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Title: Classified Advertising

Classified Advertising
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Classified Advertising

SELB: Miniature Speed Graphic (2*4x3 Vi) ; 4 >4" Kodak anastigmat in compur, 6" Zeiss Tessar IC, / 4.5 ; case. $80.00. F. W. Ambos, YeIlowstone Park, Wyoming._

WEBTUR Zeiss 2.S, excellent, $29.00. Chas. Puder, Wash ington, I ndiana.___ $85.00 TAKES perfect ƒ 2 Retina, case, polascreen, H. C. E. shade, and four Wratten filters. Bob Locke, 237 University Terrace, Reno, Nevada.___

NEW—Bantam Special $57—Filmo 8, ƒ 2.5, $55, projector $89. 2504 N. E. 32d Ave., Portland, Ore.___ BARGAINS in new and used cameras. Trade-ins or cash for your equipment. Universal Camera Exchange, 97 W. Broadway, New York City.


NEW Handy 4x6 Contact Printer, KnockedDown, Easily Assembled, $3.00. Assembled, $3.50. Prepaid. Brooks Hill, Neosho, Missouri.

WANT supplementary lenses, filters, attachments, etc., for Rolleiflex ƒ 3.8. Q. Berg, R. T>. 7, North Cunten, O.

ENLARGER—Federal 120, original carton. List 17.95. First 13.50 takes it. Boxer, 3355 Eastwood, Chicago.

TRADE : Good MotUScoot. Worth $ 4 0..

for enlarger or miniature camera. Jack Cansí er, Dickson, Tenn.

GENERA Processing Powders for Motion Picture Films: One gallon set, $2.50; %

gallon, $1.55, postpaid. Instructions free. Fromaders, Davenport, Iowa.

LEICA Lenses U. S. mm. $4 0. 90 mm.

$30. Hagenloch, 58 Conn.

Registered Elmar 35 150. Valoy Enlarger Imlay St., Hartford,

THREE filters for $1.00 ; yellow, red and green, with hard fiber frames and adjustable springs for lenses up to 1% inches in diameter. Kay Photo Supplies, Box 51P, Cicero, 111.

BELL & HOWELL latest, model complete equipment. Sell or trade, Killey, 6105

Langley, Chicago. 111. ________

CLASSING Envelopes—125—25c; 6ÖÖ—$1, Postpaid! 3 % x 4 % ; 2 % x 5 ; 3x5%; 3%x5. Tray, 25c. (3%x9%—35c hundred). Lutz, Avery, Syracuse, N. Y.

12‘-3V4x5% GENUINE artistic photographs N. Y. World’s Fair, Set $1.00. Projector with 10 reels, 300 subjects of N. Y. C. and World’s Fair $1.00 postpaid. Linden, Box 9 2, Ridgewood, N. J.

SELL. Simmons Omega 35 mm. Enlarger— Tessar 3.5 practically new $45. George Mar-

cus, 203 2 Crestón Ave., Bronx, N. Y.___

TRADE. Underwood No. 5 Typewriter for enlarger or what have you. Dean Musser,

Logan. Utah.______ __

SHOTGUNS, Target Pistols and Binoculars accepted in trade on everything photographic, including Leicas, Contaxes, Eastman and Bell t;fc Howell motion picture equipment, and Da-Lite Screens. Write for catalog. National Camera Exchange, Established in 1914, 11 So. Fifth St., Minneapolis^ Minnesota. _

NEW 35 mm. Enlarger. Cost $18. Take $25. F. Pierce, 7 20 So. Alcott, Denver, Colo.

TASOPE Power Etcher, SxlO, new, $40 or

Trade. F. Perry, Hampton Bays, N. Y._

EXCHANGE: Zeiss Ernemann 9x12 plate camera, accessories, for 2%x2"4 enlarger. Riello, 2120 Washington Ave., Bronx, N. Y. HUNDRED feet 16 mm. Black and White, dollar ninety-eight, Twenty-five feet 8 mm. Double Eight, dollar thirty-five. Processing included. Tulip City Photo Supply Com-

pany, Holland. Michigan. _________

5x7 ENLARGER 4x5 lens, range finder, tripod, diffusion attachment cheap. George E. Woods, 432 Hazle Street, Tamaqua, Pa.