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Raw Data
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"Show me a nation whose national beverage is beer, and I'll show you an advanced toilet technology."--Pundit Mark Hawkins in Toasts: The Complete Book of the Best Toasts, Sentiments, Blessings, Curses and Graces, by Paul Dickson


According to the TV rating service Arbitron, the number of viewers who tuned in to the top-20 syndicated religious programs in November 1985, 11,551,000; in November 1990, 7,700,000.

In November 1985, number of households tuned in to Jimmy Swaggart, 2,200,000; Oral Roberts, 1,100,000; Jerry Falwell, 604,000; Pat Robertson, 543,000; Jim and Tammy Bakker, 339,000.

In November 1990, number of households tuned in to Jimmy Swaggart, 404,000; Oral Roberts, 536,000; Jerry Falwell, 15,000; Pat Robertson, 290,000; Jim and Tammy Bakker, 0.

New Airborne Order

Cost to the Government for the new Boeing 747-200B serving as Air Force One and its identical backup: $266,000,000.

Cost of the hangar at Andrews Air Force Base to house the two jumbo jets: $47,000,000.

Number of lavatories per plane, seven; telephones, 85; passenger seats, 70; seats for crew members, 23; seats for reporters, photographers, television crews, 13.

Number of gallons of jet fuel carried on board: 53,611.

Number of gallons of fuel burned per hour: 3142.86.

Percentage increase in fuel consumption over that for the previous Presidential jet: 46.6.

Gender Gap

Percentage of full-time working men in professional or managerial jobs, 29; of women, 30.

Percentage of men in lower-paying administrative-support jobs, six; of women, 31.

Percentage of full-time working men who have incomes of $50,000 or more, 15; of women, three.

Lemon Squeezers

In 1980, average number of defects found by inspectors per 100 cars at the end of the assembly line at Chrysler, 810; General Motors, 740; Ford, 670; Japanese car makers, 205.

In 1989, average number of defects per 100 cars for Chrysler, 175; for General Motors, 168; for Ford, 149; for Japanese car makers, 150.

Just the Fax

Number of fax machines sold in 1985, 145,000: in 1990, 1,600,000.

Just the Bare Facts

Percentage of American men who slept in the nude in 1985, 19; in 1991, 26.

Percentage of American women who slept in the nude in 1985, six; in 1991, six.

Fact of the Month

One of every 15 people in the United States work force got his or her first job at McDonald's.