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jBrnTmiït Film is a matter of confidence—you never know, if you got a ‘bargain' until it is too late. Spiratone's prices are the lowest possible—for consistently reliable Film. That's why not only thousands of amateurs, but scores ot professionals, of hospitals and colleges, of scientists and government agencies—in short, critical uiers who can't gamble— rely on Spiratone. Play safe—use only Spiratone tested and recommended film. Rpimtörw Œ£ COLOR FILM v«// COLOR rni ne FILM ni M COSTS mere SLASHED ci acucn BELOW net nw THE TMF USUAL COST OF BUCK & WHITE FILM! A carefully quality-controlled Colorfilm, processed in one of the country’s most modern plants. 'Made to our specifications, the low cost is due to direct maker-to-user distribution Spiratone Private Brand would cost just as much as other color films, if sold through the usual channels. Private Brand Celer Film is available in Daylight (ASA 10) and Tungsten (ASA 16) types, requires the same cerrectien and conversion filters as Kodachrcme. 20 aad 36 exposure rolls are delivered ready for use in new cartridges. 20 Exposures 38 Exposures Prices include each *1.88 aaeh... $2.69 5-day processing 3 for 5.39 3 l«f 7.77 »nd mounting Shpg. Chge. 10c World’s Widest Selection of COLOR FILM PROCESSING for 120, 620, 35mm 20 exp. films ANSCOCOLOR. ANSCOCHROME. EKTACHROME. AERO EKTACHROME .75 ANSCOCHROME. EXPOSED FOR ASA 64 OR 128 .............................. 1.25 AGFACOLOR, OUFArCOLOR. GAEVACOLOR ................................... 2.25 K00ACHR0ME. 36 EXP. $1.50;...........................20 EXP..... 1.00 ANSCOCOLOR. ANSCOCHROME. INCL. STEREO MOUNTING (16 prs.) t.50 35mm INFRARED FILM, IR BULBS This film is really a chalUse orange or red filter. For extreme lenge to the imaginative results, use special INFRARED FILTER; Ser. photographer. It peneV $1 39. Ser. VI $1 59, Ser. Vil $2.98 trates distant ha2e. takes Kodak Data Book on Infrared 35c. "moonlight" scenes in For Blackout (invisible) flash photography broad daylight, creates use INFRARED FLASHBULBS, 5R: Each 22c, unusual contrast effects. 12 for $2.25. 4x5 KODAK INFRARED CUTShpg Chgs.1-3 5C ; 5-10 20« FILMS—25 for SI.00; 100 for $2.50. 20 exp. roll, 50c—5 for *2.00 27>/2 ft., *1.79—50 ft. *2.79 36 exp. roll, 80c—3 for *2.00 100 ft., *4.79—200 ft., *7.79 35mm IR gg Book, IR Filter (specify Ser *4.95 V or VI). 8 IR bulbs, all for ppd. m KODAK 35MM MICROFILE I An extremely fine gram pan film for making reduced copies of books,, I letters, etc ASA Tun 16 Has finest resolving power of any 35mm I film, 175 line per mm (double that of Plus X). I Prices for 20 crp., 30 exp. hulk, same as Infrared. AHSCOCHROME jim ASA 128 35MM $259 Spiratone is proud to be first to oiler the new 20 EXP. Anscochrome with the revolutionary speed3 for $7.59 increasing processing described ih the June '55 120 OR $039 issue of "Photography,” enabling you, for the 620 L first time, to take fast action shots, shoot in 3 lor $6.69 poor light, as you would with a fast B&W film! 15mm DAYLIGHT LOADER INCLUDING 5 CARTRIDGES IF PURCHASED TOGETHER TONGUE FREE CUTTER FILM WITH MINIMUM OF $7.95 ss'nn 0ur order '' WORTH OF BULKFILM. It's so simple to take advantage of the bulkfilm, oiLi . or or m°'e $4 of exceedingly low cost of 35mm bulkfilm and «orth 0/ bulkfilm to load any desired length into a standard fPecS| °th6r For per‘ Eastman cartridge First lew reloads already tect shaping of make loader pay for itself Loader alone with I longue to assure 5 cartridges, $5.95. Sit. lVr. 4 lbs. DELUXE LOADER, with automatic counter, I of Voo°lh 'equqs,ed fading. at Must time accepts also Leica, Contax cartridges — °f purchase. $10.95 or add $5.00 to comb, offers. ««"3" STEREO-ANSCOCHROME Appr. 16 pairs on a roll, incl. processing and stereo mounting. For A SA 123, add 50c per roll. Shpg. Chge. 10c. r'Ksfsafety ANSCOCOLOR SPECIFY IF DAYLIGHT OR TUNGSTEN ! S nrmL ircram» ■rarcimiiiniiHU*« -J' INCLUDING TUNGSTEN TYPE PROCESSING _ ^ Vdnlo &;1 'N LOTS color, Daylight 10 Loader, cartridges, 27Vi 100 ft. Anscoglass 6 lor $10.80 4> I JJ OF 24 24 lor $37.20 EA All binders. for .................... *1|” (1.oc In metal Kodak cartridges^—pro‘Develop Your Own Anscocolor cessed within three days in our Film OutFit', consists of 27Vi ft. modern laboratory! Anscocolor. Film Tongue Cutter, Slnig. digs. 1—Je; &;;—30c. eight cartridges, a quart-sire rrti-re.tHM K*T:M 30 8T» Anscocolor Developing Kit and TUNGSTEN TYPE the helpful book 'Color Photogra2 7 Vi ft. incl. 5 cartr.....*4.95 phy Made Easy' with taking and 50 ft. incl. 8 cartr......... 8.50 processing instruetions. All for .......... *0 100 ft. incl. 10 cartr.....15.95 Ship. Wt. 4 llis. LVbm’} t KIH'IH 1 Í¡9tíi Above outfit, plus daylight loader 10 for *2.75: 40 for *9.95. cartridges .................. *1295 IKiKBBliHiBilJkiHiHiUiTl fnTmRTH 20 tin. Anscocolor 1956 dating, factory packed Reload, chemicals for processing, Prices include rapid processing mounts and simple $*)10 Specify daylight or tungsten. instructions—All tor ... JC $1.39 ea., 3 lor $4.00. Ship. Chg. 25c

