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Title: Maclean's

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Canada’s Weekly Newsmagazine Editor-In-Chief: Robert Lewis

Managing Editor: Geoffrey Stevens Board of Editors:

Bob Levin (Executive Editor), Nick Burnett (Art Director), Michael Benedict (Editorial Director, New Ventures), Ann Dowsett Johnston,

Peeter Kopvillem, Robert Marshall, Gwen Smith, Berton Woodward (Assistant Managing Editors), Patricia Hluchy (Senior Editor), Bruce Wallace (Ottawa Editor), Andrew Phillips (Washington Editor), Peter Bregg (Photo Editor),

Giselle Sabatini (Associate Art Director),

Sean McCluskey (Production Director)

National Affairs Columnist: Anthony Wilson-Smith General Editor: Carl Mollins Section Editors: James Deacon (Sports, Life), Mark Nichols (Science and Technology),

John Schofield (Education)

Manager of Financial Services:

Leslie Saunders

Senior Writers: Patricia Chisholm, Andrew Clark, Sharon Doyle Driedger, Tom Fennell,

D'Arcy Jenish, Brian D. Johnson,

Ross Laver (Senior Business Correspondent),

John Nicol, Jane O’Hara, Robert Sheppard,

Barbara Wickens

Associate Editors: Brian Bethune,

Danylo Hawaleshka, Susan McClelland,

Susan Oh, Robert Scott (Maclean’s Online) Assistant Editors: Tanya Davies (Opening Notes, People)

Bureaus: Ottawa: Bruce Wallace (Chief),

Luke Fisher, John Geddes,

Halifax: John DeMont,

Montreal: Brenda Branswell,

Calgary: Brian Bergman,

Vancouver: Chris Wood (Chief),

Jennifer Hunter (Western Business Correspondent),

Washington: Andrew Phillips,

Europe: Barry Came (London),

Malcolm Gray (Moscow)

Research: Sue Ferguson (Chief),

Catherine Roberts (Deputy Chief), Shanda Deziel, Michael Snider, Patricia Treble (Researcher-Reporters)

Library: Rosanne Pavicic, George Serhijczuk (Library Technicians), Robin Selz (Library Clerk) Copy: Virginia Tayler (Chief Copy Editor)

Photo Department:

Kristine Ryall (Associate Photo Editor),

Phill Snel (Assistant Photo Editor/Photographer) Art Department:

Eric Legge (Assistant Art Director),

Elizabeth Greenshields, Ving Lac (Senior Designers)

Design Co-ordinator: Buffy Barrett Systems Co-ordinator: Joe Power Assistant to the Editor: Chris Johnston Editorial Receptionist: Veronica Serhijczuk Contributing Editors: Barbara Amiel,

Ruth Atherley, John Bemrose, Stevie Cameron, Warren Caragata (Asia), Rae Corelli, Mary Dwyer, Mary Janigan, Nicholas Jennings, William Lowther, Deirdre McMurdy, Peter C. Newman,

Christina Strong Correspondents:

Charlottetown: Barbara MacAndrew,

Quebec City: Mark Cardwell, Whitehorse: Jim Butler, Abidjan: Kirk Troy, Bangkok: Dominic Faulder, Beijing: Paul Mooney, Berlin: Regine Wosnitza, Cairo: Emad Mekay, Cape Town: Kate Dunn,

Chris Erasmus, Dublin: Michael Keane,

Hong Kong: David Baird, Jerusalem: Eric Silver, Lima: Lucien Chauvin, Los Angeles: Anne Gregor, Mexico City: Pav Jordan, Nairobi: Jennifer Glasse, New Delhi: Ajoy Bose, New York: Vince Beiser, Nicosia: Michael Theodoulou, Paris: Julian Nundy, Rome: Philip Willan, Seoul: Jason Neely,

Tokyo: Suvendrini Kakuchi, Vienna: Sue Masterman, Warsaw: Bogdan Turek New Ventures: Michael Benedict (Editorial Director)

Publisher: Paul Jones

Publisher Paul Jones

Vice-President, Advertising Sales

Charles A. Hodgklnson General Manager, Sales

(Quebec) Jean-François Douvllle

Account Managers Montreal: Maryse Bayard,

Susie Maloney, Dick Donohue (Ottawa),

Diane Opala, Toronto: Jack S. Fertile (Sr. Acct. Mgr.), Rob Groen; Michael Travers (Sr. Acct. Mgr.), L. Jane Avery (New York),

Tom Fleming, Colin Jacobs, Nick Cino,

Blair Graham, Nancy Ng, Deborah Trepanier, Vancouver: Bill More (Sales Mgr.)

Sales Representative Shelley Tait Sales Co-ordinators Tracey Gilmore,

Céline Gauthier, Kathryn Murphy,

Kathryn Kusyszyn, Lina Bonta Receptionist Barbara Murray Advertising Sales Information (416) 596-5311 e-mail:

Vice-President, Business Development

Immee Chee Wah Vice-President, Marketing Nicola L. E. Clayton Director of Research Services

Sharon A. Murray

Director of Creative Services Paul H. Jarsky Research Manager Ann Heinmaa Assistant Art Director Dana Venne Creative Services Specialist

Sharon McMahon

Admarc Supervisor Barbara Lewiecki

Marketing/Advertising Supplement

Co-ordinator Lina lerullo

Marketing/Special Events Supervisor

Julie Stewart

Controller Shirley Cua

Assistant to the Publisher Sally Dales

Production Manager

Irene Solom

Production Supervisor Nivine Doss Production Co-ordinator Vivienne Hulsman

Vice-President, Consumer Marketing

Tracey McKinley

Consumer Marketing Manager Gary Cowie Director, Retail Sales Peter Willson Manager, Operations Dan McPhail Manager, In Class Program Monica Kucharski Assistant Manager, Customer Service Mavis Julius Publicist Erika David

Maclean’s Is published by Rogers Media.

Rogers Media Inc.

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Anthony P. Viner


President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Segal

Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Terry L. Malden Senior Vice-President Paul Jones Senior Vice-President Harvey Botting Vice-President, Consumer Marketing Michael J. Fox

MACLEAN’S, established 1905, Is published weekly, except for one double-issue at yearend, by Rogers Media, 777 Bay St., Toronto, Ont. M5W 1A7. Montreal office: 1001 de Maisonneuve ouest, Que. H3A 3E1; Vancouver office: Ste. 900, 1130 West Pender St., Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A4. Contents Copyright© 2000 by Rogers Media, may not be reprinted without permission. Maclean’s ISSN 0024-9262. Full subscription prices for one year, including taxes: Canada, $55.08; except Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, $59.21; U.S.A., $76.00 surface or $173.00 first class; all other countries, $215.00 airmail. Printed in Canada by Quebecor Printing Inc.