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Title: Dear Playboy

Dear Playboy
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Letters to the Editor
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Designing Man

Judging by Tommy Hilfiger's Playboy Interview (October), he's a kind man who works hard and believes in himself. While he's a talented designer, he'll never reach the pinnacle of the fashion world because he lacks the ruthlessness to cut his way to the top. Still, I wish today's youth could embrace Hilfiger as a role model.

Jim Carozza Elmira, New York

Uh, Jim, we have on our Tommy boxers today, and it wouldn't surprise us if you did, too. Are you sure about that pinnacle stuff?

Rugger Mugger

I resent Shane DuBow's portrayal of rugby players as barbaric lunatics who live life partying at the end of a beer tap (Crude, Dude! October). Perhaps some of the things DuBow wrote about occur at a few college clubs. None of the rugby players at my club are remotely similar to those DuBow describes. My teammates come from loving, supportive families who have raised them to be decent people. If DuBow wants to criticize the crude social activities of college life, perhaps he shouldn't focus on rugby.

Jack Lee Cornell University Ithaca, New York

About ten years ago, I played a couple of seasons of rugby with the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky University who are enshrined in DuBow's piece along with players from Southern Illinois University. As the only Jewish kid to attend Western during the Eighties, I'll always remember rugby as a place for me to go after the fraternity became predictable and a jog around campus wasn't enough to let off steam. Between the hedonistic moments and the grueling athletic competition, I found true friendship, and I wish those Hilltoppers well.

Matt Sternstein Chicago, Illinois

I play rugby for Clemson University and am very disappointed in your rugby article. We've been ranked in the top 20 the past two years, and we don't drink before games, fight or behave like raving lunatics at our after-game socials. I resent that DuBow went out of his way to paint all collegiate rugby players as Neanderthals.

Scott Lawrence Pacult Vice President, Clemson Rugby Clemson, South Carolina

Thanks to Playboy, American rugby suffers another black eye. The impression your readers now have of the sport comes from the biggest bunch of immature alcoholics DuBow could find. My rugby career has spanned 15 years, and in all my experience, I've never seen a punch thrown off the field. My wife has attended dozens of games and has never had a hand laid on her. We have designated drivers on our pub crawls. We donate Christmas trees every year to charity. Your article gave ruggers the equivalent of a kick in the nuts. Tradition demands that you give us a drink and a handshake now that the match is over.

Chuck Hampsten Tacoma Nomads Rugby Football Club Tacoma, Washington

The Naked Truth

Téa Leoni (20 Questions, October) is the sexiest babe on TV--and the funniest. David Duchovny is lucky to be married to this fabulous lady.

Jeff Anderson Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bar None

I love Larry Olmsted's list of America's Top 100 College Bars (October), but he missed one. He forgot to add the Cool Moose Café--the number one bar at the University of Hartford. The Moose rocks.

Chris Capalbo Worcester, Massachusetts

As a recent college graduate and frequent patron of the college bar scene, I was astonished you didn't include Eskimo Joe's, on the campus of Oklahoma State University.

Neil Jay Tulsa, Oklahoma

As a proud alumnus of Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey, I'd like to say that McCormick's Irish Pub is by far the superior bar in the area. McCormick's has a wider selection of beer than you'll find anywhere in New Jersey, a fireplace, a pool table, three TVs, lobster dinners on Fridays and the hottest bartender--Judie--this side of anywhere.

Dan Century Metuchen, New Jersey

Playboy Forever

I've been reading your magazine for more that ten years now and I enjoy all your features. When I got married, I decided to give up my subscription for a tamer publication, GQ. After reading GQ for just a couple of months, I tried to convince my wife that Playboy has much more to offer. (I pulled out an old issue and made my presentation.) She agreed, and I've renewed my subscription.