'DIFFERENT” B&W 35MM PACKAGES 2x2 GLASS SLIPEBINDER "IMPORTEO FILMS" • SPECIAL KODAK FILMS" • Comparable to 6c slidebinders. 2' 20 e>p Ilford HP3. ASA 125 80 exp 20 exp Microfilt \52 /8Ch exp 00 • One of the finest methods of mounting trans20 exp Adox KB 14. ASA 16 *2.25 20 exp. Infrared \ /5 parencies (35mm Argus, Leica size) betw. glass! 2, 20 exp Adox KB 17. ASA 32 20 exp Tri-X ASA 200 The biggest bargain in quality slidebinders ever offered. 20 exp Adox KB 21. ASA 80 pdil 20 exp Fine Grain Panatomic X Pregummed Fibreboard, self-centering of slide, provim lots Both Btw'Trial Packages (160 exposures) $4.15 ppd. sion for type-on titles, dustproof, lintfree. shockproof of 200 —all these advantages are yours for less than the usual AERO EKTACHROME on cost your of glass irreplaceable alone! Why color risk shots? Fingerprints 200 for and $5.00. scratches In response to the great demand for 35MM IN METAL Sample package Shipping of 20 Weight 2x2 glass 5 Ihs. and dependably presented, properly processed CARTRIDGES Aero Ektachrome, we have, after exhaus20 SI 77 3 f0R 3 2x2 metal binders, postpaid............ 51.25 tive tests, made arrangements with an EXP $4.88 200 singleframe (Mercury) Masks $1.75) Masks Fit glass excellent laboratory, assuring the only corea. 200 Square (Robot, Tenax) Masks $1.75 ( & metal binders 800 for rect processing which will produce good 2x2" cardboard mounts for single frame (Mercury size) $18.95 results. Allowing for an ASA speed 40 for 120, 620, 8 exp., 2VS x transparencies 50 for 55c. Sh. Wt. per 100, 1 lb. well-balanced transparencies. Prices in3'/« or 12 exp. 2’/« x 2Vi elude 48 hr. processing and return postage. ç * go 3 FOR Shi/iping Charge 1-2 5c, l-'l 20. I ea. $5.25 2x2" 10 PC. NATIONAL PICTURE SUDE 35MM ANSCOCHROME 50% — OFF which Yes, these hundreds famous of thousands sets of 2x2 have full been color sold slides at ASA 32—DAYLI6HT W/ from per 10 ali are over now U. brought S. and to — many you foreign at half countries, price' Sect 20 exp reloads, in metal cartridges. ea........................$1.50 OFFER 'A' 28 ft. roll, in Easy I slides with jubject matter imprinted) $4 00 posin' 3 for $4.19; 7 for $9.50. loader, makes 8 — 20 exposure “ Each number contains 10 dif. slides. Choqse from the Ship. Charges 5c, IOC, 25c. tolls, incl proc. by us. SI4.95 TRIAL SET: 20 exp. Anscochrome 1. Shrines, Wash., DC 25. Hollywood to 85., 87. Vatican Cil reload, chemicals for processing, OFFER 'B' 28 ft roll, in Easy 2. NY's Hudson River Frisco 88. Genoa & all for...............................*2.62 loader. 8 cartridges, Ot. size De3. Rodeo in Calif 25A. California Columbus TRIAL SET. for ASA 128 $2.98 veloping Kit, 100 glassbinders. 4 Block Island 27A. NY-Midtown 101. Cairo, Egypt Shi¡>. Chge. 25c Shpg. Wt. i ; thy.........$14.95 5. Around NY City 28. NYC Financ'l Dist. 110., 111. Bombay, 7. From the Empire 29. Williamsburg, Va. India FRESH SAFETY KODAK B&W FILM 8. Wash., State Bldg. D. C. 29B. 31. Chicago, Virginia Illinois 120., 121. Lisbon. Portugal All four popular speeds. Panatomic BLACK & WHITE RELOADS 9. Times Landmarks Square to 33. 