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Nikon Inc.
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Nikon Inc.
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1991 Nikon Inc.


In Times Square?

Are you kidding?

You control almost all its functions with a simple multi-button keypad and a command dial that’s next to your thumb.

It has a Spot Meter, Center-Weighted Meter, and Nikon’s Matrix Metering, an exclusive system that reacts instantly to fast-moving action and changing light. It sizes up a picture much like you would.

If you had time.

The N6006 has a powerful built-in flash with wide 28mm coverage, and a guide number of 43 at ISO 100.

The Nikon N6006 is exactly the SLR to clamp on the handlebars of your bike and take for a ride through Times Square at night in twenty-degree weather.

Oh. That’s not high on your list of things to do?

Our apologies. Ex-bike messenger and amateur photographer Peter Drake thought it might be great fun dodging all those taxis and potholes, cable release in hand. He thought it might make an interesting picture.

We think he was at least half right.

Manhattan by night riding a bike with a camera


Peter Drake, nut

See the NMOfi at authorizeddealers where you see this symbol. For more information on the exclusive Nikon MasterCard, call I HOO-NfKON-.15.

such as freight trains and rhinos in focus for you. You can auto-bracket up to five shots in 1/3-stop increments.

You can choose from twenty autofocus Nikkor lenses, the ones were so particular about that we make our own glass and design our own coatings.

You can use almost every Nikkor lens made since 1977. because the N6006 still has the legendary mounting system we invented.

Thirty years ago.

This camera is not a toy, in other words.

It's a Nikon.

Nearly seven out of ten professionals who shoot with 35mm carry Nikons because it's their job. People like Peter Drake carry them because it’s fun.

Maybe you'd carry an SLR more often if you had one that was more fun and less job.

Well, here it is.

Let the good times roll.

Perhaps hisdaring self-portrait will serve as graphic evidence that the N6006 is a simple, fast SLR that’s up for serious fun. It’s the one a professional photographer would take on vacation. The one to have w hen your hands are busy or your mind is on something else.

Survival, for instance.

It autofocuses quickly and accurately in light as dim as a single candle, using a focusing sensor much like the one in the professional F4S.

In the case of Peter Drake, it automatically selected the proper flash illumination for his face while letting the ambient light shine through in the background.

Also, the sense of motion in the shot came about through Rear Curtain Synchronization. one of the creative flash techniques that the N6006 performs, automatically.

There’s Focus Tracking, too, which keeps moving subjects

The N6006: autofocusing, built-in fill-flash, interchangeable Nikkor lenses. Fun like a toy, but not one. Call 1-800-NIKON-35 for a free booklet.