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Title: Burleigh Brooks, Inc.

Burleigh Brooks, Inc.
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Burleigh Brooks, Inc.
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why pictures are always better...

Rolleiflex f:3.5

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automatic favorite.

(Rolleicord ^

Just view through the large ground glass of Rolleicord V for a new experience in fast, needle-sharp focusing, and perfect picture composition. With your subject shown in full picture size, and in full color, you instantly and always get each picture, exactly as you want it.

Then note Rolleicord’s unequalled optical system . . . its fast and sharp cutting Schneider Xenar lens, and its Synchro Compur shutter ... a combination that insures finest picture quality. Also its many other exclusive features such as the automatic speed/stop selector, self-timer, automatic film transport, double exposure prevention and release, large and sensitive focusing knob, and many others.

Good picture opportunities won’t wait, and seldom repeat themselves. Your camera must be fast, and you must be right the first time. Rolleicord V will give you exactly what you want, every time. At all leading dealers .. . only $134.55 (case extra).

Burleigh Brooks, Inc. ,

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