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Help “My work lately has comprised the supervision of four trucks and other cars ; also the wiring and electrification of sundry buildings on our place—the C. W. Munson Farm Assn., Roslyn, L. I., including the Packing House, Hot Houses, etc. There’s never a point comes up that Hawkins Guides do not help me to solve.” Jacob Weiss, Port Washington, L. I. The Trouble With Them ‘ ‘ The only trouble I find with the Hawkins Guides is that everybody is always borrowing them. My set was even borrowed by a high school instructor for reference work in a physics class. I find them highly instructive. ” Carl Hasenwinkle, Hettinger, N. D. First Aid “ Number 10 Guide arrived all O. K. and com§ letes the set, which I am very proud of. I on’t think it would be possible to find a better set for either the beginner or the professional electrician. ’ ’ Elmer A. Stevens, U. S. S. Nebraska, Postmaster, N. Y. In the Naval Electrical Dept. “The Hawkins Guides are great help to me in the Naval Electrical Department, which they cover very thoroughly. ’ ’ C. J. Cornell, U. S. Receiving Ship, Brooklyn, N. Y. Handy to Carry ‘ ‘The great beauty of them is thatyoucan carry them in your pocket. That suits me, for I

never want to be without them. ” F. S. Collins, Richardson Engineering Co., Hartford, Conn. Look Through This List of Subjects : iyn 4 Contains 348 pages, 388 illustrations. Electrical NWi X signs and symbols—static and current electricity— Srimary cells—conductors and insulators—resistance and conuctivity—magnetism—induction coils—dynamo principles— classes of dynamos—armatures — windings — commutation — brushes, etc. XIA O Contains 348 pages, 394 illustrations. Motor prin“ ciples—armature reaction—motor starting—calculations—brake horsepower—selection and installation of dynamos and motors — galvanometers — standard cells — current measurement — resistance measurement — voltmeters — wattmeters—watt hour meters—operation of dynamos—operation of motors, etc. X|n O Contains 300 pages, 423 illustrations. Distribu!»"■ 9 tion systems—wires and wire calculations—inside, outside and underground wiring—sign flashers—lightning protection—rectifiers—storage battery systems, etc. A Contains 270 pages, 379 illustrations. Alternating ■ wlf* “W current principles — alternating current diagrams —the powerfactor—alternator principles—alternator construction—windings, etc. ■Llf. C Contains 320 pages, 614 illustrations. A. C. Mo■ wVi 9 tors—synchronous and induction motor principles —A. C. commutator motors—induction motors—transformers : losses, construction, connections, tests — converters — rectifiers, etc. X|n £* Contains 298 pages, 472 illustrations. Alternating ■ wU. w current systems — switching devices— circuit breakers—relays—lightning protector apparatus—regulating devices—synchronous condensers—indicating devices—meters —power factor indicators—wave form measurement—switch boards, etc. |t — ^ Contains 316 pages, 379 illustrations. Alternating IvU« m current, wiring power stations—turbines: management, selection, location, erection, testing, running, care, and repair—telephones, etc. k|a Contains 332 pages, 436 illustrations. Telegraph ITUi O —simultaneous telegraphyand telephony—wireless —electric bells—electric lighting—photometry, etc. MQ Contains 322 pages, 627 illustrations. Electric IvUi 9 railways — electric locomotives — car lighting — trolley car operation—miscellaneous applications—motion pictures—gas engine ignition—automobile self-starters and lighting systems, electric vehicles, etc. 4 a Contains 513 pages, 599 illustrations. ElevaItUi XV tors—cranes—pumps—air compressors—electric heating—electric welding—soldering and brazing—industrial electrolysis—electro-plating—electro-therapeutics—X-rays, etc. Also a complete 126-pave ready reference index of the complete library. Thla index has been planned to render easily accessible all the vast information contained in the 10 electrical guides. There are over13,500 cross references. You find what you want to know instantly.

a MONEY y/ 10 Volumes i&r THEO ÍOU FREE W/3SÉ nine the books » seven days in cSf Guides (price $1 each), »rk, and decide ^ 10 Cumbere?6’ ^u^tmfac® are the most /j*withîJs^d^ISd to f lelpful and » V W ther mail you $1 each month n electrit\T*r Uatl ' iblished. IK# (fer U „©L-..................................... con\ 0 he y Cj. w *e,,,>,“to,,......................................... ▲ Easiness Address....................................