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Title: the photographic market place

the photographic market place
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the photographic market place

SLIDE CO., BOX 1031, CANTON, OHIO MORE BUYS by DUMONTS OPTICALLY TESTED-GUARANTEED NEW 8mm MOVIE LENSES ;MM Fl .9 Fixed Focus $26.85 6MM Fl .9 Focusing Mount 33.57 I' 1:I.i~ li.xcd F,,c,is 6.95 1 E3.8 Focusing Mount 8.95 1 F2.9 oeUsiflg Mount 13.95 F2 Focusing Mount 20.95 11 .. }.~j .i Fot•using lom,~~ 21.50 Order by Mail Now & Save? t't,iise include sufliclent postage with your remittance; otherwise lalance will be CO.!). DUMONT'S 34th ST. CAMERA EXCHANGE Dept. 174 New York 16 150 East 34th St. 2~'+x3'4...25c (ANY TEN 20c EACH). SQUARE 120-620 FILM WILL BE MADE 2'/4~.2/4. 3x4...40c 5x7...31.25 4x5...60c 8s10... 2.00 24 HR. FiLM DEVELOPING $1.00 ANSCO OR EKTACHROME SIZES 35MM (IN SLIDE MOUNTS). 62 OR 120, P820 OR 620. Mill/MUM OROER $1.00. /NCL (IDE POSTA6E. WASH COLOR ,O.8OX~6O5 I NGTON PHOTO WASHINGTON 13,D.C. Get Close to Your ,Ilodei • Get professional looking pictures. DeGroff AIR.. WAY SHUTTER RELEASE solves your shutter tripping problems for color, portraits, children,pets, wild life, etc. Does away with clumsy, costly cable re leases. Saves time, work and film. Trips shutter at any distance from 5 50 ft.or more! 12 different kinds. Re~tilar Size $6.00 Large size Hulls 75c each hose lOc per foot See your dealer or write Fully guaranteed DE GROFF LABORATORIES, INC. South Bend 2, Indiana QUALITY Color PROCESSING EKTACHROME ONE DAY SERVICE ROLLS $ 1.25 • 4sS, FOUR OR LESS... 2.00 : ANSCO ROLLS .. 1.15 3~msi. Mtd.~7.5O P 0 ST AG! Ill Glenn St. Yellow Sprin~js, Ohio se~a,o 4x5 COLOR PRINTS-SOc COLOR FILM COLOR PRINTS PROCESSING 4"x5" - 50c 20 Exp. 35mm 2I/~x3S/~ 2Cc Mounted Roll $1.00 1,~~(41~'4 4 Ansco Ektachrome 8 10 2 00 120 620, RoIl $1.00 11x14 .00 Slide Duplicating 25c ea. M,n,mu~ Order $1.50 CANYON COLOR COMPANY P.O. Box 36536 Dept. P Los Angeles 36 14~ Color Slides $1 J!A9~JINGTON IN CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME lii rotor slide stews ot our Nations Capitot at Li b~~t-in colorfu Cherry Blssisii time terrific bargain at $l.00~ Beau. tauiil interesting - a delight to all. List if hundreds of other slide sets and 10 cetit lides sent with your order.

GUARANTEED FAST SERVICE TOP VALUE SATISFACTION THE MOST AMAZING TRIPOD EVER MADE SPECiAL 4 a 5 size 50c 5 for $2.00 for $1.00 size 21/4 3l/~ each 2x3 .20 2¼x31 .25 3~x4'2 .455x1 .90 FROM ANY SIZE TRANS. PARENCY - Minimum order on prints $1.00: Roll flint nrocessed-90c. VALU-COLOR P.OBox 534 Oakwood Los Angeles, Calif. STANRITE SUPERPOD GEARED TWO WAYS.. FROM$ 95 Horizontal gear for smooti movie panning. Georec for fast elevation up-dow~ Oction. Extra 9O~ tilt oi ponhead. Ball level, man' new features that hovi never been offered on an' tripod before. WRITE FOR FRE E~TAL~Dept TE$TRITE INST. CO., 1111 NEW YORK 3. N.Y. SM DELUXE .~ M QUALITY Now you can have your photos looking their finest on double weight portrait type paper for only slightly more than the run.of.the.mill snapshot finishing. Your film will be fine-grain developed and then chemically hardened against scratching. We will then print and expose each negative individually on double weight velvet luster protrait type paper. All prints are the large 31/s x 5 inch size. 20 exp. roll 51.73. 36 oxp. roll S2.7S. Free mailers. 48 hour lab service. hAl IIC S~MU I ARC P. 0. Box 38P, C. I. Station Brooklyn 24. New York i~a~jiI' Mb.... Lo~qeitSe New Fold.r PP Thw~ 750mm TELEPHOTO LENS $18.00 fob factory for all 35 mm 4~~Shipped by ex and 2'/4 x VA press. COD. orsingle lCflS~ders require deposit Free literature. reflex CARL W. JAMER, M anorville3, N.Y eras.