34. Grand Col., Estes Canyon Nil. 130. Alaska X (Background X), Plus X, Super XX in metal cartridges Central Park 140. Switzerland and Tri-X are available in 27V» ft.. may be assorted Park 145. Austria 50 ft. and 100 ft. lengths and 20 and 20 EXP. 36 EXP. 13. 14., Bryce 14 A., Canyon 35. Kansas City, Mo. 151. Istanbul, Türke 36 exposure reloads. 40C ea 60C ea 148.. 14C. 40A Atlantic City, >■ 160. Athens, Greece Yellowstone 27 Vi &; I39 39 F3TU*229 50 j ftu*3 15. Washington, D. C. *44.,44A N. J. Mackinac Isle. 190. 180., Bermuda 181. Mexico FT. 6 for $2.00 4 for $2.00 18. Big Bend Nat'l Pk. Mich 191. Havana, Cuba Shipping charges 10c, 30c, 30c Shpg. Chgs. 1 or 2 5c; 3 21. Hialeah Racetrack, 52. Paris, France 202., 203. Canada to &¡ 20c: 7 to 12 35c. ALL YEAR B&W ASSORT. Florida 54. Southern France 208. Australia Oaylight loader with 5 cartridges and Daylight loader with 5 cartridges 24., 22. Miami 24B. Sightseeing Bus. Dist. 71., 60. Madrid, 72 Ireland Spain 211. Haifa, Tel Aviv, 100 ft. of black t white film, 5-709 plus 27Vz ft. each of Panatomic in Fla. 80.. 81., 82.. 83.. 84. and 5 Israel different a $9.99 value...................... */ X. Plus X. Super XX x1Axq Shpg. H r. 4 lbs. and Tri-X .............. * | U Rome, Italy Children's Tales with every 100 ft. b&w 35mm Two sample sets (20 slides) with complete lists $1.35 ppd. bulk roll: 36 exp. Infrared or Microfile! Act fast-the supply is limited. State some alternates, please, ACLELTAI RANGEFINDER *2.95 3 UNIT REFLECTOR OUTFIT $5.4 Employs super-imposed image system for rapid, • Two aluminum 10 accurate focusing from 2 feet to infinity! All-metal reflectors for construction, leather covering, modern styling. Speftl or #2 bulbs cify feet or meters. Case 49c. Shpg. Chg. 10c • One bullet reflector FSS PHOTO ELECTRIC EXP. METER for spot effects w ^ All three complete with swivel joint, switch, socket, clamp and Sensational import from Germany! A $15.00 . - at a fraction of their usual cost. Shipping Weight 5 Vi VALUE SUGGESTION: 2 #2, 1 #1 photoflood bulbs 8Ec. Sturdily constructed, with super sensitive electric eye for maximum $C59 PHOTOFLOOD STAND »ÍÍ range! Settings from 1/1000 to 60 sec, f:1 WITH ER • 3-section metal stand extends 64". to 1:22, ASA 4 to 250. CASE • Sturdy, braced legs with rubber tips. Most compact—2" x 3 " x 1 " and light: 4 oz. Snap open protective • Stand telescopes compactly to only 2 feet cell cover, set desired shutter speed opposite pointer—and you are ready to read off correct opening for your film. One hand operation. • Positive locking at any desired height. One year guarantee by Spiratone and manufacturer. Slip. Cost 10c The ideal indoor lighting setup. 