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High Speed Without The Hassle

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It took Sigma, world leader in advanced lens technology, to design autofocus zoom cameras that combine total automation ease with the features of a fine SLR.

Sigma’s fully automatic compact cameras carry a full line of advanced functions while maintaining ease of use. They are a panorama of the most advanced technology in compact camera evolution, featuring 28-50mm, 35-70mm and 50-100mm zoom lenses. And a stepless, “passive” autofocus system similar to that used in today’s most advanced SLR cameras to ensure sharp focusing at longer distances.

A range of strobe modes plus an external flash shoe lets you get light for longer distance shots. The special non-slip “ZEN” matte finish and comfortable grip make these cameras exceptionally easy to hold.

Now, Sigma expands your scope of photographic expression by combining the high technologies of the compact autofocus camera with the precision of the SLR.

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Precise autofocus accuracy -near and far.

By incorporating a passive autofocus system identical to that used on today’s most advanced SLR cameras, the problem of focus shift, associated with conventional compact AF zoom cameras, has been eliminated. This stepless control of distance measurement delivers sharp, accurate results, even at long distances or in dim light.

Motorized stepless Sigma power zoom lens frames anything perfectly.

This is a superior quality, true continuous zoom lens. Motorized, so you can select the perfect focal length, from wide angle to telephoto, in an instant - anything from closeups to panoramas with one touch.

Fastest, electronically controlled compact zoom shutter speeds.

Sigma is proud to announce a “speed” breakthrough for its fully automatic compact camera series. With shutter speeds to l/500th sec., these are the fastest, compact cameras Sigma has ever made. Giving you a greater action-stopping ability to get clear, sharp photos, even of fastmoving subjects.

A solution to the longer distance flash shot problem.

Multiple flash modes, plus a hot shoe for an external flash, have eliminated the insufficient light problem with longer distance flash shots. Indoors or at night, when the subject’s a long way away, simply slip on an accessory flash.

Large liquid crystal display.

Everything you need to know about the camera, including number of exposures taken, the flash mode, and even the battery condition, is shown on a big, easy-to-read display.

Non-slip non-reflecting finish.

A special matte finish we call “ZEN” prevents reflections, resists scratches, and is non-slip. And the comfortable grip makes the camera exceptionally easy to hold.

5-mode auto-dating unit.

A precise, quartz-controlled dating unit lets you record month, day and year, or even day, hour and minute, right on the film.

Greater range of DX coding.

Full DX coding from ISO 25 to 3200.

Automatically sets film speeds for all popular films, from the slowest to the fastest, to meet your creative needs.


• Uns: 28-50mm F4.2-7 • Field of View: 75.4°-46.8°

• Flash: Built-in, interlocked with zoom.

Range -18.2 ft. (at 28mm); 13.2 ft. (at 50mm)*

• Shutter Speed Range: 2 sec. to 1/500 sec.

•Dimensions: 5.3" x 3 2" x 2.2" »Weight: 15 3oz.


• Uns: 35 - 70mm F3 5 — 6.7 • Field of View: 63° - 34°

• Flash: Built-in, interlocked with zoom.

Range -13.2 ft. (at 35mm); 8.3ft. (at 70mm)*

• Shutter Speed Range: 1 sec. to 1/500 sec.

•Dimensions: 5.3" x 3.2" x 2.7" »Weight: 16oz.


• Uns: 50 - 100mm F4.3 - 8 • Field of View: 47° - 24.4°

• Flash: Built-in. interlocked with zoom.

Range - 11.6 ft. (at 50mm); 7.4 ft. (at 100mm)*

• Shutter Speed Range: 1 sec. to 1/500 sec.

• Dimensions: 5.3" x 3 2" x 3.2" »Weight: 16.7oz.


* ISO 100

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New Sigma Zoom Lenses.

They Keep Getting Smaller:.. Lighter:.. and Better:

These two new zoom lenses are the result of Sigma's advanced optical technology.

They were designed to increase the performance and broaden the creative capabilities of your 35mm SLR.

Worlds smallest wide angle zoom lens.

Sigma 24-50mm F4-5.6 UC

The single biggest disadvantage of existing wide angle zoom lenses is their size and weight. This problem has been eliminated in the Sigma 24-50mm UC ultra-compact zoom lens. Just over 2" long, and weighing only 12.3 oz., it is ideal for travel, and for indoor use.