LETS T-R-A-D-E CAMERAS Trade in your old nmera now for a mw rno'IeI. Semi us speelflcationos-in(Oil (`(((lie: (I or, i)(iil.1 still 5(1(1 01 (lu l(~i( 1(0 811(11.11. let Its it nisi whie OImr(l\(I ((055 nI In sOil Ii. nut %5e 5 III 55(11118051(81(0, III'. I ii ioliisi II VIII I IIt%VU I i ((ISV tOO III (((III ssal(Ied (or (Ill 5j(lt'(l1),l~ l(.5 1)181.0(1 L,IOV.Iit Bargains! Used Lelfi & Zeiss Lenses 15mm I 3.iS 28mm S((mlnn run Ct(1. . $52.50 i$ r~s,r ... $30.00 5(1mm F 1.5 l~ urn l.eltz X i-mm ctd. 75.00 F 3.$ il~ mm... 85.00 73 nun F 1.)) link br c-ti 85.00 i-l Trh'tar.... 50.00 1:15mm F 4.5 IV,,,ni Eluular ntiS 75.00 F .1 Souutnr. . . 75.00 Write fur Our ).`Impbc-t,. Har~nIo ).ISI of (`alnera, All Sold on 10-day M iuiny lInk )~Ial'aIlb,-n HENRY HERBERT. INC. 485 Fifth Ave. New York 17, N. Y. Adapt-A-RoIl 620 Use roll film in any press camera without making any changes. • Makes both 24 x 2. and 2 . a 3 cXp()slIres 00 620 roll him • Used just like cut lilusi holder, ncl. dark slide • Manufacturers nile-year guarantee At dealers . . . or send coupon to: (All `lies TA-MAR INC. 11571 W. Jefterson Blvd or 4 • S) Culver City, Calif. Camera model, use Name ___________ _____.~ Address City - State I mounted TITLE COLOR SLIDES Fit $L0O T~ Ill Slop Yawning Ilbumitratml, T-2 We) (5(1W `1'.7 1.ft(iiVC)i)1tI~t forget TBIg IlIu,trnted Catalog FREB LI NIVERSAL SLIDE CO. BeverHs.'CaIif. L~k4~~Imth. l I~U~W?t~ EASTMAN PLUS X New ANSCO COLOR Background X -Tn - X 28 ft. Sulk -Infra-Red-Dupont #2. 8-20 exp. loads 271/2 ft. $1 • 100 ft. $3.50 Day or Tung. 3-36 Exp. Reloads 1.25 20 Exp. Reload.. .1.35 ALL PRICES POSTPAID . IN CALIFORNIA ADD SALES TAX 1510 N. Sierra Bonito PACIFIC COAST FILM CO. Hollywood 46. CaM Free-Lance Color Photographers f We àiiF your pictures to a demaiiding market. Picture ideas furnished. Coaching service offered. Make $1 00-400 per sub ject. Write today! AMERICAN CALENDAR AGENCY ifl wEST 85k ST kANSAS rITY 6 Mn

SUNSET COLOR LAB Box 4641 5, Dept. P Los Angeles 46 -S-T-R-E-T-C-H `YOUR DOLLARALL MERCHANDISE BRAND NEWt SIXTOMAT X3, EXPOSURE METER, Iteg. 29.U.'~ only $18.75 AEREQUIPT MAGAZINE-Reg. $2.25, ii'ciitl 1.65 Solaey Cine Fader-iteg. $22.50, special 11.95 DALITE COMET TRIPOD SCREENS t 0x 4 0, cog. 13.75 ia-'ial 7.95 DALITE COMET TRIPOD SCREENS .1 0x 4 (1, r.'g. i. i: to-cl 9.25 DALITE VERSATOL TRIPOD SCREENS 30x40", rog. I h.-1() spt'ciitl 12.15 Write for Our Used Bargain Camera Price List Order by Mail Now and Save Please lieltide Sufficient I'ta't with `,`ur Itenittaice, Otherwise Halace Will lie CUD. DUMONT'S 34th ST. CAMERA EXCHANGE 150 East 34th St., Dept. 174, New York 16 INTERNATIONAL SALES CO. DEPT. H 414 1. B.ItImor. S?. • Baltimor. 2. Maryland 35mm-1.5mm ROLLS deneloped, ,arjoratr~j. nditiliiaIlT PIt arged -31.~x4%-$1.80. 3(1 exposure rolls 31.1°. Extra nlargrmenta 3'/ix4~g-$c each. No. 127 tplit railul olls-16 ezpaeure8-.nlarged to 3'~x414---85c. so. 127 and 120. 