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The versatile,! 35-mm., single-lens reflex ‘1 with the astonishing, new

With the Rectaflex SX, you also get • Incomparable single-lens, reflex optical system that gives you the exact picture you see on the ground glass • Eye-level focusing on a brilliant ground glass even when shutter is not cocked • Built-in split-image rangefinder on the ground giass for critical focusing • Shutter speeds of 1 second to 1/1,300 second on one dial • Built-in synchronization for flashbulbs and electronic flash • Lens interchangeability • Helical focusing lenses from 28 to 600 mm. in focal length (some with preset diaphragm mechanism) • Jeweled shutter movement • Cartridge-to-cartridge film feed • Complete line of accessories With the Rectaflex SX, you also get the only complete guarantee ever offered with a camera! No other camera offers you these guarantees: • Unconditional 2-year guarantee on entire camera against any factory defects • Complete and FREE reconditioning of camera once a year (except for parts if needed and postage) • Unconditional guarantee on jeweled shutter movement for LIFE • Owner field test at our expense when camera is purchased

CLOSE-UP PICTURES without extension tubes, bellows or supplementary lenses The Rectaflex SX will take all three types of pictures with the one lensthe Makro Kilar It will focus from infinity to 2 inches! It is the only camera SX today k offering this amazing dealer ver-satility. more

The Learn what you are missing in photography! See the Rectaflex SX today at better dealers everywhere! Write for the name of the nearest dealer and free booklet J6 containing more information.

RECTAFLEX SX with Makro-Kilar E (40-mm, f/3.5, focuses from infinity to 4 Inches).. .$364.95 RECTAFLEX SX with Makro-Kilar D (40-mm, f/3.5, focuses from infinity to 2 inches).. .$389.95


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