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Popular Photography
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Very few industries are as lavish with their instructional literature as the photographic industry. There is a wealth of information, most of it free, to help you make better vie tures. Please use coupon on this page for booklets in which you are 'interested, enclose required remittance and mail



i BOOKLET: “Expert Camera Option Made Easy.” 14 pp., illus., 5c ea. tnsco.

.) BOOKLET: Better Photography Made Easy. (;0 pp., illus. 25c. Ansco.

j, BROCHURE: llow to take pix of TV programs. Argus.

4 BROCHURE: Information on copy and close-up. Argus.

5. BROCHURE: Especially for teacherë desiring to use a camera in classroom work. Argus.

6. BROCHURE: List and prices of 400 ¡toms for Exakla cameras. Exakta Camera Co.

7. BOOKLET: IIow to Take Prize Winning Pictures With The New Graphic 35. 24 pp., illus. Graflex.

8. BOOKLET: For Prize Winning Pictures—Graflex., Specifications, etc. 32 pp., illus. Graflex.

9. BOOKLETS: “Rollei,” 12 pp., illus. description and details, Rolleiflex, Rolleicord.

10. BOOKLET: The Practical Accessories for Rollei Cameras. 24 pp., illus. Burleigh Brooks.

11. BROCHURE: “Realist 35”; detailed facts ou Model A and R; accessories. Realist, Inc.

27. BOOKLET: How To Take Rotter Products MoV,cs’ 1 1,,s” c,u,rts. Paillard

28. MAGAZINE: The Bolex Reporter, monthly, available thru franchised dealers only. Paillard.


29. BOOKLEIS: (a) Features and ope rati on of Cur varna tic Splicer, (b) Features of hi-fi “Balanced Tone” Tape Recorders; (c) Motion Picture Equipment. Revere Camera.

30. BOOKLET: Curvamatic Splicer; details, data. Revere Camera.

?}• BOOKLET: “Home Movies the New Craig lable Top Way”; 20 pp., illus.; including tips on tricks, etc. movie editing. Kalart.


32. BOOKLETS: (a) Schneider Lenses; 10 pp,, illus. (1) Schneider Additional Lenses, from 24 x 24 mm to 60 x 60 mm; (c) Xenotar; (d) Angulon; (e) I elo-Xenar; (f) Xenon; (g) Symmar;

(h) Cine-Lenses, from 6.5 to 105mm;

(i) Componon, Componar; (j) Xenor, general purpose lens. All well illustrated. Burleigh Brooks.

33. BOOKLETS: (a) Raptar 8mm cinc lenses; (h) Raptar 16mm cine; depth of field, projection charts. Wollensak.

34. BOOKLET: IIow to Have More Fun with Your Camera. Wollensak.

12. BOOKLET: “The Voigtlander Line.” Complete details, description full line; illus. Willoughby’s Wholesale.

13. BOOKLET: The Robot Camera in Science and Industry. 4 pp., rnimeo; Intercontinental Marketing.

14. BOOKLETS: (a) The Royal Robot;

(b) Boh ot Underwater Camera;

(c) Robot Accessories. Intercontinental Marketing.

15. BOOKLET: Omega 120; data description; Simmon Bros.

16. CATALOG: (a) Leica M-3; 10 pp., illus., (b) Product Directory, includes every piece of l»ica equipment; 72 pp., illus. E. Leitz.

17. BOOK : (a) Leica Manual; 400 +pp., illus., twelfth edition, with M-3 supplement; cloth hound; $5.00. (b) Pocket Leica Book; 192 pp., illus., hard cover, $2.95; (c) Close up and Photomicrography with the Iycica, 35c; all obtainable thru dealers only. E. Leitz.

18. BROCHURE: Commercial Applications of the Stereo-Realist. 4 pp., illus., plus 12 pages of detailed information relating to modern selling. Realist, Inc.