The closest focusing distance is 15.7" (40cm) from the film plane, and the lens can focus continuously at all focal lengths, with no need to switch into macro mode.

Our AF version of the lens has a new “Noise Less” motorized focus transmission system which is quieter and smoother than other autofocus lenses.

The exclusive “ZEN” matte finish provides a sure, comfortable grip, helps prevent reflections and resists scratches.

Available for Canon, Minolta, Nikon, and Pentax autofocus mounts and most manual focus SLRs.

Select the Sigma lens that fits your creative needs.

© For Canon AF mount ® For Pentax AF mount * All Sigma lenses are available in MF models, for use with

® For Minolta AF mount ® For Nikon AF Mount all major brand manual focus 35mm SLR cameras.

This “normal” zoom is the world’s smallest and most compact. ® ® © © *

AF 28-70K F3.5-4.5 UC

An ultra-zoom covering all popular

focal lengths from 35mm to 135mm ® ® © ® *

AF 35-135m F3.5-4.5

The world’s smallest ultra-compact tele-zoom highly maneuverable and high quality ® ® © ® *

AF 70-210Ü F4-5.6 UC

The compact apochromaticAFzoom. Exceptional contrast, sharpness and color saturation. ® © © *

AF APO 70-210K F3.5-4.5

The high power, compact 4X tele-zoom with ultra-high performance. ® ® © *

/AF APO 75-300Ü F4.5-5.6

Use as a normal or macro lens.

Focuses to 1:1 without adapters. ®®© *

AF 50 m Macro F2.8

F2.8 speed and APO sharpness in an exceptionally lightweight telephoto. ®®© *

AF APO 300 m F2.8

Qtmpact, powerful telephoto

with high performance features. ® ® © *

AF APO 400m F5.6

Fast f4.5 aperture and apochromatic correction for amazing super telephoto quality. ® ® © *

Æ APO 500 m F4.5



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In Canada exclusively distributed by


ASA Corporation Limited

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Compact, light weight, highest quality standard zoom.

Sigma 35-80mm F4-5.6 DL

In spite of its compact size, only 2.4" long, and light weight, only 10.1 oz., the Sigma 35-80mm DL deluxe zoom lens delivers high definition and contrast. This sophisticated zoom has a focus scale, depth of field scales for both wide angle and tele settings, and an infrared compensation mark. Specially designed diaphragm blades result in rounder apertures for more aesthetically pleasing images, in out-of-focus areas, than those produced by conventional polygon-shaped apertures.

A bayonet mount lens hood combines with the zoom system to minimize unwanted light at all focal lengths.

This Sigma 35-80mm zoom lens has Sigma’s exclusive “ZEN” non-slip, non-reflecting, scratch-resistant finish, for years of reliable service.

Available for Canon, Minolta, Nikon, and Pentax autofocus mounts and most manual focus SLRs.

New! World’s Smallest APO/MACRO Telephoto

APO 180 m Macro F5.6UC

• Apochromatic optical performance and flat field macro capability in an ultra-compact telephoto lens - less than 4" long, weighs just 15 oz.

• Focuses down to just 22" for 1:2 (1/2 life size) magnification.

• Internal focusing system maintains constant lens size and provides fast, smooth, one-finger focusing.

• Special lx)w Dispersion ( SLD) glass combined with Apochromatic design means sharp, brilliant images with chromatic and spherical aberrations virtually eliminated.

• Smth-l(x)king ZEN f inish, non-slip, non-glare and scratch-resistant.

• Available for Canon, Minolta, Nikon and Pentax autofocus mounts and most manual mounts.

New! World’s Fastest APO/MACRO Telephoto

AP0180 : Macro F2.8

• The world’s first Aptxrhromatic telephoto lens with flat field macro capability.

• Focuses down to 22" for L2 ( 1/2 life size) magnification.

• Internal focusing with advanced double “floating’’ lens system-superior optical performance from infinity to macro.

• Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass and Apochromatic correction eliminates chromatic and spherical aberrations for sharp, high contrast images.

• Non-slip, non-glare, scratch-resistant, ZEN finish.

• Available for Canon, Minolta and Nikon autofocus mounts and most manual SLR s.