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College IN Bud Knowledge OFFICIAL TASTE TESTER T-SHIRT N. Color: Moss. Sizes: M, L & XL $18.99 COLLEGE OF BUD KNOWLEDGE T-SHIRT 0. Color: White. Sizes: M, L & XL. $18.99

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NEW RELEASES Dm DIAL HIGH TIMES POT SMOKER'S HANDBOOK Since 1974, High Times magazine has POT SMOKER’S covered marijuana in all its aspects and wonders, from cultivation to legalization HANDBOOK to the herb's enduring (and exalted) place in popular culture. Packed with inside information, The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook rolls up all of this collected wisdom into one indispensable ganja guide. With a lifechanging list of 420 things to do when you're stoned, this is truly, finally, the ultimate guide to green living. $19.95 HIGH TIMES' ZOTH OCTOPUS CONSP GREATEST HTTS ANNIUERSARV The Octopus Conspiracy DUD Over two hours CANNABIS CUP and Other Vignettes of the of our greatest stoner DVD is loaded with over 60 Counterculture from Hippies to hits including comedy, minutes of performances, High Times to Hip Hop & interviews with Tommy interviews, and non-stop Beyond. Written by Cannabis Chong. Snoop Dogg, smoking of the biggest and Cup founder and editor at HIGH Dave Chappelle plus best buds in the world. TIMES for almost 20 yeras, tons of ganja smoking! Relive the magic or see Steven Hager. This book takes Includes "How to Roll a what you missed—this you deep into the fomenting Joint” and "How to Beat DVD is a must have for cultural waves that few get to a Drug Test." $12.99 any stoner. $16.99 experience personally. $19.95


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a;iiipfíb -INDOOR MARIJUANA HORTICULTURE Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners HYDROPONIC CANNABIS INDOORS & ORGANIC MARIJUANA OUTDOORS g» JJORGE’S GUIDE TO AMSTERDAM & MORE! UL TIMATE CUMPLETE BUDIN BBH SET Three-disc DVD box set includes Ultimate Grow: Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, and Ultimate Grow 2: Hydroponic Cannabis Indoors & Organic Marijuana Outdoors, PLUS a full disc of never-before-seen bonus features! Extras include Jorge’s Guide to Amsterdam, helpful hints for your plants, and more garden tours! $49.95

HI-YIELD wuwnoff READV, SET, GROW The ONLY video you need to grow great weed. $19.95 DVD MARIJUANA Í Hi-ViELD HOMEMADE READV, SET, GROIN 2 HORTICULTURE; ! HVDRUPUNICS Our best : Growing instruction from the masters. The fndoor/Outdoor Medical • selling grow book, now \ Bonus: Hashmaking & security tips. $19.95 DVD Grower's Guide Jorge Cervantes' updated with organic-hydro best-selling book! $29.95 how-to information. $9.99 Buy both and save! Ready. Set. Grow 1 & 2 for $34.95

HIGHTiMES CROW DVD 1 tytucnS HorfhcuilRtr» -V» tmtroi TIOR$ for Beginner* rAdvanced Tecbrtyfuity \ rife Yaw Own Hasty,: \ ULTIMATE GROIN DUD 2: Hydroponic Cannabis Indoors & Organic Marijuana Outdoors You’ll grow indoors, outdoors, hydroponically— and even plant a guerrilla garden hidden deep in the countryside. $19.99 ULTIMATE GROIN DUD I; Indoor Marijuana Horticulture Jorge Cervantes, the world's ultimate ganja guide, brings his expertise to this instructional DVD—taking you stepby-step from seeds and clones to

BEST DF HIGH TIMES5 GROW GUIDES AVAILABLE NOW! GLOBAL GROW 2010 GANJA GUIDE 2009 BEGINNER’S GUIDE EXOTIC POT * Jf *.'Ä: JR. -K 1 SECH ns tn MASTER POT GROWERS SPOTS 'äßjfc ,'pf TAUNIV TIPS B THICKS HAVING jÿ : : HWSAUAN MEDICAL fPMTBSNN T.AHUÍWS R n m I WMWt m WICR" H Mims? ! CTONM : ff tytytyjptf y-M fswumir' BTMITH GREfNeiKTS PCUfNÏNG ■ .. Of AFRICA ;-*-••* ' aJGAÜStCÄff/^ iftBïtit SEED BANKS fWWR-T^i I WWW5 pp&r TN51DF ïjL WËTHISffilÈàJ'’ mam 3F 50*KIND5 GBFEHW0U5TSV Of PffrENTPUT' r iirfssLii ■ULTIMATE LIGHTING GUIDE SIMPLE GROW BOXES; ‘ENOW ra«an míos AH»!« IMSYLAMPG HICM YIELDS m «MAIL 8PAGFÍH Best of HT #55: Best of HT #54: Best of HT #53: Best of HT #52: Best of HT #51: Best of HT #50: Global Grow 2010 Grow Guide 2009 Ganja Guide 2009 Gear Guide 2009 Master Grower's Beginner’s Guide Exotic grow-ops Tip and tricks to Best strains, how to Hydroponics for beginGuide 2009 All you need to get around the world: perfect your grow-op: clone, perfect mother ners, D-l-Y projects, Aeroponics, lighting & started growing! Greenhouses, indoors, airflow, cooling, soil plants, exotic pot from gear reviews, vaporizLED guide, organics, boxes, sexing plants, outdoors and more! mix, easy cloning, odor Amsterdam, Cali and ers, money-saving tips breeding, making bubharvesting, best Get stoned in Hawaii, control, and learn how Canada,plus breed& more! $6.99 ble hash & tinctures, strains, guerilla Mexico, Iraq, Africa or to grow a pound every er's secrets. $6.99 urban grow secrets & dens & Jorge's tour even Cuba! $6.99 3 weeks! $6.99 more! $6.99 Spain. $6.99