22" $11 nn i/flIIIF METAL SNAKE CHAIN *1 screen, crossbar, backgrounds. can also be Two-spun used to hold alu&;£ * # AQ uc minum 10" reflectors (for #1 or $2"* r FOR EKAKTA, LEICA, RETINA, PONY AND OTHERS photofloods), complete with sockets, COMPLETE Smoothly suspends camera at chest height for worry-free switches, 6 cords, ball socket swivel carrying without case! Elegant, practical, safe and luxurious joints, rubber jawed spring clamps. Can be used on cross —at half the usual cost. With new safety locks, $2.59. furniture. Shipping Weights: Stand 4 lbs.; Deflectors SUGGESTION: 2 ff2 photoflood bulbs............................................ TIME EXPOSURE & DELAYED ACTION Extra clamp on bullet with bulb (for semi-spot) NOW ADDED TO EVERY CAMERA KING SOL SOLENOID *5.59, AUTOKNIPS II WAS 52.95 Assures perfect synch at all speeds with Graphic, Busch, *4.95 & This most popular of all self timers in conjunction with Ciroflex Rapax, Rollei—the professional way. Instrue#ï*-'r1a cable release, adds to your camera a feature many a tions for press camera installai ion supplied—others have photographer has paid a small fortune for: 11 slow speeds mechanic install. Was $15.00! from Vi a second to ten seconds! Ship. Cost 10c CABLE REIEASES: 4" 25c 7" 35c 10" 45c 40" *1.25 FAN-TYPE BC POCKET FLAS SAVE (0% OK BRAND HEW • At last, a completely collapsible fla SYNCH COMPUR SHUTTER at a down-to-earth price! This most famous of all shutters has 8 lamp, Sturdy ejector, battery accepts case has standard built-in speeds. 1 second to l/200th, X-delay onet bulbs. synch for flash and strobe, cable release ,---socket, delayed action diaphragm scale 6" diameter metal reflector from f:4.5 to f.-32. Appr. inside diameter for front elements is 1VV Q333Ä' for rear elements 1H ' special pebble finish for maximu Same shutter, without delayed action, but with blade reflecting power, instantly telescop arrester (Press-Compur) ..........................!.. 'ÏM*3 pouch, attachable making entire unit a bare 5" x carry strap. 7 SECTION KKEncama EXTRA FEATURES: Extension outlet—no other flash under $10. has it! Standard shoe, fits on accessory clips. BRACKET, for use POCKET TRIPOD WITH $666 any camera. $1 00 Cord available for all Compur and Kodak svm • Folds down to 9" and SPIRATONE PANHEAD C3, terminals C4. add For $1 Kine 00 BC Exakla, battery, Praktiflex lasts for FX, a year, Leica $1.00: M3. Realist, Arg right into your pocket! gjL • Five section Extension gun, with 15 tt. cord, $3.98, or only $2.49. if bout • 7 sections extend to 4 uV brass, beautiful together with Flash-unit. ft.; sturdily supports chrome finish. 35mm and light 2Vi x ^Jxtends to 46 ". 3V4 cameras. LOWEST FLASHBULB PR/CES EVE aaa • Rubber tips^leg stops. m. 13o:s. U IQ Ideal for 35mm. 2Vi x 2V* reflex, S/U^30%m case ) Nr. 5 or Press *10.0 Sh. Chge. 35c Oa | 7 small folding cameras. Single - Lots [ SM or 11.7 With Accura tiittop, $8.95 motion panning and tilting action, of 120 ] Nr. 5B, 25B or 5 Amber ... net 12.6 WALKING STICK TRIPOD. You'll locked agree by simple this outfit turn should of handle’ sell ^ ^ Nr. 12.6 extra rigid; legs fit tofor double. Ship. Ur, 4 lbs. Flashbulbs are guaranteed ‘Two for one'. gether to make a walking prepay postage East of the. Mississippi—add 50c stick 42 high. Reg. $8.82. Shpg. Wt. 3 lbs.._...$2.98 shipments TVest of Mississippi.




