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Raw Data
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Significa, Insignifica, Stats and Facts
Betty Schaal

Significa, Insignifica, Stats and Facts

Fact of the Month

According to the Better Sleep Council, each time a member of a couple moves in his sleep, his sleeping partner will also move within 20 seconds. Couples move up to 60 times a night.


"Most successful female candidates have been involved in politics even while they were still menstruating."--Stephanie Riger, Professor of Psychology, The University of Illinois at Chicago

Bailed Out by the Bank

Number of sperm banks in the U.S. whose directors belong to the American Association of Tissue Banks, according to the chairman of its Reproductive Council: 46.

Average number of menstrual cycles it takes for a woman to become impregnated artificially: 5; number of inseminations per cycle: 2.

Approximate number of births in the U.S. each year that can be attributed to artificial inseminations (mostly from frozen semen): 75,000 to 100,000.

Learning to Cheat

In a nationwide survey of 6873 students by the Josephson Institute for Ethics, percentage of high schoolers who admitted to shoplifting within 12 months of being surveyed: 33. Percentage of collegians who shoplifted: 16.

Ratio of all students who would lie to get a job: 1 in 3.

Percentage of college students who said their second most important goal in life (after getting a job they enjoy) is teaching firm ethical values to their children: 71.

Percentage of high school students who admitted to lying on the survey: 40; percentage of college students who lied: 30.

Slings and Bands of Outrageous Fortune

Maximum fine at the Pacific Stock Exchange for traders who shoot rubber bands or spitballs: $5000; fine for first-time offenders: $1000.

Fine for throwing a punch on the trading floor at the Philadelphia exchange: $1000.

Fine for first-time practical jokers at the New York Stock Exchange: $250.

Seeded Grapes

According to The Wine Spectator, the price of 1992's best wine, Château Longueville au Baron de Pichon-Longueville Pauillac 1989: $45. Price of the only U.S. wine in the top ten, Washington State's 1989 Leonetti Cabernet Sauvignon: $25. Best deal in the top ten, Australia's 1990 Rosemount Shiraz: $8.50.

King of all Career Moves

Value of Elvis Presley's estate at the time of his death in 1974: $8 million. Estimated amount his estate has earned since his death: $200 million.

Faxed Out

Estimated number of bicycle messengers in New York City in 1987: 5000; in 1992: 1500.

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