8 sip. rolls enlarged to 3%z5-60c. No. 20 or 620. 12 exp. rolls enlarged to 3',4x314-75c. o. 120 or #211, 16 exp. rolls enlarged to 3%x~-85c. Extra pnlargementa-6c each. I'oetage prepaid in U.S.A. Sc will bring you mailer and complete price list. W, fIne-grain all film and usdividually e.slavge ecck frame. Quality work-Prom pg sev,,ce. Send roll and money sod~y. BETTER PICTURES 2621 West Lawrence Ave.. Dept. F, ChIcago 25. In. J~kIi~COLOR PRINTS S COLOR PRINTS c X (from 35mm only) Color Prints from any COLOR PRINTS 2¼ x 3¼.... 25c 11x14.. .4.50 ea. 3'/~ x 4¼ . 50c Si i $1.00 COLOR PROCES HG 8 x 10 $2.00 35mm.20 sip. j.OO Color Slide i~ 120.620 ROLl. Duplicating ca. LS? Mm. Order 1.30-No COD. 35 MM DEVELOPING FILMS FINE GRAIN DEVELOPED TO PREVENT SCRATCHINGI p FULL SIZE (150 jfl 3¼i4½ q SLSO. Ithubli weight por ENLARGEMENTS exp. roll gIOes~ 11.10. One day service. HIGHEST QUALITY PHOTO FINISHING! _-_~ MAILERS AND OTHER OUTSTAND~NO OFFERS UNIVERSAL PHOTO SERVICE, LaCrosse 21, Wisconsin r - - -----------i We are looking for high grade • COLOR TRANSPARENCIES SUITASLE FOR MAGAZINE COVERS. CALENDARS. I ADVERTISING. ETC. 4x6 or larger. Children, animals, industry. science. I sports, landscapes, girls, human interest. Prompt replIes and returns. Prompt payment. Please en close stamped return envelope. 1 THE SHOSTAL PRESS AGENCY I 545 FIFTH AVE.. Dept. P.112, NEW YORK 17, N. Y. • - - - - - - - - - - - - - -W R. I 1' 8 YODAb ! Lirtest Assortment PHOTO FRAMES. MOUNTS S ALBUMS and MAILERS Fastest Service! Lowest Prices!

10% DISCOUNT ON 6 OR MORE PRINTS COLOR PRINTS PROCESSING... 1 20 Exposures. 33MM -2 X 3 25c • Mouflt~d. Roll $1.00. 3 14 X 4 1.~ 50c • Ansco, Ektachrome, 120. 4 x S 75c • 620. Roll si.oo. S X 7 1 • Slide duplicates 25* each • Quality & Fast Service. A 8 X 10 2.00 Trial will Convince You. Mm. order $1.50 • DEALER INQUIRIES PostpaId-No C.O.D. • INVITED TI. Bo~d a COLOR PRINTS from Kodachrome Ektachrome, Ansco Color CRAFT_OF_CHICAGO 72 Hours Service. Rush 2'/4 x 31/4_356 3 x 43/s-55c 5x7 -1.30 Above sizes die cut prInts 8 x 10-2.50 EKTACHROME PROCESSING 120-620 Roll Film 51.00-Sheet Film up to 4x5-. 50* per sheet • Color RnlshIng branch of Radium Camera Co., mo. Established 43 years. COLOR CRAFT OF CHICAGO 847 Belmont Ave. Chicago 14, Illinois `~`~! - • iiiii~. with built-in flash ______ and gadget bag REGULAR $29.95 Nothing else to buy! Outfit includes nationally advertised camera, flashgun and midget bulb adaptor, gadget bag, 4 GE flashbulbs, 2 rolls of MW film-2 batteries. Money back guarantee. send check or money order 119 S. Dearborn St. WOLK Camera Co. Chicago 3, lII~s Add a PelIegrIni VARIABLE SHUTTER UNIT To Your Bolex H.8 and H-16 The Real Answer to Complete FADES and LAP DISSOLVES Many Other Advantages Send for Free Informative Booklst TULLIO PELLEGRINI 1545 Lombard St. San Francisco 23, CalifornIa 