A value like never before!


Outfit contains Projection Editing Viewer, with bulb, pair of rewinds with brakes, all metal splicer, all ready for simple mounting on board or table (not supplied). Can you afford to pass up such a value? Sh. Wt. 6 Ihs.


viewer, v ■—

rewinds as above, but with automatic splicer, plus metal base— a $26.00 5 pc. selSh.Wt.r, Ihs

SAVE 40%

Titles add action, provide continuity for your movies! Yet making titles is so simple with the Cine-Titler!

Sturdy metal construction. Auxiliary lens for exact focus. Photograph picture postcards, titles of your ow.i design: you can even shoot animated titles—an instruction booklet accompanies every titler.

Shipping Weight s Ihs.

Titler alone .............:....S4.64

You'll more

than ever enjoy I

editing your

movies when you ^ " use this neat, allmetal, electric ed-. iting viewer, ft projects a clear image on the groundglass, makes possible viewing from a comfortable distance. Shipping Weight 2 lbs


200 ft sets 6 for 2.98

8mm / 400 ft. sets 5 for 2.98

( 300 ft. sets 5 for 2.98

16mm 400 ft. sets 5 for 3.49

with each set: 50 ft. Movie Features, worth $1,75,


$1789 • Projects brilliant I / 2“'x 3" pictures in

full action on the built-in groundglass screen—not just one frame at a time, but 16mmMod |in continuous motion. »1 nqc ■ A viewer which makes * I 0',J I editing a real pleasure. Operator can adjust focus to his own vision. Easy to thread, scratch-proof, scientific ventilation of lamphousing—really a blessing for movies fans with a limited budget who know they’d have to spend $40.00 and up for a viewer like it! Sli. ll’t. 4lbs.


