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Title: The Jazztone Society

The Jazztone Society
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The Jazztone Society
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An Historic Announcement to Music-Lovers from thL~ Directors of the World-Famous ncerr all ..Jowty



NO STRINGS ATTACHEDI NO OBLIGATION! Even if you never buy another record from us-now or later-you can now obtain all the advantages of a Trial Membership in The Jazitone Society

FEATURING THIS WWHO~S WHO" IN JAZZ: COLEMAN HAWKINS KING OP THE TENOR SAX Art Tatum GENIUS OF THE KEYBOARD Ti~1~ `THE SPIRIT OF DIXIRLAND AND HIS GUITAR SIDNEY NEW ORLEANS' GEE BECHET ATEST SOPRANO SAX DAZZLING BOr TRUMFRT TEDDY WILSON DEAN OP `SWING' PIANISTS PEE WEE RUSSELL THE CLARINET IN CHICAGO STYIR JACK TEAGARD~N MAN WHO FLAYS THE BLUR TROMBONE Charlie Parker THE FABULOUS BIRO' ON ALTO SAX AND INCLUDING: F~'x Slewart, Red Norvo, ti' Nicholas, F'; E'ziillips. Billy Taylor, M H~iiton , Sunny liti naI 511 Harris, Serge (`iialoIT. Ralph Burns, (`iiia'k Wayne, Artie [It' tistein, Don Lamond, It' rn UI) (10 A rbplo, lIuck Clayton, Sid Ca' II';'. Slam Stewart, tvardell Gray. Howard MeCihee, Dodo Marma :osa. Barney Kessell, Jo Jones, Bobby Hackett. Bud Freeman, George Wettling. etc., etc. Erroll WORLD'S MOST PG Garner PULAR JAZZ PIANIST

SPECIAL NOTE: 1hc famous Concert Hall Society goldsputtered master process, employed in these recordings, assures you of the finest high-fidelity reproduction. A Treasury of Jazz Performances, Encompassing Every Jazz EraFeaturing such classics as Jelly Roll Blues, Honeysuckle Rose, Basin Street Blues, Relaxsn' at Camar:Slo, etc.

OW you can hc~in to build that library of the imperishable all-time greats'' of jazz-through the JAZZTONE SOCIETY's amazing introductory offer: 1 () superb jazz classics. not $ I each. hut a/I ten for SI! `1 hc',c re( ordinc~ (cature a/i rue tine jazz - musIcians u see isted above - a vericahic whos who of Jauu.doni

\X'c iake this ritti iing tic-i heiusc this is the bust way to siiiiw you thU ijiialtty of these J;izoone Society leo iclings. Only by hc,i ring cliciti in yin appreciate their tin and ii tistic excel1 -foe heir amazing tidcluv. JAZZ It )Nh; ( )( IF `S tct_orchititts ate ohitaitialilc nowhere else, niet ii it lously proiessecl the high st;itiih.irds it the sc,tld-t;itiioiis (ito cr1 Hill Sj, (iCI/' itici 155cc1 (III (~iit(i -•c i ed pl,i5tti The Finest in Jazz Recordings - Yours at More Than 50% Off the Usual Cost! Ac a `trial Meinlict soti ccill nec cr be tiitdcr ;irt~ ohhiatiort ti buy ally other J:\//. It )Nl •~( )(. IF TY recordings--fli uor ri-is / You dii hive the right, hiocccver, to ri; ricoh the Society S selections. lieu mont Ii Vii receive an advance description of these. You ate nor oh? t t~atcd to keep those you selei t erie a/icr ic listened to them ! You p; y only br ii isc that you want tii keep --at rite special M ui hers low price of just `.S, plus a small ship ping and excise tax fee, tot each 12-inch lone'playing micro-groove disc Each one averaging nearly an hours playing time! A tat-tog of o 5O()~. off tht-tr usual retail fo tie of 5 95! Offer Limited - Rush Coupon NOW! Here's your chance to he first ii own these 10 wonderful ``gems of jazz.'' If not delighted sour $1 will he refunded. But this offer may have to he withdrawn ;ir ans nine, so mail coopin with $1 \OW THE JAZZTONE SOCIETY. Dept. PP.4, 43 West 6~st Street. New York 23. N. Y.

Half A Century of Jazz leery ;,izz era, every ,izz style:v itiril lv the entiCe liistirv ol a?.?. rail he iia~cd in the wide r.ini~e it these select otis. ilea i (lie dean (it oldtime \ew Orleans J aiznien Sidney Pops' t~e liet. Listen to clarinetist Pee \\`ee Russell, nimbi in st Jack Teaga rden air ci ger Carl st Eddie (.ondon. `The sciritillariric kevboaid sss nt~ of Teddy \\`ilson, Lrroll (;a rner and Art 1 .ilunl-the dazzling hop trumpet of Dizzy (Jil Y ours FREE lespie and the mag native improvisations fl of such ``greats' as ___________________________ Coleman Hawk ins and AN INTRODUCTiON Char lie Parker -all L TO JAZZ others are included in this dazzling long pI:iving record feast -Fascinating, compreYOURS FOR JuST hensive treatise on Jazz, by leading . Lien if u in icr authorities on differh~, dust l~ r ri' isol ent jazz styles. from tie JIZZTO."iE SOCIL'TY I

The Jazztone Society

I am enclosing $1.00 as complete payment; please send me. postpaid, the ten high-fidelity long-playing “all-time great" jazz classics, PLUS a free copy of "An Introduction to Jazz.” ALso reserve a Trial Membership in my name.

I am not obligated to buy any other recordings from the Society. I am to receive an advance description of future monthly selections. I may try any of these—free of charge— without paying a penny in advance. I may reject any recording, before or after I receive it. And I may cancel my Trial Membership at any time.

In the future, for each selection I decide to keep — I will pay the special low Member’s price of just $2.75 plus few cents shipping and excise tax fee ... a saving of over 50'. off their usual retail price!