35MM or 828 Transparencies Mounted In 2 x 2 glauss and tape the modern way, by labor saving equipnlent. Get the best protection for your slides without the tedious chore of hand binding. Prompt, careful service. Loose dust removed. Remit with slides or pay C.O.D. 15 cents per mounting. Minimum order $3.00 plus postage. Remit with order and we pay return postage. MONTMITRE BINDING SERVICE CO. BOX 216 SKOKIE, ILLINOIS 8mm and 6mm DUPLICATES 16mm REDUCED to 8mm 8mm ENLARGED to 16mm COLOR or BLACK and WHITE 8mm ANIMATED TITLES 16mm TITLES MADE TO ORDER FREE SAMPLE TITLE Gi,e Dealers Name U. S. PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT CORP. 447 R0G~RS AVINUE • BROOKLYN 75. N. Y. Orders Honored. 4 a 5 - 75c

ENJOY BETTER COLOR PRINTS SPECIAL-FIVE 4x5's 2.00 2'/4x3'/4. .25 5x7 1.00 3X4'/4... .40 8x10....2.0O 4x5 50 FAST, QUALITY S(RVIC( A TRIAL WILL (ONYINCI YOU Duplicate Tronsporencies . . 25 c Ansco I Ektachrome processinq per roll 1 .00 P. 0. 5,.~X 43, ..-.J(5 ER., L..r.. P.4 FLORAL PARK, NEW YORK 9" 230mm f3.~ Telephoto Lens-Brand New! Proven Best By Leading Studios For Wildlife Films $99~ $312.00 For All Standard 16mm Cameras VALUE! IA~flses originally made for U. S. Government at very higI Cost. Precision mounted in our 11gb tWt ight fOc~~.i~i g iflotiirt or l~aiak mount. All optics (55155(1. In lilack t sin S6.ffli extra. Leather (ass$il.5h. Shiv iiial I'cri' iii Full 5-gear (uaron(e, Sent Postpai(I. 1 ins 5 ailabl.s CENTURY PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT Co. 10427 Burbank Blvd., Dept. P-4, North Hollywood, Calit. $1,000,000 FORTUNES IN worth of in: PHOTOGRAPHY IDEAS INDEX • InventIons B E F 0 R E they have been patented! • Ideas B E F 0 R E they have been used! • BusInesses BEFORE they have been put into operation! If ynu want to make real money in photography this Is tinnew, Inexpensive way of having someone else do your creative thinking for ou! PRICE $1.00 Especially ree' fling-ni cii for lirofesslontiT photographer. and advanced urnatsuis wishing to heciiifl~ professional.. JEROME PUBLICATIONS 18450 Grand River Dept. P.3 Detroit 3, MIchigan - HIGHEST QUALITY PRINTS FOR SALE PRESENTATION AND OTHER QUANTITY USES. UNMOUNTED S x 10 PRINTS 50 4.95 08. 100 2.95 ea. CUSTOMCRAFT COLOR SERVICE P. 0. Box 6618 Dept. P Washington 9, D. C. Automatic Daylight Developing Toni • Processes up t. 200 Ft. • 8mm-Iemm.35.m • Movl..-X.Ray--Mlcrofllm • Motor DrIven-Portable • Touph plastIc tanks • UnIform DensIty Assured • 70mm tank also available • Guaranteed Writ. for Fr.. Litereter.. Dept. P Record Corp. 4$7 South Aye: F - - - - - - - - - - - - - -I BETTER TITLES at LOW COST I Handsome Movie and Slide Titles, your wording, your choice of BIG variety of backgrounds; at sensible prices. Our 23 years experience assures quality work manship. • •FREE SAMPLES, catalog, write now! TITLE-CRAFT, Dept. P, 1Gfl Argyle. Chicago 40, III.

