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Title: Liberty Research Inc.

Liberty Research Inc.
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Liberty Research Inc.
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Money Back Guaranteed CTSAir FI •Proven Technology for Random and Preemployment testing Ca ta lytic P* r if I er *pH Balanced and Unde,ectable ADNN $ 3 0 Stealth starts protecting immediately after addition to a test sample. Amazingly, it takes just 0.1 grams of Stealth catalyst to change the molecular structure of herbal toxins to harmless undetectable by-proaucts. Sample temperature is virtually unchanged. Stealth is freshness dated in convenient 0-ring sealed unbreakable microvials for tong life and guaranteed potency. Available only from Liberty Research.

THE T o X I CLEEN SYSTEM The ToxiCleen System contains the most potent, clinically proven detoxifiers available for internal cleansing. The System is composed of 2 products, Tne Quick Flush and the Intensive Formula. The tablet form Quick Flush is most effective taken 2-3 hours before a test. The Quick Flush contains by far the highest level of pharmaceutical grade creatine of any comparable product, which resolves the problems caused by most teas. Protection lasts around 6-10 hours. For permanent removal of toxins the Intensive Formula, in convenient capsule form, can be taken for up to 2 weeks just before using the Quick Flush. Included are complete instructions and important tips on enhancing the cleansing process. Each component is available separately for 111 or together for $35.

>0 One Step Test Kits Now you can get lab accurate qualitative results in just 5 minutes with the new 50 nanogram membrane immunoassay U-TEST. 1 test $25. 3+ tests $16 each. 24 HOUR ORDERING 1 -8 0 0-2 0 0 -2 5 2 1 (Orders Only) VISA, MC, AMEX, COD or Liberty Research Inc. send MO j $5 to Liberty Research Inc. 2§ NW‘23rd p|ace Suite 6 #153 Shipping rates: S5 for delivery in 3 business days. Portland, UR 7/211) COD: SI5 for delivery in 2 business days. QU6StlOTIS dCUStOÍJJST S6TVIC6 1 m503m241 ■/613