action viewer, dry splicer w. builtin scraper. 1200 ft. cap. rewinds with brakes— CII PA

all for only . . °XZ.DU


same as 8mm model but with 2,000 ft. cap. SAyf Ap rewinds ................ Z4.7J


1/2" fl.9 NORMAL FOC. MOUNT 8mm LENS

Whether you own a Keystone. Revere, Cinemaster, DeJur, B&H Sportster or Companion 8mm camera, you PLÚS can now trade your normal (121/z or 13 mm) slow f:2.5. YOUR 2.8, 3.5 lens for a brand new coated V4" f-.1.9 lens LENS with clickstops in one foot to infinity focusing mount! You can still set this lens at 10 feet and use its depth of field like a 'fixed focus', but closeups can be accurately focused and distant shots will be sharper, too. When you bought your new camera, you would have pr.Tpity had to pay $25.00 or more extra for such a lens! Vá" f: 1.9 lens without trade-in $19.95.

Aux. Wideangle Lens, screws into Vi" 1.9, makes a 1.9 Wideangle when needed, only..........




Available in Daylight (ASA 10) and Tungsten (ASA 16) types. Excellent processing service included. Standard Kodachrome conversion filters may be used! 3 for $6.89. Shpg. Chgs. one 9c, three 20c.


In Standard C Mount—

I Focusing 1 Ft. (30cm) to Inf. Made by France's largest lens manufacturer, this fine color-corrected lens covers a 43 degree angle (normal lens covers 27 degrees), would normally sell for four or ‘ive times our price! Needless to say—the quantity is limited. Shipping Charge 15c

Trmrrrwm: mTJTTTÏX F:1.9 k'*Ctd. 1:3.5 Unitel .... ..............$29.95 Berthiot Wide1 Angle r3 ’ r,, f:2.5 Kinotel .... k roc' f:1.9 Kinotel .... F Mt. f:t.8 ultraspeed ..............$42.95 ..............$49.95 Unitel $54.95

C mount lenses fit virtually all 16mm Revere, Keystone, Bolex, B&H cameras.

Matching WA, 3” Tele Objectives for B&H — $4.95 each.


All recent government surplus slock, carefully testal 100 ft. rolls Commercial Kodachrome (indoor type), incl. Kodak processing $5.95; 3 for $15.00.

50 ft.. Magazines Super XX, incl. Kodak processing. $2.95; 4 for $10.00. 100 ft. rolls Tri-X, specify sound or silent, without processing; $1.98, 6 for $ 10.50. Postage extra!


Save up to 85%. All brand new, in limited quantities.

2X Aux Ctd. Wideangle, for Kodak Model 60, reg. $39.95 ..........$5.95

Leather Everready Case for Revere 88. reg. $9.50.................... 2.95

Economy Editor, simple splicer, viewer, winding

facilities, for 8mm, reg. $9.95 .................................................. 3.95

HV' F:3.2 Fixed Focus Telephoto, ctd., fits all Revere,

Keystone. OeJur cameras, reg. $12.95 .................................... 4.95

Postage Extra

FOR THE DARK ROOM \ ¿(OCH Cent reflex camera ¿at



We are proud to present three unusual values in brand new, coated, color-corrected, anasbgmatic lenses, specially constructed to give corner to corner sharpness in enlarging—at prices half and less than those you'd expect to pay for such fine lenses. Slop, Charge 15c

2" f:3.8, Leica thread, for 35mm............ $7 95

3Vi" f:4.5, clickstops. for 2;/*x314". 2V4x2V4'\ ZZZZZZ. 9.95 SW f:4.5, clickstops. tor 4x5 19.95

uJ^Reg. $3.95 $1.98

^ (lex, Graflex 22, Rolléis (3.5) etc. Sets Reg. $4.95 $2,49 tit your Ser. V filterholders—or we can supply: Slipon $1.00 ea., Bayonet $1.75 ea Shpg. Chge. 10c.

