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Title: Advertisement: Popular Photography

Advertisement: Popular Photography
Popular Photography
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Popular Photography

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Mail order sales are governed by rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), various State laws, and U.S. Postal laws.

For example, for orders made by mail:

1 «The Seller must ship your order within 30 days of receiving it, unless the advertisement clearly states it’ll take longer.

2 * If it appears that your order will not be shipped when promised, the Seller must notify you in writing in advance of the promised date, giving a definite new date, if known, and offering you the opportunity to cancel the order with a refund or consent to a definite delayed shipping date or an indefinite delay.

3.The Seller’s notice must contain

a stamped self-addressed card or envelope with which you can indicate your preference. If you don’t respond to this notice, the Seller may assume you agree to the delay, but must ship your order within 30 days of the original shipping date promised or required, or the order will be automatically cancelled. A prompt refund must be made when an order is cancelled.

4L Even if you’ve consented to an indefinite delay, you retain the right to cancel the order at any time before the item has been shipped.

5* If you choose to cancel an order, that has been paid for by check or money order, the Seller must mail you a refund within seven business days. If you cancel an order for which you paid by credit card, the Seller must credit your account within one billing cycle following receipt of your request. Store credits or vouchers in place of a refund are not acceptable.

£0 In the event that the item you ordered is unavailable, the Seller may not send you substitute merchandise without your express consent.

Popular Photography’s mail order advertisers offer some of the best bargains available in photographic equipment. To he sure you are satisfied with your purchase, we’ve listed a number of tips and suggestions to help you out:


When ordering by mail:

State precisely what merchandise you want, specifying details such as model, make, size, component parts, etc. ;

Confirm the price and expected delivery date as stated in the ad

Indicate whether you will accept a substitute product if the item you ordered is unavailable, and, if not, that your payment should be returned;

Don't send cash, you will have no record of payment if a problem arises, and

Keep a copy of your order and all other correspondence with the Seller. Your records should include the company's name, address and phone number; a description of the item ordered; your cancelled check or a copy of the money order; record of the date you mailed the order; and any. sales slips and shipping receipts.

When ordering by phone:

Note the time and date of your conversation and the name of the person you talk with;

Make a record of your order, the price,

its promised availability and the components to he expected;

Save all correspondence associated with your order, including your cancelled check or a copy of the money order, and any written confirmation sent by the Seller.

Questions you should consider asking:

Does the advertised item come with all necessary parts and accessories? Are they from the same manufacturer?

Is it available for immediate shipment? If not, when will it be available?

Has there been an increase in the advertised price?

What warranties does the item carry? Who provides the service?

What is the Seller's return policy? What is the Seller's refund policy?

With whom should you correspond if there is a problem ?


1. If you have not received your order as promised or if the item is defective, immediately notify the Seller in writing referring to yoûr order by description, price,

date, as well as by account number and order number, if available. Make sure you keep a copy of the letter.

2. If you complain by telephone, send a follow-up letter to confirm what was said.

3. If you think the merchandise is defective, reread your product instructions and your warranty carefully to be sure you don't expect features or performance the product isn't designed to give. Then contact the Seller for instructions. Don't return it to the Seller until you have been instructed to do so.

4. When returning merchandise make sure you keep the shipper's receipt or packing slip; your right to be reimbursed for postal costs is determined by store policy.

5. If you have completely discussed your problem with the Seller and are still not satisfied, write to the consumer complaint agency in the Seller's state.