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Title: Canon U.S.A., Inc.: Canon T90

Canon U.S.A., Inc.: Canon T90
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Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Canon T90

The Incredible Canon T90.

he Creative mind.

creativity not thwart it. With the T90, you can ■ photograph anythingyou wTcan imagine, from high-speed action to special, effects like m WlfiKf combination flash/time expo81 iÆfr H sures. Control light and shad! ow as never before,to capture Il pure whites, subtle colors or M¡¿ja¡pv the darkness of midnight. There isn't a situation it can't handle. Yet, there are new and exciting accessories that add even more to the system. The only thing we left out was conventional thinking.

The Canon T90 is every jffj) serious photographer's dream camera,with more capability Æ built in than most cameras offer as options. Its sleek, uncluttered appearance only hints at the engineering miracles inside. Highlights include a built-in professional 4.5 fps. motor drive system, three |l metering patterns and the world's most versatile exposure control system for daylight and flash photography Even multiple exposure capability Built in features that encourage

Canon puts all the features serious photographers want in a single, magnificent camera.

■ The first system that can be used in Program AE, ShutterPriority or Aperture-Priority automatic modes. ■ You can control shutter speed as well as aperture. ■ Flash Exposure Lock’“ (FEL) permits you to hold spot readings taken during pre-exposure tests, then recompose before shooting! ■ The ultimate in flash lighting control and flexibility especially suited to unusual lighting situations, fill-flash and combination flash/time exposures. ■ Manual operation at full or 'A power. ■ Choose 1st or 2nd curtain sync.! Dual Information Displays ■ Large, easy-to-read LCD panel on top of the T90 gives you all the information you need without clutter. ■ LCD shows exposure modes, metering patterns, exposure compensation, etc. during setting. ■ LCD routinely displays exposure and film advance modes in use, multiple-exposure count-down, shutter speed, frame counter, "film loaded" and film transport indicator. ■ Bright LED viewfinder display shows shutter speed, aperture, flash charge indication and AE-Lock signals. ■ Additional scale in finder shows spot reading values, highlight/shadow adjustments and even provides both analog and digital count-down of frames remainingl Human Engineering ■ The T90's unusual shape and style conform to your hand for unprecedented handling ease and efficiency. ■ Electronic Input Dial™ located near the shutter release selects all important functions with fingertip ease. The Complete Canon Lens & Accessory System ■ Nearly 60 Canon FD wide-angle, telephoto, zoom and macro lenses. ■ Eight interchangeable focusing screens. ■ Command Back 90 databack with built-in intervalometer functions. ■ Wireless Controller LC-2 for remote operation. ■ Advanced automatic Macrolite ML-2 for close-up shooting. The Canon T90 so completely redefines the photographic stateof-the-art that you must hold it in your hands to fully appreciate its advantages. It truly is a new vision of photography.

Professional Motor Drive—Built In! ■ 4.5 fps.f and 2 fps. rapid sequence shooting plus singleframe advance! ■ Two-second automatic loading! ■ Power Rewind—36 exposure roll in only twelve seconds! t Maximum motor speed = 5 fps. in Stopped-Down mode High-Speed Shutter ■ Speeds from 30 seconds to I/4000th sec., plus half-stop intermediate speeds. ■ 1/250th second flash sync. ■ Multiple Exposures—up to nine on a single frame—shooting one at a time or at maximum motor speed!

The World's Most Versatile Exposure Control System ■ Automatic film speed setting with DX-coded films from ISO 25—5,000 plus manual ISO setting from 6—6,400 ■ Shutter-Priority Automation ■ Aperture-Priority Automation ■ Standard Programmed Automation ■ Three "WIDE" Programs (for increased depth-of-field) ■ Three "TELE" Programs (for higher shutter speeds) ■ Three Automatic TTL Flash Modes ■ Stopped-Down Automation ■ Full Manual Control

Three Metering Patterns— Built-In! ■ Center-Weighted Average Metering ■ Selective Area Metering (measures approximately 13% of viewfinder area) — (_ _ ■ Spot Metering (measures less than fu„ information LED feadout 3% Of the Viewfinder area) spot, highlight/shadow control ■ AE-Lock system permitsyou to hold spot readings of your subject then recompose before shooting. ■ Separate finder display indicates spot meter readings, highlight/shadow adjustments. Multiple-Spot Metering—Built-In! ■ Up to eight separate spot readings can be made of a single subject with separate spot meter button located next to the shutter release. ■ Cumulative results are averaged after each reading. ■ Changes in exposure are shown on the bright LED viewfinder display Advanced TTL Exposure-Control Flash ■ With optional Canon Speedlite 300TL (Guide No. 114, ISO 100, feet w/50mm lens), A-TTL system calculates exposure based on both flash-to-subject distance and background illumination.

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