors and trench digging machines will need Trained Motor Mechanics. Train NOW to do your part right.

Learn a Business That You Can Use When Peace Comes

By training to serve Your Country best you are preparing yourself in one of the best paying businesses of today. You can readily see your country’s need. After Peace comes you will find plenty of jobs—and hundreds of good locations to go into business for yourself. There will always be Automobiles in abundance—trucks of every size are being used more and more each year, the newspapers are full of advertisements asking for men who know their business.

Train NOW and Serve Your Country Best