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Raw Data
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Fact of the Month
Betty Schaal

Fact of the Month

Bogus orders for Domino's pizza increase by 15 percent during broadcasts of The Simpsons.


"It takes no skill, lasts less than a minute and you can brag to your friends how terrific you were. No wonder men love it."—Writer Jim Mullen, Reflecting on the Perils and Rewards of Bungee jumping

Query Quest

Number of questions in the new All-American edition of Trivial Pursuit: 4800.


Number of questions submitted by players across the country: 2173. Number of their questions that were used: 1302.

Indelible Ink

Amount paid at auction for the paperwork constituting Babe Ruth's 1919 baseball contract with the New York Yankees: $99,000. Top salary the Babe earned in a single season: $80,000.


Amount paid for Amy Fisher's beeper contract: $1430. For a letter written by Charles Manson: $825. For a letter written by Jean Harris, convicted killer of Dr. Herman Tarnower: $385.

Northern Comfort

Going rate for the Comfort Inn room in Ohio that President Clinton used while campaigning for his economic package: $125. Special rate for any government employee: $42.40. Price paid by the president: $40.

Hot Heads

Price teenagers in Japan are paying for a trendy dreadlocks hairdo: $468. Price of a baseball cap with fake dreadlocks sewn into the sides: $37.

Cold Feet

In 1970, percentage of American men aged 30 to 34 who had never married: 9.4. Percentage in 1991; 27.3.

Everything has Its Limits

According to a report in the Journal of Urology, the loadbearing capacity of the erect human penis: 5 to 6 pounds.


Estimated percentage of cases of chronic impotence, as found in a study at the Boston University Medical Center, that are caused by injuries to the penis during intercourse or masturbation: 10 to 15.

Barrel of Monkeys

Amount requested by the U.S. Air Force for the lifetime care of chimpanzees retired from the space program: $6.4 million.

Barrel of Pork

Amount for which George Steinbrenner sued the Navy and the U.S. Maritime Administration to recover cost overruns of his American Ship Building's contracts with the government: $37.3 million. Amount awarded to Steinbrenner by Congress in the 1993 federal budget: $58.3 million.


Salary for 1993 of Yankee outfielder Danny Tartabull: $5 million.

Alimony Envy

According to the American Divorce Association of Men, estimated percentage of divorced women today who receive alimony: 15. Percentage of men who receive alimony from ex-wives: less than 1.

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