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HIGH TIMES Cultivation Editors’ Combo Pack Set includes Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow Box Set, Nico Escondido’s Grow Like a Pro, and Danny Danko’s Field Guide to Marijuana Strains. An $85 value for only $69.99!

HIGH TIMES Presents Nico Escondido’s Grow Like a Pro DVD Featuring over two hours of comprehensive cultivation coverage and bonus material, this WD-film features footage of America’s top medical grow facilities, indoor and outdoorgrowing and greenhouse techniques. $19.95

Official HIGH TIMES Bonghitters Jersey Show your pot pride by sporting the same shirts worn by the legendary High Times Bonghitters Softball team. Sizes: S-XXL. $19.95

Ready Set Grow 1 & 2 DVD Set The ONLY DVDs you NEED to grow great WEED! $34.99

Back Issues of HIGH TIMES Lots of Issues available! HIGH TIMES: $5.99; Best Of HIGH TIMES: $6.99; HIGH TIMES: Medical Marijuana: $5.99

Classics from mastergrower Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD Complete Box Set Three-disc DVD box set Includes Ultimate Grow: Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, and Ultimate Grow 2: Hydroponic Cannabis Indoors & Organic Marijuana Outdoors, Plus a full disc of bonus features! $49.95 Marijuana Horticulture The Fifth Edition of Jorge Cervantes’ best-selling book, completely rewritten, updated and expanded! $29.95 Marijuana Grow Basics This Informative guide Is packed with Illustrations and photos of more than 150 affordable marijuana grow setups. $21.95

High Times Books The Official HIGH TIMES Field Guide to Marijuana Strains By Danny Danko STRAINS This cannabis compendium covers the world’s top pot varletles-all meticulously researched and lovingly described In terms ranging from odors and flavors to potency levels and medicinal properties. $14.95

The Official HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cookbook by Elise McDonough Go way beyond the brownie and master your munchles with over 50 recipes for stoner cuisine that will get you high-including recipes Inspired by Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. $19.95

The Official HIGH TIMES Pot Smoker’s Handbook by David Bienenstock This handbook rolls up all of our collected wisdom Into one Indispensable ganja guide. With a life-changing list of 420 things to do when you’re stoned, this Is truly the ultimate guide to green living. $19.95

It’s NORML To Smoke Pot: The 40-Year Fight For Marijuana Smokers’ Rights By Keith Stroup The story of NORML, the oldest and most effective organization dedicated to the reform of marijuana laws, told by Its founder and leader. If you believe In the principle of civil liberties, then Keith Stroup Is a true American hero. $14.99

The Official HIGH TIMES Pot Smoker’s Activity Book by Natasha Lewin Smoke, play, laugh and learn all at the same time! Packed with puzzles, games, mazes, and jokes. It's what to do when you’re stoned! $16.95