A 'must' for doseup work with Ciroillei


Yes, Spiratone does it again! A complele, ready to-use electric drier, with a capacity of

2, 8x10 or an accordingly larger

number of small prints—singleweight or doubleweight, glossy or dull finish—simply constructed, yet as efficient as units costing several times as much. Works on AC or DC. Sh.Wt.8lbs.

DUO-DRIER, Twinsurface Model with stand, double capacity, incl.

3, 12x17 ' Ferrotype CQ QV

Plates ...................... G.YO

Suggestion: Bottle of Ferrotype Polish 35c. Stainless Steel Squeege Roller ...............................95c



• Solid frame guide on 4 sides for proper alignment.

• Spring steel masking bands calibrated in inches and mm.

• Adjustable tor all sizes from 1x1" to 12x15".

• White enameled base.

Extra sturdy (net weight 4 lbs.!). Plug enlarger cord into lootswitch and you are ready to. dodge, vignet and fully control your ‘blow-ups'.

Combinai Ship. H'f. 6 lbs'. 8x10 Enlarging Easel, same construction as above, $ . nn with footswitch..... ^.YO

Simple bayonet lock for different size adjustments. Vents for quick changing of liquids. Agitating rod. Easy loading in darkroom — other operations in daylight. Easi-ly worth double. Tank 5|49 with spare reel, $2.39 I Shpg. in. 2 lbs.

It bought with tank

Darkroom Pan Bulb.............59c

4 Stainless Steel Filmclips, .. 69c 16 oz. Acid-proof funnel, . 29c


A0J. FOR 35MM, 828,127, 120,620, 116.616. 49

60 sec. range, with second markings. Current shuts off automatically at end of desired time interval. Built-in lock holds knob at desired position, until toggle is released. Adjustable stop for 'repeat exposures. Manual operation for focusing. Enlarger or printer plugs right into receptacle on ^ortMimer^(/i^)£^7iffc. 20c.

All metal 12x15 works in any sink. If bought .,,, *■

at same time as " -

any darkroom items of $4.98 and up, only




1 fifi A $2.25 value. I

l,uu Sh. Ch. 15c I

Made of heavy acid-proof plastic, with reinforced ribs, handy pouring spout. Shpg. H’f. 5 Ihs. 8x10 Trays 3 for $2.39. Shpg. Iff. 4 Ihs.


GROUND & rnunciJCtDC


Sin. Obi. Mid. Sh. IK.

2" (35mm)....59c 2.95 Vjdtihi

3" Í2‘A" sq.) 79c........ 1 ih.

4Vi'' (214X314") ..4.98 .ui„.




^ Set contains sturdy footswitch.

funnel, pair of print tongs, bottle film cleaner, Enexpo Enlarging Exposure Meter which shows required time for any paper directly on chart, regardless of enlargement size, and Teststrip maker which helps check accurate exposure and shows where to dodge. Shipping Weight 4Ihs.

FREE WITH SET: Argee Print Washer, fits faucet, a $3.00 value



Double zippered inner and outer bags, made of the finest cloth, make this bag 100% light proof even in brightest sunlight.

Whether for use in an emergency, with a film torn or pulled off the spool in a 35mm camera, or for reloading cut film holders or for developing film when no darkroom is available ... the changing bag is justly referred to as a “portable darkroom”. 17 "xl6 " working space plus elastic sleeves.

