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541/Eat PENN!


• All Metal • Double Bayonet Lens Mount • Takes ROLLEI Accessories • 2¼ x 21/4 • f3.5 cfd. lens • FX Synch. • B and 9 speeds from I sec. to 1/500 sec. Automatic film stop and counter • Magnifier • Sports finder • Body release PENN SPECIAL $5950 with Eveready Case


SAVE ON # 25 & #5 FLASH BULBS CASE OF 120 Famous brand! Reg. $15.60 SALE $9.50 PENN 5PECIAL~ Brand New! Latest Model! QUICK-SET Elevator "Champ" Tripod Only PENN could brlnq you this world famous tripod al so low a price! A turn of the crankhandle raise~ or lowers camera instantly. • Brake locks column at any de. sired elevation. • Tripod legs loch in position for sturdier support, • Has single action pan & till head. • Center column reverse~ tc permit positioning camera neai floor. • Extends to 7l'/~". • Cs!. lapses to 26'/~". Reg. $34 SPECIAL SAVE $8-BRAND NEW! Norwood FLASHRITE & SPEEDRITE Exposure Meters Perfect soltit on to accurate ox pusure In flash photugraphy Am an lnglv arcurate. Easy to use as rangelinder. Orig. $12.95. SPECIAL-$4.95 Specify for flash or dec. flash Case for either model $1.5

Brand New Topflight SALE 40"x40" 9.53 50"xSO" 12.90 FREE: Plastic Dust Cover with each tripod. Sturdy and pta table wIth crystal glass heads for brighter pictures. Brand New S.V.E. MODEL A 2x2 Slide Projector $4~~95 SALE $19.95 • Ctd. f4 Anastigmat lens • Transverse •tide carrier • 200 watt lamp. • O,e.cast metal casing DeLuxe Case 55.49

PENN EXCLUSIVE! BRAND NEW' VERIKON Fabulous 35mm Single. Lens Reflex Camera with C. Z. f2 ctd.1 Preset Lens You'll recognize this magnificent value as one of the finest cameraS money can buy. PENN imports it exclusively . . . djrectly from Ger many . . . and gives it to you at a sensational low pr!ce! • Eye level through-the-lens prism focusin • 1 to 1 1OOO Sec. • Self-timer • Built-in Synch for flash and strobe • Coupled film transport and shutter wind • Interchangeable lens. $359.00 Value. SPECIAL I (;-rniino it-at }a-r J~ vtre;uI~ case --$9.95

Latest Model MANSFIELD Table Top Movie' Projector and ACTION EDITOR NEW! 8mm $23.50 16mm $24.95 • Automatic splicer • 800 ft. Rewinds • All metal die cast action viewer • Screen 21/4x3'/4. Glass Prism - Shutter

Brand New! CUT FILM HOLDER Fits all Graphics and other cam eras with standard press-type Spring Backs. Reg. Spec. 2¼x3¼ $3.85 $2.79 3¼x41/a 3.99 2.89 4x5 4.12 2.89 3x7 4.71 3.39 Minimum Order-3 Holders GRA-LAB DARKROOM TIMERS Reg. $21.95 SALE-$16.45 LUMINOUS MODEL 168 Reg.$22.95 SALE-$ 16.95 Interchangeable PRISM N~ Eye Level View Finder and Au. tomatic Split Image Range Finder. For Kine Exakta V-VX & Exa W!extra ground glass and case. Orig. $85. SPEC

DAVIDSON STAR-D TRIPOD Model 18 with Multi-Cam Platform Pan-Tilt head: 3 Sections Originally $19.45. SALE $9.85 STAR D "CONQUEST' 3 section with geared center post adjust able crank .ction non slip. Extends to 70', collapsed 28". PENN SPECIAL $14.75 VINYL CASE FOR EITHER MODEL..$395

with metal case & four 375 floods • Compact, efficient lighting unit. • Attaches to any movie or still camera UI. Approved • Hand held or attached on tripod. • Fingertip control • Choice of light combinations • Folds to 14'/~ length Reg. $25.9~ Brand New ti SPECIAL •

SpecIal-Save 40% Brand New Model SM-i SKAN Photo.I.ctr~ C C." Expo sure Meter A universal meter for movies and stills. Ideal for Color and Black and White. Com plete with case, instructions and film ratings. Reg. $14.95 SPECIAL $8~~

