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Title: Movie Score Card

Movie Score Card
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[movieTitle]Annie[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Grownups upstaging kids. Leapin' lizards! [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]
Bruce Williamson

[movieTitle]Annie[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Grownups upstaging kids. Leapin' lizards! [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Barbarosa[/movieTitle] A half Willie Nelson, without songs. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Bolero[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) French soap by Lelouch, sudsy but showy. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Cat People[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) La Kinski's a pet in gory remake. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Conan the Barbarian[/movieTitle] Battle of the deltoids. [rating]1 bunny[/rating]

[movieTitle]Das Boot[/movieTitle] Gripping undersea excitement in a German U-boat at war. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Steve Martin making antic hay with good old movie movies. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Diner[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Juvenilia and junk food, circa 1959. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]I Ought to Be in Pictures[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Strong cast doing a fairly simple Simon. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]I, the Jury[/movieTitle] Early Spillane, served hot--with Armand Assante as Mike Hammer, Barbara Carrera a swell side dish. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]My Dinner with Andre[/movieTitle] Talk, talk, talk--all of it tantalizing. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Pandemonium[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Bloody murder, tongue in cheek. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Paradise[/movieTitle] Back to the birds and bees and Blue Lagoon, sort of, with Phoebe Cates and Willie Aames. [rating]1 bunny[/rating]

[movieTitle]Passione d'Amore[/movieTitle] Provocative Italian drama about a man choosing between an ugly woman and Laura Antonelli. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Quest for Fire[/movieTitle] Some cavemen get lessons in love and also learn about rubbing sticks together. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Stand-up comedy comes of age. [rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]The Road Warrior[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Maxi sequel to Mad Max. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Rocky III[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) In there punching, still pretty good. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Roommates[/movieTitle] Sex and the single girl in a hard-core movie with heart, plus actors who do more than perform. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Some Kind of Hero[/movieTitle] (Reviewed this month) Pryor saves it, barely. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]An Unfinished Piece for Player Piano[/movieTitle] From Russia with love--a Chekhovian masterwork in a minor key. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Victor, Victoria[/movieTitle] Julie Andrews and Robert Preston playing sexual shell games in giddy prewar Paris. [rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

[movieTitle]Wrong Is Right[/movieTitle] On the yellow-brick road to Armageddon with Sean Connery. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[rating]4 bunnies[/rating] Don't miss

[rating]3 bunnies[/rating] Good show

[rating]2 bunnies[/rating] Worth a look

[rating]1 bunny[/rating] Forget it