Article: 19871201025

Title: Movie Score Card

Movie Score Card
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Barfly (See review) Bottoms up, and let's drink to star power. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]
Bruce Williamson

Barfly (See review) Bottoms up, and let's drink to star power. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

The Big Easy (9/87) Quaid's the bent cop, Barkin his conscience. [rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Castaway (11/87) A man and a woman on an island, with lots of hang-ups but almost nothing to wear. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

China Girl (See review) East meets West in Manhattan. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Cry Freedom (See review) Exhilarating escape from South Africa. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Dancers (See review) Tired story but a big bonus named Baryshnikov. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Dark Eyes (See review) Here's looking at you, Marcello. Magnifico. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Dudes (See review) Punks go West. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Fatal Attraction (See review) Hell to pay for a steamy one-night stand. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

The Fourth Protocol (10/87) Cold War kicks, with Pierce Brosnan as a K.G.B. man licensed to kill. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Hamburger Hill (11/87) More blood and guts. Bring back Platoon. [rating]1 bunny[/rating]

Hope and Glory (11/87) John Boorman's genial recollections of World War Two Brits during the blitz. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

House of Games (11/87) Mamet drama, too mannered but mesmerizing. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

In the Mood (11/87) WW II nostalgia for a sexually precocious teen. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Jean de Florette (8/87) Yves Montand triumphs in a French classic. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

The Living Daylights (9/87) A brand-new 007 powers the Bond wagon. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Matewan (11/87) Rustic poetry about the mine wars, by John Sayles. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Maurice (11/87) Boy meets boy in a bittersweet Cambridge romance. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

No Way Out (10/87) More Washington, D.C., corruption, deftly played by Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Orphans (11/87) Finney at his peak in a tingling tour de force. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

The Princess Bride (See review) Rob Reiner's latest movie magic. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

RoboCop (10/87) Heavy-metal man with a head on his shoulders. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Shy People (See review) And plenty to be shy about, all in all. [rating]1 bunny[/rating]

Siesta (See review) Zzzzzzzzzz. [rating]1 bunny[/rating]

Slam Dance (11/87) Tom Hulce and much ado about a murdered party girl. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Stacking (11/87) The one who really makes hay is Christine Lahti. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Stakeout (Listed 11/87) Sprightly fun, plus suspense, with girl-watching dicks Dreyfuss and Estevez. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Street Trash (11/87) Barf time. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Tough Guys Don't Dance (11/87) Mailer should have sat this one out. [rating]1 bunny[/rating]

The Whales of August (See review) A slow, genial geriatric outing. [rating]-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[rating]5 bunnies[/rating] Outstanding

[rating]4 bunnies[/rating] Don't miss

[rating]2 bunnies[/rating] Worth a look

[rating]3 bunnies[/rating] Good show

[rating]1 bunny[/rating] Forget it