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Title: Aniline & Film Corporation.

Aniline & Film Corporation.
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Aniline & Film Corporation.
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THE NEW ANSCO SUPER REGENT LVS~ World's first miniature with automatic exposure compen sating shutter *yoii've heard of 1.VS, the new simplified system of shutter and diaphragm markings. Here it is in combination with a complete range of other conveniences, in chiding self timer, that make precision picture-taking more fun than ever before.

Look at these new precision fea tures. And look at this unbeliev ably low price $89.50 AgfaSolinarf3.5 Four-element Lens A newly-computed formula, precisionmade for superb sharpness. M-X-V Flash Shutter Fully synchronized for all flash at all speeds to 1/500 second. Self-Timer Works with or without flash. Coupled Rangefinder Focuses entire lens (not just one or two elements) for greatest sharpness at all settings. Automatic Double Exposure Prevention Precision All-Metal Construction

Cross-coupled Shutter and Diaphragm Setting8 Once a correct exposure setting is made, a change in shutter speed (2) automatic ally changes the diaphragm (1) to the cor rect lens opening. You get perfect expo sures at every usable speed. There's no need to re-set the diaphragm opening each time the shutter speed is changed.

New Light Value System of Lens Stop Openings Light conditions arc represented by a sirnpie series of numhers from 3 through 1~). Simply adjust the pointer (1) on the light value scale of the camera to the number corresponding with the light condition. Select the desired shutter speed (2) and you're set for an accurate exposure.

Aniline & Film Corporation.