KODACHROME LATE 1955.36 DATE SPECIAL Req. Each Rmm 13~lI ((Ihill i~:(7~ $2.92 8mm Mint. ,l)I~. 1.h~ 3.62 Iflinni x 1(10 1333 lull) 8.12 1(1mm Mug. . . 3.41 35mm x e~l). ).~(5 2.55 1 Innu 36 .~p. 4.335 3.87 ITun) St (Ti)) (2)) 4.1(5 3.64 1.Si 1.45 S ccl) 3)(( 11(1)3 Ifl 111(3 1.1. 1 :1q Iv. KODAK PROCESSING INCLUDED SLIDE PROJECTOR ACCESSOR I ES 31~' T.iIIh.lh My. •l (or $4.95 1)" I ))Tlh MIS. . .3 (or 7.9! AI)Iuwt AnT. ().lll.)r . . 11.25 SlIce) (V ITujeclur) (1i)(). icr Al TI))) pt. .3 tOt 5.29 ((III). 1)l(l.X }ll)l 3 for 3.49

SPOT-O.MATIC Ei~Inrglitt~ Meter tier e.I~ tta~tt & e~I.~.Uru tIme In Ulle readIr~, S P EC IA L.-$9.45 4 EXPOSURE METER Special Prices on Dis play Models. Brand New Performance Guaranteed. SPECIAL REQ. PRICE Wirn~ ii. . . $22.45 VI 1)11 . . I 1, 11.95 (.I.. I~H.I tI 23.95 NI)I{~~ (Ill .1 III `.1 ATIC 12.t13 23.95 II(tIC\I \. tv/ r 11.45 23.50 SIXil. :t.ts 17.95 SIXI()M.~I N-:l 2Il.~() 22.23

STEREO REALIST OUTFIT Stereo Realist Camera $158.00 list Realist Flash Gun $8.75 ii:t lt~.aIlst (.aso $12.50 I S Realist Viewer $19.75 list TOTAL LIST PRICE $200 Spec. 1 26 All equipment is in BRAND N~W condition with the mfw~. turer's BRAND NEW gtuir~lii el. `l'iiev hiivl' been shown as dctiiunstrators In oil r St ore w~ 11w .~, hut have over liii Isri D....I..~

3~mm Reflex W/3 Pt. Front Full Synch. Focal Plan ,~tflt.t It? l,tt.r.t z.t .1.., I tflt~° ltjl I'~ & I.t. Ilfiex I t. l.vstI Irh.& \I:t nit • AttItatic t-htithr (rh. & Film It..-. jr With F2.8. ctd., Preset Tessar or P1.9. ctd.. Preset Primoplan Eveready Leather Cast. $9.95 I 1)11mm, f4 .5 ettl. TEI.El'llOTO lens. Iteg. $34.05. l'l(`TAt. $17.95 Eyo lovel Prism Finder for above -Spec. $13.50 Save over 43% on Brand Now FAMOUS DIAXETTE 35mm CAMERA Reg. $52.85 t29 95 w/case • & flashgun • PrtclglOfl f2.8 lens • ProntO to 1/21)1) sec. & B • All Metal • A tl'tnatte film transport & ahut hr sri • It lv release • l)hl. exp. • standard 35mm film.

FAMOUS "NAME BRAND" ENLARGER for all negatives up to 2¼ x 3¼" Never Before Sold at This Price! I ` . (11.9 j,cl,rnii,., tie ii lena with built-,,, focuti'flcj rantjctinder • Alt 9et~~I - M~~-.~'u,it, t,,ta,t a~artI • Mi ,-rnnt, It-v ,ws foettaltig • Kxtretnvtv cntttt'tICL S Ut it i~aei U • thtlar,~ ,~ l~t,tp & titlil litter • Rotating gl~aaleSs fl~.t~-i'ci~ -,i~.,i. SPECIAL $~6.95 with lens & one carrier Enlarger without lent S12.95 with one carrier DOUBLE CONDENSER MODEL $22.95 with lens & one carrier Brand New! Extra carriers $2.75 ea. (specify size)

A special purchase enabled us to obtain, direct from the German man ufacturer, these focusing reflex cam eras at this unheard of pricel SUPERFLEX jJ~ 1J~~ Coupled, Twin-Lens Focusing Reflex Camera •[[era tj Cfd. f3.5 Lenses, Synchro flash •~ I F~11 • All Metal • Hinged Back • Self I~X~ Erecting Hood • Depth of Focus Scale •j `~` • Takes 12-2~/4 x 2'/4 pictures on standard 120 Black & White or Color Film. `9 BRAND NEW $1 95 Complete with Eveready Case