All these features at the lowest price a quality changing 5^ AP bag that was ever offered at. Shipping charge 25c. J.YD PROFESSIONAL MODEL: 27' x30 ' working space, ($11.00 5# QP value) Shipping Charge 50c. 0.7 3


with setscrew and booster spring

A sturdily constructed German cable for remote control work to operate with any Kodak or Compur type shutter. Imagine the many new possibilities this release opens up for you— whether you photograph wild animals, unsuspecting children at play or take a self-portrait, you’ll find this release a valuable accessory. (Leica model add 25c.) Shipping Cost 25c. Other long Cable Releases with setscrew:

„ 40" $1.50 60" $2.50 20 ft. $7.95 40 ft. $12.49






Twin magnifier makes possible accurate focusing and composing of entire groundglass image with BOTH EYES and at comfortable distance, while protecting groundglass from glare Saves eyestrain, helps accuracy, dim light focusing. Instantly removable and collapsible For Rolléis, Graflex 22, Ricohflex. COMBINATION OFFER: Magnifying Hood plus Fieldlens................$4.59

~y ;¿. F • j-V’-1 YçY LJ W *



A flat thin Fresnel ring plate which fits over groundglass in your reflex camera, greatly increasing brilliance of viewing image, making the often almost invisibly dark corner image ten times blighter! No installation—just drop fieldlens onto groundglass. Postpaid. For Rol'lci,Graflex"22'’, Ciroflex, Ricohflex, Argoflex, etc.


For Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, Ciroflex, Graflex 22, Ricohflex.

Breaks straight lines at an angle until perfect focus is reached. Wonderful for poor light focusing. Rangefinder is built into groundglass which replaces your present groundglass. Complete instructions supplied. simple installation (or your local mechanic can do it at nominal cost). A "must" for the photographer who insists on perfect focus. Reg. $4 95


for Rollel (except 2.8), Ciroflex, Graflex 22 si 6.95“ or $29.95 for set, in double leather case.

Without installation, the Mimdapter enables you to use 35mm film your 120 Rolleiflex, Rolleicord. Ciroflex. Graflex 22. Flektar, etc. —yet, you can change back to your regular size any time you wish. Minidapter comes complete with groundglass mask and separate finder, for vertical and honr« ;

zontal shots, ready to use..................................... J.YD PPD

Ricohkin 35mm Back for Ricohflex................................................$8.95

Rolleikin 35mm Back for Rolleiflex.............................................. 24.95


$« JÊ or • 9 speeds from 1 sec. to 1/400. ■ /■ B,cable release socket and built-in

__r _ J zero delay synch for flash and

Œ^B&'Ship. Cost ioc strobe. Diaphragm openings to 1:22.

Here is your chance to get a new coated. German-made (SpiratoneHamburg) lens. Use it on any camera up to 3Vix4Vx (lens is actually designed 2!4x3‘/4 maximum corner to corner sharpness), for enlarging, adapt it for telephoto work with a 35mm camera, but hurry!



I Shpg. Cost 25C X-SYNCH SHUTTER Covers approx. 85 degrees, and 'one half of the lens can be removed, converting it into telephoto double the original focus length.

Commercial photographers and advanced amateurs alike have waited for just such a buy! Made by Leitmeyr, an old-time German optical manufacturer, the 105mm f:6.8 coated wideangle anastigmat is for the 4x5 press camera owner just "what the doctor ordered". The popular shutter has nine speeds from 1 second to l/400th and B: and built-in zero (X) flash. Lensboard for Graphic, state model, $2.00.

65mm WIDEANGLE for 2 V. x 3 V. *19**

• 9 speed Compur Rapid shutter, to 1/500, with X synch for flash and strobe.

Another Leitmeyr-made wideangle lens, 65mm f:6.8, covers c--. “ about 85 degrees on the 214x314 negative. Its symmetrical Shipping construction permits use of either half of the lens as a Chg. 25c 130mm telephoto. Lensboard for Graphic (state model) $2.


• Now available for most shutters. Sh. Chg. ioc

• Patented coiled cord extehds to 3 ft., yet coils up without effort to only 7 ",

So handy when you want to hold flash away from camera, place electronic flash closer to subject than camera! Available with standard polarized household type plug for Heiland, etc., and prong-type for Kalart to fit Compur, Prontor S, ASA (Kodak), Solenoid, Argus C3. C4, Nikon, Realist, Praktiflex and Exakta synchronized terminals.

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