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Title: LegaLBuds

High Time
Trans-High Corporation
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World's #1 Sewng Lgat √łuds

-`--Wi. mRGANIX~ 1OO0/6 ORGANIC jv~~ $1S;4oz $28

r'~~r~ Tropix Yolid cor~cvntratc Exotic Hybrid Species makes Tropix the Absolute best legal solid smoke available ever!! 1/4 Oz. block - $19.00 I Oz. block. $35.00

Organic Herbs Direct from Our pristine fields in Hawaii ALL BUDS, Best Deal anywhere for this notorious Hawaiian herb. 1I~ Oi~ ALL buds' $1$OO I Os AU buds $3$OO

Dlrct from FIJI Organix Trcp3cc~ I M~it Grn Very Highly Rated!! 1 Oz. - $18.00 114 Lb. Oz. - $28.00 1 lb. $55 (special) 3.5 gm samples $10

with EVERY order. ree~ Pure hemp Papers with EVERY order!

FREE w/orders over $4O~ FREE - Natural Pure hemp Papers PLUS - FREE handpipe w/$40+ orders

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Tropix c~~t~tc Exotic Hybrid Species makes rropix the Absolute best legal solid smoke available ever!! 1/4 Oz. block$19.00 I Ox. block$35.00

?L~ DoWt overpay for the same Hawaiian herb! Special deal for this Issue Hawaiian Oro Buds select NUGS - all buds many buds over 8" long

BEST BUD DEAL 1/2 oz. KIND BUDZ I oi. Ot{Gi\IX Both KINDs - only $28.50 comes with FREE Hemp papers BEST DEAL IN THIS MAG!!

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