PURTIR eIf-SeaIing FILM BINDERS New-Sensational! No WaterNo Heat No Messy Glues Complete Protection Sample Mailed On RequestSimply Give Size. It's Packing Boxes Piac. & roid FREE Used For Filing `5 `5 For 35mm I).F., 35mm S.F.. Robot. Bantam, L X i 16mm D.F. and S.F. Each size packed 50 per box h. 2.(t(). With Acetate Protectors $3.00. `5 For 21/4 5 214. 2¼ 5 1, and Bantam. 4 I SttIr~lv. Extra tli~ck. Each size packed 50 per lox 0 $:tnt. With Ae~tate Protectors $4.25. 3 A For 21:, x 31/4 (Horlz. on lyl. 25/a x 2¼. and 21:, x lx either horlcontai or vertical. Each ale, lacked 2~ box @ $2.25. Will, Protectors $3. 15. o Itealist and Busch \`era. Regular,, packed 40 ner box (5 53.25. With Ace tate Protectors $4.75. At Your Dealer or Order DIrCCI..-SFNT PREPAID 411 Sizes Sit r~r Opaque Film tlvsks Also Avoilabte PORTER MFO. £ SUPPLY CO. 2$36 Sunset Blvd., Dept. P4, Los Angeles 2$, CalIf. (Free descriptive litetalure on tequest) LOW PRICED SCHOOL & CLUB FOLDERS , PHOTO MOUNTS Send $2.00 for large variety sample assortment folders and easels, ALBUMS Musical, Non. Musical Weddins. Baby STEREO JOSEPH ROBIN 262 W. 22nd St.. New York II. N. V.. WA. 9.5044 `øé4 wood 8-16mm EDITOR Complete with Splicer and Rewinds A Bargain only $32.95 All metal sharp pkture SCHOEN PRODUCTS 15029 S. Figueroo, GARDENA, CALIF. TAKE P,~CTURES THRU YOUR WINDSHIELD While Driving! Now, firm support for your still or movie camera for taking pictures from your car, whether driving or standing. New vistas of photographic pleasure for you! FILMS DEVELOPED "Electric Eye-Never Fade" 3 5 `vol. 36 exp. flne grain developed and jumbo high quality enlarged . 20 exp. only 90c 8 asp, developed and JUMBO PRINTS In POCKET ALBUM-or 16 rag, size prints C 12 exp. roll. . . SOc 16 exn. roll. .. .65c DURO•TONE LABS. Free Mailers BOX 52.S STATION P BROOKLYN 12, N. Y. Now, TITLE WHILE YOU SHOOT 157 letters, numerals, fig. urea. Never wear out. STICK LIKE MAGIC. With titi. boards & idea booklet, Postpaid. Money back 2.95 I FREE samples & ideas on request, CLINGTITE LETTERS 1533 Hyde Park Blvd. `Chicago 15. III., Dept. P.4 \`~`-~ it1'I.IN~ v'_ .giIf.D~/1' tAsystpr-_

174 LOWEST BULK FILM BULK MOVIE ASA 50 or ASA 100 siza 54 Roil 27 Roll 15 Roll Container Cont~ner Container 10mm x 25' $3.95 $4.95 $2.75 16mm x 50' 19.95 10.93 5.95 16mm x 100' 49.30 29.50 17.95 BUlK ANSCO COLOR flay. BULK KODACHROME MOVIE FILM no `16mm a 100'. .55.95 •(,,1o.~., cpoled. •16n,mx 100'O.fl. 2.93 •I:.K. Included. 10mm x 50 meg.. 2.70 KODAK TRI.X •8 or 10mm a 100' 4.75 :15 mn a 100'. . $3.95 35mm Fresh Bulk Negativp Safety I Kodak Plug X, Sti;i~r XX. N.l.k Weaton 24 OT I Do Pont 1 or 100--St 9K Ca.; 400 $7.50 I Plus X. Super XX J~uuu x 20 exp. cart. LTh.x or Infra Knit /;"_";286;23];4];168]S for $1.50; 12 for $2.30 r-SPECIAL AWON OFFER!'!-1 35mm McOREOOR Color. 