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Popular Photography

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Established 1944 RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY o We seek to attract creative people with a high level of personal commitment o Outstanding faculty and equipment » 4 Day Week (Mon. - Thurs.) ® 1 or 2 Year Programs » Approved for Veterans and Foreign Students For information Call or Write to: 241P WEBSTER AVE., PROVIDENCE, R.I. 02909 401-944-0215

SLEN FISH BACK SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. FREE-LANCE TRAINING 3307 BROADWAY, SACRAMENTO, CA 95817 Photography Hundreds of references to FOR subjects, products, equipment, and technical tips that you know are in the magazine but can never find when you want them—all arranged for fast easy reference. Prepared in cooperation with the magazine editors, each of these handy indexes covers a full year (12 issues) and is an indispensable companion to your magazine collection. «OOO STVorß der for post□ □ ß^^ age and hand—ling. □ □ 1973 and 1974 indexes also still available at $2.00 each, or $5.50 for the complete set of three (1973 thru 1975). POP PHOTO INDEX Box 2228, Falls Church, Va., 22042

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Annual Summer Survey current methods, techniques and aesthetics in under the auspices of GERMAIN School of Photography and ST. JOHN’S UNIVERSITY June, July and August Increase your skills, earn college credit, expand your horizons. Call or write for details. ¡Pil GERMASN/ST. JOHN’S ¡«S SUMMER SURVEY Sfelgl Dept. S20,225 Broadway, N.Y. 10007 (212) 964-4550 STOP WORKING IN THE DARK. Start Mastering Light. If you don't know how to use lighting to create more exciting portraits, you're at a big disadvantage. Here's a great way to gain complete mastery of the finest professional lighting techniques—at your own pace, in your own home or studio. The unique "Basic Lighting Course" audio-visual program—written by noted portrait photographer Peter Nicastro and widely acclaimed oy teachers and pros alike—includes 503 color slides, 4 hours of recorded cassettes and a 200page studybook that show you exactly how to put professional lighting secrets to work immediately—in your very next sitting. It's fast, it's easy, it's different—and it works! Your portraits will look better. And sell better. Other courses on posing, candids, weddings, etc. For free catalog, Write: Dept. P66 Jl_ PHOTOGRAPHY LEARNING SYSTEMS 196 Harrison Ave. Garfield, N.J. 07026 QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHIC EDUCATION 2 year program in Commercial and Creative photography. Approved for Vets. Professional Color tab—Job Placement—Co-ed. THE NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 537 P COMMONWEALTH AVE. BOSTON MA 02215 617-261-1868 THE SHORT, SURE ROAD TO SUCCESS! in professional freelance or studio photography. At Artography the no-nonsense approach teams you with pros in small classes limited to 15 -gets you right down to the business of making SS with your camera. VA approved. Write or call for additional information. ARTOGRAPHY Academy of Photographic Arts 535? laurel Canyon Blvd., No Hollywood. Ca. 91607 (213)985-2577