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Title: Quick Trading Company

Quick Trading Company
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Quick Trading Company
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Indoor Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes Totally updated with the most current information on growing with H.I.D. lights plus a new chapter on breeding. $21.95

Marijuana Growers Handbook by Ed Rosenthal Indoor/Greenhouse edition. Covers almost any situation that could come up during growth cycle. Over 100 photos. Spiral bound $23.95 Signed by the author $31.95

Closet Cultivator by Ed Rosenthal The best book for the home grower. Includes a new chapter on minimizing legal consequences. $16.95 Signed by the author $26.95

Marijuana Grower's Guide by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal The best book on cannabis botany. Covers both indoor and outdoor growing. Spiral bound. $23.95 Signed by both authors $39.95

Hemp Today edited by Ed Rosenthal Introduction by Willie Nelson

The most accurate and complete book about hemp. Covers everything from plant to product. Great for papers and research. ATTENTION BREEDERS: "Hemp Breeding in Hungary" details genetics of all-female line. 480 pages, $19.95

C02, Temperature and Humidity by D. Gold and Ed Rosenthal Simple, practical, and effective techniques for Increasing a garden's yield. For Indoor/greenhouse gardeners. $12.95

Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide by Mel Frank Detailed info on backyard growing. Also covers all aspects of Indoor and greenhouse gardening. $19.95

Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Growers Guide by 0. T. Oss and 0. N. Oerlc Foreword by Terence McKenna Classic manual of psilocybin mushroom home cultivation. Growing techniques, historical use, and more! $16.95

Marijuana Question? Ask Ed by Ed Rosenthal This “Encyclopedia of Marijuana" answers every question, from cultivation to curing. Written by the "Ann Landers of Pot" and organized for easy reference. $19.95

Marihuana the Forbidden Medicine by Lester Grinspoon, MD and James Bakalar Using accounts written by patients the authors show the dramatic relief provided by marihuana. Discusses over 20 common disorders:headaches, chemotherapy, chronic pains, AIDS, MS, asthma, etc. No one can read this book without questioning the cruelty of present laws. Hardcover $24.95

Marihuana Reconsidered by Lester Grinspoon, MD This amazing book is now back in print. A comprehensive look at marihuana, its history, the high, medical use, and m^hs of addiction, psychosis, and crime. The author is a professor at Flarvard Medical School who went from anti to proponent. Fils research contains essential Info for reports and debates. $19.95

Always Available The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Her er S19.95 PIHKAL by Ann and Alexander Shulgin $18.95 Cannabis Alchemy by D. Gold $12.95 Grow Yer Own Stone by Dr. Alexander Sumach $12.95 Mellow Pages Dutch Coffee Shop Guide $12.95 Marijuana Botany by Robert Clarks $19.95 Marijuana Growing Tips by Ed Rosenthal $12.95


Ed R. gives you the details on tape.

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