36 rip. 11)30 date. Mfg. guar. Proc. & mtg. ln~l. Reg. list II 1.05. Day-3 for $7.49 Tung-3 for $7.25 Smmx2S' dbl on Cam SPI *5* 50-.4 for $1. No Proc. AWON Fl LMS 1180 1~ CHINACOLOR PRINTS 2'/4 a 3¼ 25~ 2¼ a 2'!. (from sq. roll elm) 25~ d Ijnmounta,l 3s4 5 .50 3¼x4½ .so 4x5 .70 1 1.25 2.00 4UALITY COLOR ENLARGEMENTS `z• [.1'J :~.i I A [.4: 2~/2 x3¼ 204: Color SlIde Duplicates s for 1.00 12 for 2.25 `~`~1 4x5 5x1 8x10 31c145c175c11.60 Color Film Developing 35mm Ansco mounted 120.620 Ansco only 75s 120-620 Ektachrome I 35mm Ektachrome-1.25 per roll • 35mm Kodachrome-1.50 per roll • MODEL FILM CO. Dept. P 78 W. 47 St. New \ork 36. N. Y. 4 1& I MAIL Si QUALITY uSi I. Your films expertly prooe4eed and ru.shed to you first ass mail u llhotlt extra charge. 8~vxoogure rolls developed and jumbo printed. 80c: 12-vip.. 80c: 10-exp.. 93c. 35mm One graiti irveloped and jumbo printed. 20-exp.. *1.35; to-sip., *1.85: reprInts. 6o each. FIVE DEGREES OF PAPER USED, COR. s.F RECT CONTRAST SELECTED FOR EACH NEGATIVE. 4end for tree mailer. FIVE STAR PHOTO LABS. P. 0. Box 98-P Staten Island 10. N. V. 35mm Slide in COLOR set of FOUR 1*. Lets Q.t Started. 2A. Ladies Remove Hate. 3*. IntermIssion (Illu..) 4*. That's All. Folks. FREl~ IOta. List. New, Custom Title Signature See ie~ See your dealer or write direct. Sorry, no C.0.D.'s. TITLE SLIDES. 3510 White Plaint Rd., N.Y. 67, N.Y. WHOLESALE SPECIALS All Manufacturers-All Agencies -WHY WAIT? Immediate Delivery! ).1I,-l S Pi ol rSsi't il,. D, it Stoi is. .Sitple,aroi Co or.s. li -`iS' it)' Oil B Li-It', hi-uI I in.. SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC WHOLESALE BULLETIS 15 ITS FREE )UMONTS 34th Street CAMERA EXCHANGE OESINAN STORJ5 SC 50 E..-.l 3411 SI 0. ,o s, v,,'~ is

LOWEST FILM PRICES!1 FRESH-EST COLOR, 7956 DATED S,•aRd, original pack; 1)ay, /runr.j price joel. I'roc ass & 35mm. mount by mfr. Mfr a. full guarantee. Kod.McGregor AWON B&W Movie `25, SlotS o13 SI. Chrome Color Color ASA SO' 8mm x 25' dble roll •`IT~' -ir~r-• T1~1 s~.ios 8mm 0 25' able meg.. 3.70 ..... 2.10' 16mm 50' meg.... 5.70 5.25 I 85' 16 100' roll 8.50 7.75 545 2.75' 3Smm 020 C05. KI3S 290 200 1.79 a! FRESH ANSCO COLOR 35mm . h' i'.~y,Tirt~g. $21.50 $12.95 35mm a 20 Exp. D/T. .51.20... .0 for $6.00 35mm x 20 xxp. 0.1) 3Sf 56W MOVIE FILM pmc. mcI. 10mm * 100'. . 1 Stun, x 25' rI. dliv Si-Suy 6-get one FREE 35mm x 20 exp. clNEKRoMg. prIce Irirl. neg. and posItive sIith~ proceoclog $2.45 cc 1 for $6.35 ;I~,miu x 2u cop. NAToI*AL COLOR FILM. r~r~'-~ 6 motto!?,, It,,4 for $5.00 :;:,,,~,, AERO Elc'rACHROME-ASA 100 20 F'.,. -ltd. lr'c,-~, $1.55 4 for $5.25 I If ?`ro,,e?,,-. roe. /`? .,-, ire!'