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Title: Movie Score Card

Movie Score Card
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Bruce Williamson

capsule close-ups of current films

Body of Evidence (Reviewed 3/93) And the liveliest body is Madonna's.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Chaplin (3/93) Robert Downey, Jr., as the Tramp upstages the rest.[rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

The Crying Game (1/93) A blend of terrorism and sex. Upgraded.[rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Damage (1/93) Father, son and a woman share a dangerous liaison, with Irons at his tortured best.[rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Dead/Alive (See review) Sheer horror, with gore and grisliness to spare.[rating]1 bunny[/rating]

Ethan Frome (12/92) Liam Neeson is aces as the downhill seducer.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Extreme Justice (See review) More on authorized violence in L.A.[rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Falling Down (3/93) That's Michael Douglas going quietly berserk.[rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

A Few Good Men (2/93) Marine Corps murder trial played in style.[rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Intervista (12/92) Fellini recalls the dear old days of La Dolce Vita.[rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Joey Breaker (See review) A showbiz agent and how he grew.[rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Just Another Girl on the IRT (See review) Teenaged angst not to be ignored.[rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

The Last Days of Chez Nous (3/93) Australian women under stress.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

LĂ©olo (See review) Weird study of a boy begot by a tomato.[rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Like Water for Chocolate (3/93) Food and sex in sync down Mexico way.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Lorenzo's Oil (3/93) Sarandon excels with Nolte in poignant drama about loyal parents and ailing son.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Love Field (3/93) Pfeiffer in top form as a Kennedy fan--after Dallas.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Mac (2/93) Acting and directing, John Turturro dotes on family matters.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Malcolm X (2/93) Way too long--but Denzel Washington's on a roll.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Map of the Human Heart (See review) If this isn't love, then what is it?[rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Olivier Olivier (See review) A French take on a real identity crisis.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Passion Fish (3/93) Friendship between two women on the bayou.[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Riff-Raff (See review) A London high rise full of lowbrow builders.[rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Stolen Children (See review) Abused youngsters enjoy a holiday.[rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Strictly Ballroom (2/93) All dancing and fine fun in spite of itself.[rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

This Boy's Life (See review) De Niro plays a stepdad to remember.[rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Watch It (3/93) Boys meet girls in an agreeable romantic comedy.[rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[rating]4 bunnies[/rating]Don't miss

[rating]3 bunnies[/rating]Good show

[rating]2 bunnies[/rating]worth a look

[rating]1 bunny[/rating]Forget it