Fred Brown Ludlow, Massachusetts

School Daze

Alison Lundgren's Coed Confidential (October) is depressing and disturbing. As a college faculty member for more than 30 years at Sauk Valley College in Dixon, Illinois, I've spent a lot of time arguing against the self-destructive lifestyles described by Lundgren. Drinking until you vomit or are unable to recall what happened the night before or having sex while under the influence aren't necessary elements of the college experience. The powerful effect of peer influence is apparent in Lundgren's article. I always counsel my students to pick their friends wisely.

George Vrhel Sterling, Illinois

Cover Split

You made a touchdown on the October cover with model Stacy Fuson, but you lost the game when you decided to sell it to a sponsor and divide it down the middle. I understand that the ads in Playboy help keep our subscription costs down, but you ruined a wonderful magazine by selling out so blatantly.

Todd Zimmerman Temperance, Michigan

I realize that ads are Playboy's main source of income, but this is awful. Within days, my cover began curling up and unfolding, which completely ruined this issue of the magazine.

Darrin Pampaian Reedley, California

I've been a subscriber since 1969. My wife bought me a subscription as a wedding gift and she renews it annually. Before that, through high school and college, I purchased Playboy as often as funds permitted. I've never been moved to write a letter to the editor until now. But the October cover compelled me to share my opinion with you. Change is usually good, but this sucks.

H.A. McConnell Apple Valley, California

Girls of the Big Ten

I really hope you make Ashley Bonet from Michigan State a Playmate soon (Girls of the Big Ten, October). She's stunning.

A.H. Naidl Los Angeles, California

One look at your Girls of the Big Ten pictorial and I have a tremendous urge to return to school. I don't care if I major in underwater basket-weaving.

Mel von Reich Lee Station, New Jersey

I'd like to congratulate you on your college issue. I'd also like to make a request. Please show us more of Angela Riou from Indiana University. I never knew women that beautiful attended my school. Now I'll be on the lookout for them.

Ramzi Nuseibeh Bloomington, Indiana

Considering all the beautiful women who attend the University of Michigan and Michigan State, I'd say Michiganders must be in heaven. I vote for Nicole Marie to get centerfold billing.

Gary Kelly Mukilteo, Washington

Football Forecast

I've subscribed to your fine magazine since my college days at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. So it was with great anticipation that I read Gary Cole's picks and predictions (Pigskin Preview, October). I couldn't wait to see what he thought of UCF, as we are in our second year of Division IA football as an Independent and have one of the best quarterbacks in the country--Duante Culpepper. I checked the Independents section only to find that we aren't even listed. After close losses to Mississippi, South Carolina and especially Nebraska, I hope to see the UCF Golden Knights in next year's preview.

Dana Parrish Jacksonville, Florida

Congratulations. Your annual preseason college football predictions are the most accurate ones in America. We researched seven major newspapers and magazines (spanning the past ten years) to find out who is the definitive pigskin soothsayer. Playboy came out on top.

Ryan Coleman The Village Voice New York, New York

What Sort of Man

I've always subscribed to Playboy for its style, fashion and flair. Your October What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? makes a deep connection with me because it features an African American man. I felt immediate identification and I'm especially proud to say I'm the sort of man who reads Playboy.

Ron Baisden Yokohama, Japan

Miss October

I'd like to congratulate Stephen Wayda for his excellent photos of Layla Roberts (October)--especially the one with her back to the camera. Layla has got me on my knees.

Daniel Boone Tampa, Florida

Playboy in Public

My husband and I are recent college grads and are never ashamed to take our Playboy subscription out in public. It travels to our respective workplaces so our co-workers can see the photos, and it used to make it to our college classrooms. I took many short stories and the article The Lure of Urban Myths to English class with me. Asa Baber's column on the positive side of fraternities was circulated on our campus. Our copy of the issue containing Joe Bob Briggs' piece on Thelma & Louise was borrowed by a professor who read and never returned it. In fact, she uses it in her women's studies class to stir debate. We don't hide Playboy in a plain paper bag. We think it should be on everyone's coffee table.

Alycia and Jonathan Harvey Houston, Texas

Ashley Bonet