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The Italians Have A Word For

The Ghia studio in Turin, Italy, is one of the most famous automotive design studios in the world Established in 1915, it has been influencing the way cars look since its very beginning.

Since Ghia was acquired by Ford, it’s played a key role in our design plans. And as you can see, the result has been some of the most elegant and beautiful cars ever designed. Cars with

forms that closely follow their function. Cars so aerodynamically advanced they cheat the wind and slice through it like a knife, to get superior performance and fuel economy.

Perhaps the best news of all is that Ghiainfluenced aerodynamic designs are not something of the future. In fact you can see that influence in our new Ford Tempo and Thunderbird, Mercury

Elegance And Style. Ford.

Topaz and Cougar and Continental Mark VII right now. Aerodynamics is a science in which Ford Motor Company has assumed a leading role by producing some of the most aerodynamicallyefficient cars of the time. Not just for beauty s sake, but more importantly to achieve better handling and stability, better fuel economy and a smooth quiet ride.

So the next time you see an incredibly beautiful automobile rolling down one of our Canadian highways, and wonder what kind of car it is, chances are its name will be a lot easier to pronounce than Maserati or Lamborghini.