..!, Ie-o.u,,, f,, 1' er (h.I.v AWON FILMS Dept P33, 1180 Bwy rAMFUSED! New Beck tells all sheet High Power B I N 0 C U LA R S Know BEFORE you buy Precision Optics A Million Thrill, 33 Model, $9.93 to $125 Coovoot.ed Savings Au by 0.01.r', Nonti __ 1)di)t. R-4 43 C. Green BUsrII~rLL Le.Ced4'r~ Calif. FILL OUTI Mall TODAY NAMI. S 11151) 1.''fsf \,rITY - STATl~. ___ ED E.9~TRIDG~. EASTMAN TRI-X SUPER XX PLUS X DUPONT #2 20 Exp. Rolls. .30c La. 36 Exp. Rolls. .50c Ea. Bulk $4.25 per 100 ft. - $2.25 p.r 50 ft. ANSCO COLOR RELOADS 20 EXP. Daylight or Tungsten ASA 12. $1.25 Ea. 3 Rolls $3.50 28 ft. bulk $7.95 All fresh, clean safety film. Satlolaction guarar'. teed or money back. Please Include lOc extra per order to cover postage and packIng. No C.0.D. EASTERN PHOTO LABS, Dept. "A" 405 N. Charles St. Baltimore 1, Md. COLOR SLIDE DUPLICATING Finesl quality, sharpest reproduct~ 35mm Mounted One a( the West's oldest color slidc duplicators. QUALITY COLOR PRINTING ALSO AVAILABLE STE DCO 7810 Melrose Ave.-Dept. P • L PHOTO os Angeles 48 • YOrk 0658 * COLOR SLIDES from LKODACOLOR .muIl t olor i!Ii(I,.. irofl~ an' silt' K,aiac,,I.,r Negativo'! Mounted ror vroject Ion. Mlnlititioti order $1.75 COLOR SLIDE DUPLICATES 35~ ` 20 . á P. 0. Box 54, Northridge, Calif. BULK E.K. HI-SPEED TRI.X 35MM FlIP Any Meter: DAY 300' TUNC. 250 (OR MORE 1 Frame numbered-Not notched 55 ft. $1.75 - 2.55 ft. rolls $3.00 PP. & HdIg. 25c-P.P. & Hdlg. 35c E.K. PLUS-X or HI-SPEED RELOADS ` 20 Exp. 4 for $1.10: 36 Exp. 3 for $1.10 r L "NEW" ANSCO COLOR 3 for $2.95 ,~ HOLLYWOOD NEGATIVE SERVICE D.... 7R0~P I1.slIu,wnnd 2~. California C

:)1 FILMS DEL/ELOPED ___ ENLAROED INTRODUCTORY OFUR 3 0 8 •xp. Poll . 30c f cap. Roll....45c 16 cap. RoU .35c cap. POII . SSc SEND POSTCARL 6 cap. Roil I.2S FOR FREE MAILEI 35MM e&w R.Ioods . 60E TODAY Anaco 35MM cot. Div. & MId 73~ Quality Guaranteed, (ktdc. 120.620 Div.. ,.. or Money Refunded MONTS DOES AGAIN ALL MERCHANDISE BRAND NEWt 8.10 BLACK PLASTIC TRAYS icy. .51.73 each t;~t 3 for only CONQUEST ELEVATOR TRIPOD 3 Reg. S I P.'I5. M,ecIaI New GUILD STEREO VIEWER I'cec' talon too aint~, only each ENLARGING PAPER Frec.h. 5'x7", SW. 3, Sl~tte per 100 Order by Mail Now and Save Pleace lecicele Si,lftcient I'atage with Your Remit tRuce. Otherwlae Balance Wilt Be COD. DUMONT'S 34th ST. CAMERA EXCHANGI 150 East 34th St., Dept. 174, New York 16 COLOR PRINTS IMPROVED COLOR PROCESS, developed in our laboratory, produces color prints that truly are SUPERIOR. Equally SUPERIOR results in color film processing. Color prints . .. .2½x3½ 4x5 5x7 8x10 Price each 25 .50 1.00 2.00 COLOR FILM PROCESSING Ansco or Ektachrome 35mm 20 cx. (MID) $l.OOea. Ansco or Ektachrome 120, 620 1.00 ea. Sheet film sizes up to 4 x S 50 ea. 24 Hour Service on All Orders Returned 1st Class Mail Save tIme and C.0.D. charges-remit with order COLONIAL LABORATORIES 1329 Milton Ave. Pittsburgh 18, Pa. Convert Your 9x12 cm. CAMERA with a MICO SPRINGBACK.. SAVE 7.80-Reg. 13.95 NOW 95 Will take Standard Holders 2¼x3¼ HOLDERS 3¼x4¼ HOLDERS Reg. 4.08 now 279 Reg. 4.10 flOw 295 WOLK CAMERA COMPANY 119 S. Dearborn St. Chicago 3, III.

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