19. BROCHURE: Realist 45, description, illus. Realist, Inc.

35. CHART: IIow to use Two Ednalite Portrait Lens««; Ednalite.

36. BROCHURE: Portrait Lens In8tructions; tabl««, charts on +1, +2, + 3 portrait lenses. Ednalite.

37. BOOKLET: Leica Lenses; 34 pp., illus.; duta descriptions. E. Leitz.


38. BOOKLET: How to Select a Slide Projector. American Optical.

39. BOOKLET: Features of Revere Projectors. Revere Camera.

40. LEAFLET: Engineered projection equipment; data, details. Viewlex.


41. CALCULATOR: Vest-pocket size; b&w and color settings at varying distance«, spectis, f-stops. 10c. \V««tinghouse.

42. BROCHURE: The ABC of Flash Photography; guide to how, wlnni, why and how to use Hush bulbs. Wcstinghouse.

43. BROCHURE: Your guide to better pictures thru better lighting; comprehensive discussion of Westinghouse bulbs.

20. BOOK: Stereo Realist Manual. A complete guide to Stereo Photography. $6.00 Morgan & L««ter.

44. BOOKLET: Betty Furness Says, illus.; on projection latnps for home movies. Westinghouse.


21. BROCHURE: The Auricon CineVoice. 16mm «Mimera for professionals. Berndt-Bach, Inc.

22. BROCHURE: Same as 21, except for home movie makers.

23. BOOKLET: How to use your CineVoice. 16 mm sound-on-film Recording Camera. Berndt-Bach.

24. CATALOG: 40 pp., illus. Auricon Cameras. Berndt-Bach.

25. BOOKLET: Camerus by Revere.

26. BOOKLET: How To Take Better Sports Films. 24 pp., illus. Paillard Products.

45. FOLDER: Flash is Easy—Flash is Fun. Complete flash instruction for advanced, amateur, beginner. Sylvania.

46. BOOKLET: How to take Better Picture and Have More Fun with Flush. 32 pp., illus. Sylvania.

47. BOOKLET: “Color Flash with Box Cameras.” Sylvania.

48. BOOKLET: How to Throw a Snapshot Party; 24 pp., illus. Sylvania.

49. CARD: Wallet Size, gives correct F-stops. Sylvania.

50. BROCHURE: Basic Lighting Placement, illus. Sylvania.

gx P Knrme A TIO N S TI E E T S : /„x ,1 ‘, ot Line: (b) projection lamps; Li darkroom and enlarger lamps; \a) Super-floods. Sylvania.

pf BOOK LET: Helpful Hints on Flash I holography. 16 pp., illus. Kalart.

53. BOOKLETS: Secrets of Pr««s Photographer. by Joe Costa. 20 pp., ¡Ibis. Kalart.

.»4. FOLDER: (a) Sun-Lite II; desenpuon & illustrations on speedflush; (o) Sun-Lite 500. Hershey.

5.1. BOOKLET: “Strolionar Units," 16 PP-, illus. Heiland.

BOOKLET : “Synchro-Mite,” 8 pp.,

illus. flash units. Heiland.

71. BOOKLET: “Developing & Printing Mudo Easy”; 61 pp., illus., complete course in developing, printing, enlarging. 25c Ans«».

72. BOOKLET: “Color Photography Made Easy"; 96 pp., illus.; «lata on exposiug and processing Ansco color film and Priiiton. 50c, Ans«».

73. BOOKLET: “Ansco Photographic Papers”; HO pp., illus., complete «lata Ansco papers for b&w photography. 25¿. Ans«».

74. BOOKLET: "Formulas For Black & White Photography”; 48 pp., illus.; plus non-technical discussion of elementary photographic chemistry; I0é. A nsco.

57. BOOKLET: Professional Flash Synchronizers; including solenoids. reflectors. battery cases; 16 pp., illus. He,Hand.

.»8. BOOKLETS: “Synchro pp., illus. Heiland.

Unit«”; 8

75. CATALOGS: Omega A-2; B-7; B-8; D-2; D-3: E-5; (one on each model, specify which you want): Simmon Bros.

76. BROCHURE: Focomat Enlarger; data, description; E. Leitz.

59. FOLDERS: (a) Fotoeyc; (h) Koilcd Kord; (c) Strobonar Six; (d) Strobonar Seven. Heiland.

f'°-n FOLDERS: («) Graflilo; (h) Slroboflash. Graflex.

61. BOLDER: “Triangle Lighting"; formula for taking indoor pix with light. General Electric.

62. BOOKLET: (a) Photoflash Tips; (h) Bright, Ideas—flash pix of parti««, kids,_ adults; (c) Photolamp Data — lighting, exposure, film speed for flash, flood, other lamps. General Electric.

63. BOOKLET: The M-2 Bulbs; data, information on the "tiny” bulbs. General Electric.

64. ROOK LET: “Flash”; data on flash for Argus «Mimeras. 8 pp., illus. Argus.


77. LEAFLET: GE Exposure Meters: significant features which adopt one of three GE meters to specific re«piireinents. Genera! Electric.

78. BOOKLET: Color Control Meter and Variable Color Filler; how to achieve full control of color: General Electric Co.


79. FOLDERS: (a) lloxv to Make Belter Pictures with a Quick-Set Tripod. 8 pp., illus.; outlint« use of tripods with various types of «Mimeras and situations; (b) “Whitehall Tripods," 6 pp.. illus. Quick-Set.


80. BOOKLET: Featur«« and instructions on us«« of Din versal Enlarging Paper. Revere Camera.

65. BOOKLETS: Eveready Battery Engineering Bulletin on flash photography, 12 pp.. illus.. issued periodically. National Carbon Co.

66. BROCHURE: Eveready Batteries, data, helpful information “B”, “B-C” batteri««. National Carbon Co.


67. BOOKLET: “How to Buy an Enlarger.” Federal Mfg. & Engineering.

68. LEAFLETS: (a) Timc-O-Lite Printer; (b) Time-O-Lite Meters and Switch««. Industrial Timer.

69. LEAFLETS: (a) Nikor Developing Tanks; (b) Nikor Film Processing Machine. Burleigh Brooks.

81. BOOKLET: “Ansco Films”; Complete «lata on b&w, pack, roll, sh«!«!t, 35mm, B0 pp., illus.; 25c. Ansco.

82. CALCULATOR: "Exposure Guide”; full exposure directions for color; 25c; Ansco.


83. BROCHURE: 4 pp., illus.; data, details, 35mm Opta-Vue hand view««r; Optics Mfg. Co.


84. BOOKLET: F«Mitur« of Shield ’N Vue Sli«le Projectors. Revere Camera.


85. BOOKLET: Featur«« ll-F “Balanced-Tone” tape recorder, accessories. Bever«; Camera.

70. BROCHURE: V«;igel Enlargers; description, data Exact 35, Amatex 35, Exact 66, Burleigh Brooks.

86. CIRCULAR: (a) Mo1 ; 1 37C ; (h) Mo«leI 47A; d««cription, data. Federal Mfg. & Eng. Corp.

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