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Title: Canon U.S.A., Inc.: Canon Aqua Snappy AS-6

Canon U.S.A., Inc.: Canon Aqua Snappy AS-6
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Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Canon Aqua Snappy AS-6

The first Canon compact 35mm camera that lets you ski down a mountain onto a desert and into 33 feet of water.

During the rainy season.

The Canon Aqua Snappy AS-6 lets you put all the fun on film, wherever the fun takes you—from the slopes to the sand to 33 feet under wat,er. And at a great, affordable price. # Aqua Snappy is a true water-proof, weather-proof, dust, mud and grunge-proof 35mm camera that lets you take pictures like you’ve never taken before. Even terrific close-ups, in or out of the water when you add

Aqua Snappy’s close-up lens. Aqua Snappy loads automatically, advances the film automatically and even rewinds automatically. There’s nothing to focus, and the flash is built in. All you have to do is push one button and, rainstorm or not, you’ve got the shot. The new Canon Aqua Snappy. The camera that’s not afraid of anything.

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