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Title: Movie Score Card

Movie Score Card
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Absence of Malice Sally Field is bad news for Paul Newman. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]
Bruce Williamson

Absence of Malice Sally Field is bad news for Paul Newman. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

All the Marbles Two lively wrestling ladies on tour with Peter Falk. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Beau Pare Incest in a spirit of fun. à la française. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Chanel Solitaire Stylish French soap opera with Marie-France Pisier as that famous designing woman. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Chariots of Fire Great movie about Great Britain's runners in the Olympic games in Paris. 1924. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

The Disappearance Second-string suspense drama with Sutherland. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Gallipoli An intimate sort of war epic from Aussies' Peter Weir. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Looker (Reviewed this month) Albert Finney as a plastic surgeon losing lots of beautiful patients. [rating]1 bunnie[/rating]

Man of Iron (Reviewed this month) The Polish crisis docudramatized. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

On Golden Pond Two Fondas and the one-and-only Katharine Hepburn in a tearjerker that just won't stop. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Priest of Love Bookish but brilliantly acted bio of D. H. Lawrence and his women, with Ian McKellen. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Prince of the City Sidney Lumet's saga about New York's finest, with Treat Williams as a corrupt cop. [rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper Treat on the other side of the law, sort of, hijacking a plane for profit. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Quartelt Maggie Smith, Alan Bates and Isabelle Adjani painting Paris back in 1927. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Ragtime (Reviewed this month) E. L. Doctorow's novel done to a turn by director Milos Forman. Go. [rating]4 bunnies[/rating]

Sharky's Machine (Reviewed this month) Burt's best in a while, with watchable Rachel Ward. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Silence of the North (Reviewed this month) Burstyn badly used. [rating]1 bunnie[/rating]

Southern Comfort Some summer soldiers playing war games in the bayous, with Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

They All Laughed (Reviewed this month) To Dorothy with love in N.Y.C. [rating]2 bunnies[/rating]

Ticket to Heaven Deprogramming an apparently Moon-struck youth. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

Time Bandits (Reviewed this month) S-f concocted by Python men. [rating]2-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

Whose Life Is It Anyway? The stage play about a paralyzed man who'd rather die; fine work by Richard Dreyfuss. [rating]3-1/2 bunnies[/rating]

The Woman Next Door (Reviewed this month) Nice Truffaut trifle. [rating]3 bunnies[/rating]

[rating]4 bunnies[/rating] Don't miss

[rating]3 bunnies[/rating] Good show

[rating]2 bunnies[/rating] Worth a look

[rating]1 bunnie[/rating] Forget it