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"The five computer blunders I never made, thanks to the Epson Personal Computer”

“In my business, I’m an unqualified success, but when it comes to sophisticated electronic equipment, I’m the original low technology man. So, I started talking to people who had actually bought computers. When I finished, I still didn’t know what kind of computer I wanted — but I sure knew what kind I wanted to avoid: 1. Computers that take forever to learn. 2. Computers that are too difficult to use. 3. Computers that can’t handle my specific business needs. 4. Computers that can’t handle a wide breadth of business applications. 5. Computers I couldn’t “Confucius use forever. to when buy you a computer don’t List in hand, I started coming tomorrow.’’

shopping. And out of all the computers I saw, only one made me confident 1 could avoid every blunder I had yet to make. The Epson® QX-10. Only the Epson Look at the Epson keyboard. Epson keys are marked with words like STORE, RETRIEVE, MAIL and DRAW. Each key does exactly what you would think it would do. No “computerese” to learn. No artificial routines to memorize. Only the Epson has this keyboard. And only the Epson comes with Valdocs™ a powerful, integrated world, “Of all only the personal the software system for the five most important business functions. Thanks to the keyboard and Valdocs, all it took was ten minutes to forget potential blunders #\ and #2. For most people, Valdocs will be all they’ll ever want. But if your specific business needs demand more, Epson has the answer. The new Epson Executive Tool Kit — a collection of best selling programs, including WordStar,® and dBase II,® now specially enhanced 0 to operate with Epson one-button simplicity. With the Executive Tool Kit, I could handle says. It is difficult any of todays current computer today business needs. don’t know what’s Arrivederci, potomorrow.’’ tential blunder #3.

But what about future needs? I’m not going to become obsolete. How about my computer? An Epson is forever Because the Epson comes with CP/M® capability, included free, you have access to literally hundreds of programs. Or, you can purchase MS™-DOS compatibility and use programs that run on the IBM® Personal Computer, including Lotus® i-2-3® All of which means the Epson will run almost any type of application program ever written or yet to be written. Scratch #4 and #5. If that doesn’t leave you brimming with confidence, make up your computers in the own list of Epson has this keyboard” blunders and take it to your nearby Epson dealer. That’s the best way I know to avoid the biggest blunder of them all. Not buying the Epson.” QX-10 Includes: 256K RAM; Two Double Density Disk Drives; High Resolution Monitor (and 128K dedicated video memory); RS-232C and parallel ports; five expansion slots; required interface cables, exclusive VALDOCS integrated software; Microsoft BASIC; and enhanced CP/M-80 2.2 operating system (MS-DOS available as an option). ONE YEAR FREE WARRANTY provuled coastto-coast under contract with E.S.S.N.A. Services Ltd For a free brochure call the Epson Regional Office: Eastern Region (514)331-7534 Central Region (416)439-4396 Western Region (403)255-2772 (MR EPSON STATE-OF-THE-ART.. SIMPLICITY